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Faiz 38 released

Because Luna loves Faiz and you guys, have another episode!


Oh and Happy Friday the 13th

So it's Kaixa Day. The 10th anniversary of Kaixa Day. And Friday the 13. Make of that what you will.

X for 10! X for Kaixa!

Faiz 37 released


Also check out the previous post, since Luna translated Murakami Kohei's blog post for Kaixa Day.

10th Annual Kaixa Day!

From the blog of Kusaka Masato's actor, Murakami Kouhei-

Kaixa! Kaixa! Kaixa! Kaixa! Kaixa! Kaixa! Kaixa! Kaixa! Kaixa! Kaixa!

9/13 is Kaixa Day!

It's usually hard to talk about everyday (lol) Today is the day to shout your love for Kusaka Masato to the heavens! A ceremony for the unloved man!

Keyword is "Those humans who cannot love me are in my way!

Dodonga Dondon! Kusa~~ka Masato!! Dodonga Dondon! Kusa~~ka Masato!! Woooooooooooooo~~~!!!

2013/9/13 Kaixa Festival & Carnival 10th anniversary!!!

It's been 10 years since the "9/13 is Kaixa Day!" post on Kamen Rider 555's official homepage in 2003!

These 10 years, unchanging, unfading, and without fail. As a day to remember the work that brought me fame, a day to remember the earnest and honest feelings of that era... I roar out!!!


Let me hear all your voices!

Everyone, do you looooooove Kusaka Masato~~~???

Come on!

Give me your 10th anniversary comments!

And today at Shinjuku Loft Plus One, I will be participating in 340 Presents SPECIAL "913 Festival 3! ~10th Anniversary!!~

To the thousands of stalwart 913 fans-
Understand! Tonight will be the night of legends! 913 Festival 3 will be legendary!

All of you! Yell it with spirit! We take off for the night of legends! Come on~!!

I'll put the results of the event in tomorrow's blog! Look forward to it!

Kusa~ka Masa~to Kai~xa~~~♪

Love! Love! Lovelovelovelove!!!


Kamen Rider Wizard 49 released

Watch out, or mini white mage will ruin your day!

Thread / Wiki

Kuuga 22 released

Read Zeta's post if you want a little explanation/insight about some stuff that happened in Kuuga.

Thread / Wiki

Let the week of non-weeklys (except for the one we released yesterday) begin!

Fourze Movie DC released

Thread / Wiki

So there's only going to be a SD and a HD (1080p) version. Going forward, we're going to be eliminating the 720p version, because doing the same work three times is starting to become a massive drain on our resources. We know this will affect some people, and we apologize for that, but this is a big problem on our back end.

Since we encode from TS source files now, whether it's a SD or a HD1080 version, the encoding time takes the same amount of time. Encoding all three versions takes up a lot of time, and eats up a lot of space on our harddrives.

I'd be okay with starting a thread for people to reencode the 1080 down to 720 for distribution amongst yourselves, as long as people realize that these aren't going to be officially handled by TN staff.

Faiz 35 released

Hey Number Four. Meet Number Five.


Double Release: Wizard 45 and Kyou 23

Sorry for being late on these guys. No helping it considering when we got the actual raws.

Wizard 45 Thread / Wiki

Kyou 23 Thread / Wiki


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