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Kamen Rider Gaim 08 released

"Sorry, were you sitting here?"

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Kamen Rider Faiz 42 v2 released

Looks like some mistakes were in 42, so we released a v2. Enjoy!

Quick Poll Arms names? Japanese or English

Remember to vote! If you don't fight for what you believe in, no one else will do it for you! Only the strong will survive!


How about some fruit to go with your meal?

From Yoshida Metal (Oren)'s blog. The birthday cake was posted November 2nd, a day after his birthday. In the corner of the cake it says "To daddy". Isn't that adorable? It must be pretty rad to have a dad who's a Kamen Rider. Plus he's a huge dude in general.

KR Gaim 07 released Thread / Wiki

Let 2003 week begin!

Five guesses as to what we've got lined up.

Faiz 41 released

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Kamen Rider Gaim 06 released

Looks like the guest for this episode is Kitadai Takashi who's some Musical Prince of Tennis guy.

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Agito Theatrical Cut Blu-ray encode released

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Speaking of Blu-rays, what've you got next for us, Toei?

Gaim 05 released

A purple, gun slinging, dancing dragon Rider? Isn't it a bit early to be ripping off Den-O?

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Dear Toei

Please release a Kamen Rider Blade 10 years After Blu-ray boxset.

Pic source modxtoy.com

November 3rd news

Besides turning our clock backs we have...

Shinkenger coming out on Blu-ray.

Takaiwa Seiji turns 45 years old today

Also our wiki is down at the moment.

KR Gaim 3 released

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I keep forgetting to talk about the kanji in this series.

Gaim (Gai-mu 鎧武)

Gai 鎧 - Means armor. It's also GokaiSilver's name and probably the kanji for Kamen Rider Gai from Ryuki.

Mu 武 - Means armed/warrior. Might sound familiar since Musha (Warrior) is often heard in terms of samurai. Also the second word in Kurosawa's movie Kagemusha which means Shadow Warrior.

Okay, so keeping that in mind. Armored Rider Gaim means Armored Rider Armored Warrior.

Also, Mai 舞 is the Japanese word for dance.

It must be fun to be in an anime and just have your destiny written out for you in your name.

Agito the movie: Project G4 Director's Cut released

DC for now. The Theatrical Cut from the Blu-ray will be released in HD later. So that and the TV Special are next in the queue. After that, we go back to releasing the episodes.

Chronologically, this movie was released after episode 33, so it's fitting to release this around this time period in the TV episode release.

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Kamen Rider Agito 36 released

In case Kaoru's actor looks familiar, he's Kikuchi Takanori. He was on Ultraman Dyna, and he played the man in the coat in DekaRanger 1-2.

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KR Agito 35 released

My pecs are on fire!

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KR Gaim 1 v2 released

720 encoding now.

Change list

Gaim 1 v2 on the way

Hey, someone pointed out some mistakes in the first episode that are worth addressing. V2 on the way.


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