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Are main Riders just neutral masks?

Neutral Mask meaning a bland, empty character for which the audience to place themselves upon in order to experience the show or movie through their eyes, as termed in this Cracked video:

Think about it, all the interesting Riders, 2nd Riders. Or in Drive's case, the third Rider. Although, Chase shows up before Go and is more interesting than him, so maybe Chase is the second Rider retroactively.

What do you think?

KR Drive 26 & CM & Junction & Special Mission Type High Speed released

Ep 26 Thread / Wiki / Tumblr

Special Mission Type High Speed Thread / Wiki

Check out the special, it's actually pretty good, and not just shallow advertisement for the movie.

KR Drive 25 & CM released

Thread / Wiki / Tumblr

Also go check out my Shuriken Sentai Ninninger tag on my tumblr, since I posted some pics from Toei's making-of page.

KR Agito 45v2 released

Just fixing a typo.

Ready to go, Agito 44 released

Kino looks sort of like a Showa Rider in that pic.

Thread / Wiki / Tumblr

Kamen Rider The First & The Next batch released

It doesn't look like it's on sale anymore, so we're treating it as an abandoned license. If you're Media Blasters, yo dawg, no one can buy your DVDs. So please don't complain about us putting this up since you're not making any money on it anymore. Thanks!

The First: Thread / Wiki

The Next: Forum / Wiki

Gaim HD and second SD Batches released

If you want to just download the junctions, that's fine too. There's only 1-11 for now, since I don't have the last disc yet.

If you want to double check everything, check out the wiki page for it: http://wiki.tvnihon.com/wiki/Kamen_Rider_Gaim#T-N_Release_List

I've been experimenting with doing away with the 4.3 gb limit from before, since I don't think anyone saves the files on DVD backup anymore. Plus, with people getting faster bandwidth, it seems like we might as well just make the batches larger.

Gaim Junctions are new to the batches

Oh yeah! Stealh releasing the Gaim Junctions with the batches. That is technically new content.

Gaim 1 SD batch released

The first Gaim SD batch (and the rest) are released. The last batch will be remade and readded when new content comes out. Currently missing a few things like the last junction, which we'll probably release with the Gaim OVA that comes out next month.

Front page will be updated as batches get seeded.

Bonus files include:

  • CM And Preview

  • Ganbarizing CM Nov

  • Travellers Senki CM

  • Just Live More MV

  • Break The Shell MV

  • Homemade MV

  • E-X-A MV

  • OP

  • Hyper Battle Video

  • Junctions 1-7

  • Gaim & Wizard Sengoku Great War

  • Teppen Star MV

  • Yuta Cafe 1-5

  • Kamen Rider Taisen

Drive 20 sd v2 released

The cm was borked since it had the audio from 19. Sorry!

KR Drive 19 released

Man, do I like the way Kiriko looks when she runs.

Thread / Wiki


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