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KR Drive 32 & CM & Megaton Smash released

Image from Megaton Smash.

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Fourze got a great 4.34 out of 5. People must have really loved that series.

What did you think of OOO?

KR Drive 31 & CM released

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Looks like people gave Wizard a below average 2.84 out of 5. No surprise there.

Fourze feelings anyway?

I'm looking forward to this one, since Fourze was a bit divisive, I think

KR Drive 30 & CM released

Did you know Rinna's actress had a guest role in Nexus long before she guested on Garo and Drive?

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So Gaim had a 4.74, no surprise there.

What did you guys think of Wizard?

DiEnd CSM Driver

So this actually has English subtitles on its Youtube video. But they're terrible. The font is small, and the translator is obviously some random guy that they grabbed to do the English. He has no idea why one guy goes on about treasure and why the other yells "onore" constantly, so he just leaves it out. This is pretty much what you get out of most commercial translations.

You can compare for yourself here:


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Happy birthday to Totani Kimito who turned 25 on May 7.

KR Drive 28 & Junction released

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According last week's poll you 49% of you guys give Drive a 3 out of 5, 32% a 4, 10% a 5, and 7% a 2. This was out of 41 votes cast.

More Gaim Gaiden?

So I hear they're doing Gaim Gaiden for Ryouma and Zack. And while I'm glad that we're getting more Gaim, it does strike me as odd to choose these two. Here's my reasoning, they're both extremes on an one dimensional plane. Ryouma's kind of your mustache-twirling villain. He's mad and he does everything FOR SCIENCE! Making him a sympathetic character would ruin some of that.

Zack is the opposite, he's a mini-Kouta. He's a good guy, but he's never fleshed out as anything other than "a good guy". He's more of an accessory to highlight other characters, like Kaito's leadership skills, or the stand-in for the Beat Riders once things get serious. Not that they couldn't do a good story for him, it's just that he's such a blank slate that could mean anything.

So what do I want? I want Gaim Gaidens for Micchi and Youko. They're both extremely complex characters that are worth diving more into.

Micchi, you're supposed to find him off putting. He's cold, calculating, but his motivations are sort of understandable, if not sympathetic. They could tell a story about how he became the schemer that he is, one about the trials he went through as a traitor, etc. There's a lot of stuff to mine there.

Youko is also a person with a lot of personality, but isn't as fleshed out as much as she could be. We know what she believes in and what she represents, but we could use more background. Why does she want the things she wants? What kind of trials does she face being the person that she was? I think a whole episode devoted to her would be awesome, assuming it wasn't told badly.


RIP Director's Cuts?


Has anyone noticed that Toei has stopped doing them? Personally, I'm glad they did, since there was never anything good in the new cut.

Looks like they stopped after Wizard & Fourze. Considering Fourze had three DCs, not including Wizard & Fourze and Fourze & OOO, it's hard not to see why consumers might get fed up with the double dipping. They even tried releasing DCs for Sentai that year. Crazy!

I'd much rather have them focus on rereleasing old shows onto Blu-ray format. I think that's a better use of their resources.


Are main Riders just neutral masks?

Neutral Mask meaning a bland, empty character for which the audience to place themselves upon in order to experience the show or movie through their eyes, as termed in this Cracked video:

Think about it, all the interesting Riders, 2nd Riders. Or in Drive's case, the third Rider. Although, Chase shows up before Go and is more interesting than him, so maybe Chase is the second Rider retroactively.

What do you think?

KR Drive 26 & CM & Junction & Special Mission Type High Speed released

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Special Mission Type High Speed Thread / Wiki

Check out the special, it's actually pretty good, and not just shallow advertisement for the movie.

KR Drive 25 & CM released

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Also go check out my Shuriken Sentai Ninninger tag on my tumblr, since I posted some pics from Toei's making-of page.

KR Agito 45v2 released

Just fixing a typo.

Ready to go, Agito 44 released

Kino looks sort of like a Showa Rider in that pic.

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