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I am Justice Kamen Rider OOO 22 released

OOO 22 released

This week's word: Ore tanjou!
Tanjou 誕生 【たんじょう】 (n,vs) birth, creation, formation, (P)

OOO 21 released


OOO 21 released. Theme of the week: Flaming Combo

The word:
Shin-nen 信念 【しんねん】 (n) belief, faith, conviction, (P)
From the kanji "to believe" and "thought"

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Oh yeah, got my OOO/Goseiger 3D blu-ray on Friday. I don't foresee any problems with doing the 2D stuff off this

Heart Breaker released


HeartBreaker?! No! It's evisceration time by OOO!

Edit: I guess I should mention what this is. Heart Breaker is the theme song for the OOO movie that was in theaters last December. We released the music video for it that stars Ohguro Maki (OOO' opening theme singer) and Kikkawa Kouji (Skull). There's no footage from the movie in it, so you can watch it without worrying about being spoiled

OOO 20 version 2 released

Cute baby doll hair

OOO 20

This version just fixes issues playing on stuff like the PS3. It's essentially the same as the previous version contentwise. So you don't need to redownload it unless you had issues playing it before

OOO 20 SD Problems?!


Looks like there's problems with the SD encode. I'll try to put out a version 2 ASAP

Needs more coffee

(J/K I don't drink coffee)

OOO 20 released

Birth Birth
Guess this week's theme is Birth

OOO 20 released

The word:
Ibaru 威張る 【いばる】 (v5r) to be proud, to swagger, (P)
The i in this stands for majestic, but it also means to intimidate or be menacing. Baru/haru means to stick/stick out. A word that evokes the image of a person sticking out their chest proudly

W Delusion 12 released

W movies

No more W ever!

Random question answer time:

Q: Kamen Rider Decade. I noticed that apart from episodes 30 and 31 there are also "specials" bearing the same names, and are about the same size as the "regular" episodes. What is the difference between them, please?

A: The specials aired after the series' initial broadcast with slightly modified endings

OOO 19 released


You count the Medals 1, 2, 3!

The word:
Fukueki 服役 【ふくえき】 (n) penal servitude, military service, (P)
This one baffles me a bit. Fuku means clothes, and eki/yaku means role. Maybe it has some story behind how it came into being

Kamen Rider OOO 18 released

The theme of this week is that Hina is cute. Does anyone know if models are required to pose like that though?
 Seems like kind of an awkward pose


BoukenRed Let's balance it out by talking about the guest of this plot, Takahashi Mitsuomi, or BoukenRed as you guys probably know him. Man, has it really been five years since Boukenger (since they were the last anniversary series)?

OOO 18 released

All Riders
We have this special promo that includes this screen shot this week. What is it? It's a list of many, many names. It's pretty impressive, take a moment to go through them.

The word:
Konpon 根本 【こんぽん】 (n) origin, source, foundation, root, base, principle, (P)
Kon means "root" and hon/pon means "book", although in this case means "main, head"

OOO 17 released

Eiji and Ankh
Eiji and Ankh

OOO 17 released

So most people know by now that the new Rider is played by R5/ Iwanaga Hiroaki. The guy is hilarious, you should read his blog. In particular, I want to include his blog entry from right after his first appearance in Kamen Rider:
"As for Kamen Rider, I'm going to dash into the New Year's and rampage! Cute baby-tachi, don't fall in love with me! Good! My heart's been scaled before. No wait, sorry, I'm so tired that I'm going a bit nuts"

New Year's release: OOO 16 released


How fitting, last release of the year, OOO 16

The word:
Semeru 攻める 【せめる】 (v1) to attack, to assault, (P)
In this episode it's not used literally. See if you can hear how it's used

It's Wed and OOO 15 is released


OOO 15 released

The word:
Yamawake 山分け 【やまわけ】 (n,vs) equal split
If you know any kanji, you can see the kanji that goes into this means to "split the mountain". Apparently splitting mountains come out evenly in Japan, who knew?

W Delusion 10 released


W Delusion 10 released

Just to whet your appetite while we work on stuff like the Net movies and Imagin Aniime 3 and stuff

OOO 14 released

Bonus pic

Yes, everything Ankh does is product placement

OOO 14 released

The word:
Shinpaku 心拍 【しんぱく】 (n) heart rate
Shin/heart is a great kanji to know, but do you recognize the white radical in paku? If you know the radicals, sometimes you can guess the sound, like haku/paku comes from the kanji for white. You'll see a lot of the kanji attributed to haku will have the kanji for white in them since it's the main one

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OOO 13 released

OOO 13

The word:
Shittou 執刀 【しっとう】 (n,vs) performing a surgical operation
Using the kanji for taking and the kanji for a blade. If you remember Shinkenger, then Shippitsu should make sense: 執筆 【しっぴつ】 (n) writing, (P) since pitsu means brush. See a pattern?


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