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Shin Kamen Rider Blu-ray version released

Back around 2008ish we had the opportunity to sub this thanks to Talzuz. So enjoy! It's a prologue to a story that is never completed!

Edit: I've been informed that it did have a DVD release so maybe that's what we did it from. To be fair, we did this like almost 10 years ago.

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KR Drive Batch 1 HD & SD versions released

Give it some time to seed. Our seeders are missing a few files each.

Blu-ray Box 4 releases in January, look forward to our release of Type Tokujo and Type Lupin then!

13th Anniversary: CSM Gatack Zecter Promo Released


Considered skipping 13 because of bad luck, but I guess we'll do some special nostalgic releases.

Kamen Rider Yongou released

Sangou wasn't the strongest Rider?!

Definitely don't miss this neat little three episode story. A continuation from the Sangou movie.

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Also, I've been seeing weird mispellings of the name like Youngo. It's Yon-gou which means 4th one. The gou is just a counter.

Ichi-gou = Number 1

Ni-gou = Number 2

San-gou = Number 3

Yon-gou = Number 4

KR Ghost 01 Released!

Say hello to our first ever glow-in-the-dark hero!

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KR Drive 48 released

From a CM that aired during Drive that we didn't sub.

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KR Drive 47 released

Thank you, Team Drive! And thank you to Lunagel and Yaiba for double teaming the translation for Drive this year. Yaiba also did the typesetting and some of the splashes. And of course, thanks to everyone else who worked on the project.

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Ghost Rider promo released

Marvel please no sue.


KR Drive 43 & CM released. Also, contact me to join our new chatroom

Click to check out the details at high resolution. Brain looks so cool in his sketch.

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We have a new chatroom on slack.com: https://tvnihon.slack.com/

Send me your e-mail over the forum or by e-mail to get an invite. It's great because it works like an asynchronous IRC chat channel. Hop in, join the chat. Or come in later and read the log of it. Or come in and just lurk, whatever works for you.

Like watch this week's Drive, then come to our slack and have a discussion about it in realish time. Everyone's welcome to participate at the level they feel most comfortable.

KR Drive 42 & License & Krim Steinbelt bonuses v2 released

It's the week of version 2's! Sorry! I tell you kids, don't rush. It's not worth it!

KR Drive 40 released (for real this time)

Sorry about yesterday. Jumped the gun and skipped a step. 40's out now.

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EDIT: Drive 40 Unreleased

Blu-ray menu from the bonus disc.

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Episode hasn't gone through a second round of qc yet, mistakenly got released. Pulling now and will release later! Sorry!

KR Drive & Gaim Movie Taisen Full Throttle

Comes with Sing My Song For You music video and Dragon Fruit Lock Seed toy promo.

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Bonus thread / Sing my song lyrics


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