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Kamen Rider Gaim Soccer Movie & 3 Music Videos released

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Also, thanks to DaVinci030 and DevGryphon for working on the music videos: Your Song, Raise Up Your Flag Live and Never Surrender Live!

Drive 12 released

Just a reminder that Drive and Toqger don't air this week.

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Drive Episode 0 released

Back in time~

Edit: Thanks to ProtomanV89 and Lunagel for providing the raws.

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Ryuki OP and first battle karaoke released

Just wanted to show how the final results will look from the Blu-ray. Just for full disclosure, Ryuki is a series that was upscaled to Blu-ray and wasn't filmed in HD originally. You may wonder what that means.

That means if you look real closely, you might see that the footage doesn't look as good as say Kabuto will when we release it from Blu-ray next month (since from Hibiki onwards, Kamen Rider was all filmed in HD). So there's a little artifacting in the blue and there's not as much detail in Ren's face as there should be. But it's still going to be a better quality release than from our DVD source.

When released on DVD, they took the original footage (not sure what resolution it was) and compressed it down to 720x480, then that's resized to 16:9 ratio so it's widescreen. Our original releases were what, 704x396 using the xvid codec, I think?

What Toei did was they took their original footage and upscaled it so that it's 1920x1080. Don't get me wrong, this isn't like taking the DVD footage and resizing it to 1920x1080. You can't create details out of nothing and that would look really bad. They took their footage (which was likely higher resolution than DVD) and professional upscaled it. So it's not going to look as good as if it originally were HD, but it looks fine in motion.


Help qcing Ryuki for blu-ray?

I'd like to convert our scripts for Blu-ray. Can I get some volunteers to do some QC work on them? E-mail me at the contact us tab above if you're interested. Be sure to include a nick for how you want to be credited.

KR Drive 05 released

Kabuto 3 HD 720 released but...

The blu-rays are coming out in January, so expect this to be obsoleted almost instantly. We're just releasing it now since we had already put the work into it when the announcement was made.

Gaim relationship charts

Big thanks to Silverwind for scanning this. You can see the original post here:

My favorite parts are where there are question marks next to the relationship XD

HQ Download: http://min.us/mbzAbdWvl72bcv


Kamen Rider Drive 04 released

So streaming on dailymotion won't work anymore, since all the Toei videos have been taken down. (Garo's still up though.) If you guys have any suggestions on how we could continue it, feel free to contribute to this thread.

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Gaim Ratings In

Average: 5.2% (All Episodes)
Highest: 6.9% (Episodes 30 & 35)
Lowest: 3.2 (Episode 39)

If you want to see it by episode: http://wiki.tvnihon.com/wiki/Kamen_Ride ... Chronology

Source: http://www10.atwiki.jp/shichouseiko/pages/549.html%7C

By comparison, here's Wizard's ratings from a year before:
Average: 5.94% (All Episodes)
Highest: 7.8% (Episodes 2)
Lowest: 3.7 (Episode 46)


KR Agito 41 released

It's Monday! Have some Agito.

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