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Fourze Kitaaa!!! Quiz 11 of 12 released

It's finals time, kiddies! Keep track of how many you got right since I've got a poll for that going on in the thread.

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Finale: Kamen Rider Wizard 53 released

Bonus videos: Premiere meeting, junction 1, commercials.

Saving the Gaim commercials for next week so that the file batching will be easier.

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Meeting: Thread

Faiz 10 years after

To celebrate, starting in January they're going to start releasing Blu-rays. Very, very expensive Blu-rays:


211 dollars for part 1 of probably 3. Probably will be the same format as the W Blu-rays I'm picking up now.


Kamen Rider Agito 34 released

Since this concludes a story arc, come back tomorrow for something different before more Agito.

Inoue's new show Gouraigan starts at the end of this week!

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Agito 32 released

G3 and his rad armaments. Why don't we ever see him pull out that little knife to stab Unknowns?

More Inoue love. When's Gouraigan coming out again?

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Kamen Rider Agito 29 released

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Art source: http://andicahyow.blogspot.com/

Inoue Toshiki week continues! The main writer for Faiz and Agito, Inoue is also known for writing most of Kiva and Cutie Honey.

Look forward to his new show with Garo director Amemiya Keita, Shougeki Gouraigan, in a couple of weeks.

Wizard 51 released

Following after Garo, here's Wizard complete! Crazy that both of those wrapped up this week.

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Complete series thread

Translator's lookback thread

Faiz 38 released

Because Luna loves Faiz and you guys, have another episode!


Oh and Happy Friday the 13th

So it's Kaixa Day. The 10th anniversary of Kaixa Day. And Friday the 13. Make of that what you will.

X for 10! X for Kaixa!

Faiz 37 released


Also check out the previous post, since Luna translated Murakami Kohei's blog post for Kaixa Day.

10th Annual Kaixa Day!

From the blog of Kusaka Masato's actor, Murakami Kouhei-

Kaixa! Kaixa! Kaixa! Kaixa! Kaixa! Kaixa! Kaixa! Kaixa! Kaixa! Kaixa!

9/13 is Kaixa Day!

It's usually hard to talk about everyday (lol) Today is the day to shout your love for Kusaka Masato to the heavens! A ceremony for the unloved man!

Keyword is "Those humans who cannot love me are in my way!

Dodonga Dondon! Kusa~~ka Masato!! Dodonga Dondon! Kusa~~ka Masato!! Woooooooooooooo~~~!!!

2013/9/13 Kaixa Festival & Carnival 10th anniversary!!!

It's been 10 years since the "9/13 is Kaixa Day!" post on Kamen Rider 555's official homepage in 2003!

These 10 years, unchanging, unfading, and without fail. As a day to remember the work that brought me fame, a day to remember the earnest and honest feelings of that era... I roar out!!!


Let me hear all your voices!

Everyone, do you looooooove Kusaka Masato~~~???

Come on!

Give me your 10th anniversary comments!

And today at Shinjuku Loft Plus One, I will be participating in 340 Presents SPECIAL "913 Festival 3! ~10th Anniversary!!~

To the thousands of stalwart 913 fans-
Understand! Tonight will be the night of legends! 913 Festival 3 will be legendary!

All of you! Yell it with spirit! We take off for the night of legends! Come on~!!

I'll put the results of the event in tomorrow's blog! Look forward to it!

Kusa~ka Masa~to Kai~xa~~~♪

Love! Love! Lovelovelovelove!!!



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