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You got Kamen Rider in my magical girl anime!

I notice a lot of contributions have been given to this wiki article that lists Rider references in this anime. I don't know anything about the anime/manga, but it's pretty cool to see that the author is a big Rider fan:


Wizard 31 released

Whoa, careful there, Beast. Getting a little hyper there!

Thread / Wiki

Wizard 30 and Kyouryuu 08 released

Won't you be my umbrella?

It's catch-up Friday here at TV-Nihon. In the interest of moving things along, Wizard's 1080 is also released. Sorry again for the delays. We're trying to maintain the ship as best we can. Akiba's next in the queue and hopefully we can bang out Wizard 31 by the weekend is over.

Wizard 30 Thread / Wiki

Kyouryuu 08 Thread / Wiki

Faiz 29 v2 released


I had to kill Bob Morton because he made a mistake. Now it's time to erase that mistake!

Kamen Rider Kuuga 19 released

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Weeklies might be delayed for last week and this one. Our Japanese connection has no internets!

Garo's being worked on. We're waiting for the Tokyo-MX airing of Akiba Tsuu. Still waiting on typesetting for Go-Bus Vs. Gokai. So that's where things are at this moment.

Wizard 28 released and omake!

Omake means bonus. Yes, I'm doing this on the front page too.

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Just the beginning / Beastbite MV


KR Wizard 27 HD 1080

Magical Sisters! No wait, wrong series...

Also including 25's Cm because that got left out before. Sorry, 1080 downloaders!

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KR Wizard 27 released B-b-bwaaaa?

Yo, what's the deal Kamen Rider water forms? Why you so underused?

Can't you have more fights by lakes?




Water fountains?










Davey Jone's locker?



Swimming pools...?

Thread / Wiki

When you're done with the episode, be sure to check out the trivia on the wiki for last week and this one.

Wizard 26 released

Hey, your'e not Medusa! Who are you?! Get out of here!

Thread / Wiki

Fourze 1080 v2 released

There we go.

Don't download the 1080 version

It looks like it came out wrong or something, the last half is broken and the file size is too small.


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