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Wizard Blu-ray box mini review

Art on the back of the box.

"Emerged from the magical stones, representing the great power in this world. Please release the power of dragon hidden in ring." - Typical Rider Engrish phrase.

So this is kind of nice. A Blu-ray box from volume one. It seems like they usually wait till volume 6 to release these, so I'm pleased. It comes with Blu-ray 1 and a card holder. The box art is fairly nice, with the magic circle on top. It has all four of Wizard's base forms on it.

Oh, I guess they usually wait for volume 6 because now they can't show any of Wizard's upgraded forms, or Beast. Oh well!

Something that is nice is that for Wizard, they included 5 episodes on one Blu-ray. Unfortunately, I think this is a one time thing since Wizard 1 wasn't a two-episode arc. So they included episodes 2-3 and 4-5 so people don't have to wait a month to see the second half of the story for four.

Bonus footage includes: Making of the pilot episode, cast talk, digest of the announcement meeting, episode previews, and info pics for the Wizard Rings and Phantoms. The info pages seem surprisingly simple. The Phantom pages don't even include their human forms, just the Gates they attack. There's no English translations of the monster or Wizard rings either.

No subtitles for the episodes, as usual. Pretty standard stuff really. I just got a bit hyped because of the box and the bonus episode.


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Ryuki Cards

I felt like finding some nice quality Ryuki card scans, so I got some and put them on the wiki:


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Ryuga's Guard Vent
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Good morning Wednesday, Wizard 21 released!

Please be enjoying our commercials. They be so Japanese yo.

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Just a reminder that we have RSS feeds on our tracker again:


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Wizard Christmas Cake


Click link if you want to see what the Christmas cake associated with the Wizard phone call looks like. For some reason I'm stupidly impressed by the packaging for the strawberries. Beats those green plastic things that we get over here.

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