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KR Heisei Generations FOREVER v3 released!

Sorry, sorry! Hopefully this will be the last one, although I did get an e-mail from one guy that said we mixed up an oretachi with an ore.

But yeah, got some real good feedback and had a nice back and forth about this on the forums. If you want to see a full list of all the changes, please check out the thread.

And just to mention, I don't use Facebook so if you ever see a mistake or have some feedback, probably sending me an e-mail or mentioning it on the forums would be the quickest way to get a response from me. Like this v3 is all thanks to the feedback that we received on the forums.

Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FOREVER + MV releaesed

Do you believe in Kamen Rider?

Special thanks to all of #TV-Nihon's past typesetters and karaoke creators. Davinci worked really hard to bring all those different styles together for this movie and for the music video.

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KR Zi-O 35 and CM released

Get a girl who can do both.

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Shinobi 03 v2 released

Thanks to xelger for catching the mistake:

 <Xelger> 11:35 of shinobi, "I'll carve our your heart" instead of "out"

Ranger Strike cards for trade/sale

I just posted some of my spare Ranger Strike cards on ebay. Some of them are still sealed. There are also sets of the normal rarity cards that may or may not come with boxes and the packaging. Most of them are whole sets of the normal rarity cards from the booster packs.

Once I feel like I've done all the trading that I can, I'll probably post the rare cards on sale too.

It's in Japanese, so you'd probably only want to collect these for the art. Check it out!

I made a card list for them on our wiki.

Ebay Link: Cards I have for sale

#TV-Nihon Wiki: Ranger Strike Card List

#TV-Nihon Wiki: Masked Rider Expansion List

#TV-Nihon Wiki: Cross Gather Expansion List

Forum Thread: Trading thread for people who have rare cards

My tumblr: More pictures of the Ranger Strike cards on sale

Rider Time Kamen Rider Shinobi 01 released

Do you suppose Rider Time is a play on Right on Time? Hmm

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Rider Time Kamen Rider Ryuki 01 released

Only H720 since that's the resolution of our raw. When it comes out on Blu-ray we can redo it for a proper 1080p release.

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