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Happy Fourth! W 02 Blu-ray edition released

No Garo this week (think it's soccer?) so have some W instead!

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Girl Kamen Riders not Kamen Rider Girls


Check out the post. I think it's interesting stuff. Would love to see a list of the reasoning that went into the choices made.

KR Gaim Hyper Battle Video, Teppen Star MV, and Homemade MV released

No episodes this week, but that doesn't mean we don't have Gaim for you!

The Hyper Battle Video is out, and some parts of it might look familiar if  you follow our Yuta Cafe bonus series.

The Teppen Star MV is for the song that the Beat Riders always dance to (also the ending theme to the Gaim/Wizard movie). And it looks like Sano Gaku decided to make a music video for the opening of Gaim. Thanks to Luna for providing the HBV DVD and to DevGryphon for working on the music video.

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KR Gaim 32 v2 released

Rereleased to fix a couple mistakes. Thanks to everyone who wrote in. Also, this picture is super relevent considering this episode.

KR Kabuto 01 rerelease in HD 720 format

Enjoy! Today's also the last day to preorder the Complete Selection Modified Kabuto Zecter, I think.

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A bunch of Rider movie cover scans

Too lazy to recreate all the links here, so just go to my blog for them:

My scans

If you don't like the way tumblr resizes my pictures, be sure to grab the bigger version from the HQ Imgur link

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Kamen Rider Gaim 26 released

I love Tsukui Minami's crazy smile. It's so manic and happy.

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