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OOO 30 HD releaed

And there's the HD version too

KR OOO 30 SD released

Mezool, come back!

The Word:
Yasuuri 安売り 【やすうり】 (n) discount, bargain sale, selling cheaply, (P)
Literally cheap-sell (yasu and uri). What I think is funny is the kanji for yasu means cheap, but it also means relax or peace. If you know your radicals, you can see that the kanji is just a roof over a woman.

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KR OOO 29 SD and Junctions 1-2 released

KR OOO 29 SD released, HD later

The word:
Jiai 慈愛 【じあい】 (n) affection, kindness, love, (P)
Look at all those strokes! But the one thing that you should recognize is that both kanji have a bit of heart in it

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Kamen Rider 1OOO 28 and CM pack 2 released today

Kamen Rider 1000 Riders?!

OOO 28 and CM pack 2. 40 Years of Kamen Rider, baby!

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Edit: Included in this commercial pack are...

Commercials forAnpanman, Digimon, Dragon Quest, Evangelion, the good Final Fantasy game, Ganbaride, Gokaiger, Gumix, Housing, Civilian Mesages, McDonalds, Mojibakeru toy, Mugenbine, OOO, Professor Layton, Rapunzel, 24, Ultraman Hunter


Climax Heroes OOO opening


Just an experiment. Looks okay, right?

Presenting #TV-Nihon Fandubs


In an effort to maintain a connection our English speaking fanbase (we are mostly American after all, fuck yeah!) we've started a new sub group that will focus on dubbing over the shows in English. I mean... seriously, we wouldn't want to be elitists that just watch foreign shows in subtitles all the time. Reading? That's totally lame! It's not like there's any reason to watch subtitled shows over dubs anyway

So our first title is Masked Rider ZO. Be impressed by our team's fantastic display of acting and amazing translations. The best part? Since you don't have to pay attention to the screen anymore, you're free to say, give your best friend a blowjob. You won't miss any dialogue at all! Better yet, if you're super flexible you can give yourself a blowjob. Dubs are the new subs.

OOO 27 and CM pack 1 released

Let's Go! Kamen Rider!

OOO 27 and CM released

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The return of the word!
Urakata 裏方 【うらかた】 (n) lady consort (to a high personage), scene shifter, (P)
From the kanji "back/reverse" and "direction or a respectful way of referring to a person". Literally a background person

KR OOO 26 released

Really? Why did it take this long for Chalice to be added to Ganbaride?

OOO 26 released Be sure to check out the previous post that explains some things regarding the video

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Kamen Rider IXA released



So someone took the fansubs that we put out there with no strings attached, and cut them up to make a Kamen Rider show that has no present day stuff. This is infuriating!

No wait, I mean, this is hilarious. Good job to that guy!

An art game for the Kamen Rider W Net Movies


So Cheetah and SilentWolfDog had a fun idea for the Net movies. In one segment, the actors draw something from memory and they have a contest to see who does the best (and worst) job. SilentWolfDog took a hand at it, and you guys can too.

So the rules are simple. Just draw the thing from your memory. Don't look it up, cause that'd be cheating. When we release the Net movies, just post the thumbnail and link to your picture in that thread. It'll just be for fun to see how well people do.

The drawing subjects are: [Money Dopant, Gene Dopant, Revolgarry, W CyloneJokerXtreme, Terror Dopant]

Kiva HD release batch complete


I guess we released this? Who knew?

Pic from Oving's site. Fantastic artist. Just don't look at the adult version of his stuff, unless you're into that sort of thing: http://oving.jp/gallery/n/

OOO 25 released


OOO 25 released

The word:
Mukan 無冠 【むかん】 (n) uncrowned
Using the kanji for "no" and "crown". Knowing "mu" is handy just because it's always good to know the negative words in the language

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Count za medals!


Stats are always more fun when someone else punches the numbers. The aptly named Crunchman has issues a by-episode count of all the known Medals from episodes 1-24. Thanks dude! (The only way it could be more complete is if you add Kougami's Medals to that list)

OOO 24 released

OOO Gundam OOO Gundam

OOO Gundam OOO Gundam OOO Gundam
Edit: Looks like these drawings are by this guy

OOO 24 released

Forgot to talk about the guest last week:

The older sister, Sakura Yuumi, is played by Erena. If you watch our subs, she should be somewhat familiar. She's been in:
Kamen Rider Kabuto episode 12
Engine Sentai Go-Onger 34 (Played Saki's older sister)
and Kamen Rider Ryuki Episode Final as Miho's older sister

Add OOO to that, and that's quite a history

The word:
Etai no shirenai 得体の知れない 【えたいのしれない】 (adj-pn) strange, unfamiliar, mysterious, suspicious
Literally means "not knowing the nature of something"

OOO 23 released

Nothing like a homecooked meal

OOO 23 released

The word:
Yaboyou 野暮用 【やぼよう】 (n) minor business
I just think this is funny because yabou means unrefined, boorish, uncouth and you means business. I guess if you focus on yabou meaning unrefined then I guess it makes sense, but otherwise it just sounds like "violent business" to me, like you're going to rough someone up


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