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Commercial Pack Jan 2019

I know these aren't super popular, but they're usually pretty fun. If you just want a bunch of little videos to amuse you, please check it out!

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KR Drive 34 released

Hail TLT!

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W got 4.68, even higher than Gaim, surprisingly! 75 votes too. That's huge!

What did you think of Decade? Yay or onore?!


W 04 Blu-ray release

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Remember we're having a W poll right now!

Happy Fourth! W 02 Blu-ray edition released

No Garo this week (think it's soccer?) so have some W instead!

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Kamen Rider W HD 1080 released

From a Blu-ray source. A slow and gradual process of rereleasing this series.

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Dan Tomyuki passes away

Saw on tumblr that voice actor and live actor for the terrifying Isaka Shinkurou, Dan Tomoyuki, has passed away at 50.

Looks like he died at home from a heart attack.

Sad news since he was really good at his job.

Original post: http://arangercrew.tumblr.com/post/6374 ... ed-weather


Kamen Rider W A to Z Theatrical Cut 1080p version released

Bigger and better! Az brings you another 1080p release. Probably no Go-Buster till tomorrow at earliest.

Join the User Group on the forums

What do the names Kabuto, Decade, Accel, Odin, and Chalice evoke when you hear them? Badassery? Coolness? Power and style? Exactly.

That's why I'm starting a new forum group to encapsulate these badass heroes. In case people aren't aware, if you go to the forum User Control Panel, you can go to Usergroups in the side menu. You'll see a list of open groups that you can join. If you set one as your default group, that can sometimes give you a special image above your avatar.

This will be a group for manly men like these. Something that captures the core of who they are and what they fight for...

Their little sisters.

Terui Ryuu, Kanzaki Shirou, Aikawa Hajime, Tendou Souji, and Kadoya Tsukasa. Entire plotlines for the TV series and movies have been about their relationships with their little sisters. Little sister is power! Cuteness is justice!

Is this little sister apprecation day? Maybe!

And so, Imouto Rider Group, start!

Where is so and so?


So a few issues on the forums to address. I guess people are having trouble finding files on the tracker for some of the crossover movies. For confusing stuff like that, we have stickied threads in each forum with a list of releases and information about them:

Like for Decade's we have this: http://forums.tvnihon.com/viewtopic.php?f=146&t=9219

It's the same old request to please look for information before making a new post to ask for help.

And if you can't find the crossover movie under one of the series, try checking the other one.

Finally, please don't use release threads to ask for help. Those threads are for discussing the content of the release. I don't want those filling up with useless off topic requests. If you've already looked and can't find an answer, create a new thread and use that if you're going to ask questions. Preferably under the help sections since I think those auto junk dead threads after some time.

The rest of the Kamen Rider W SD batch is up

W crew

If you were in the middle of downloading, just move the incomplete files into the folder and resume it with the batch.

W 33-44 SD batch released


Also includes Delusions 1-5, the A to Z movies, the Net movie, the rest of Healing Princess, and some music videos.

So what's the deal with the Eternal movie?

So the Eternal movie kind of baffles me. In their promo for the movie, they call the movie the "most problematic Kamen Rider in history" with the reasoning being that "this is about an 'evil' Kamen Rider" and that the story would be "evil versus evil". Well, the movie's been out a few days, does it feature evil characters in your opinion?

Eternal movie thread

takenoko cut thread

Eternal HD issues?


Eternal has TWO audio tracks. The regular and the commentary one. If you're using a program that plays both tracks at the same time, then maybe it's time to download a new video player. My favorite player is GOM player, but there's certainly other options. A new encode that removes the commentary track will not be released, since this is an issue on your end.

I will encode a new Gokaiger 5 HD that will trim the audio. I personally don't think anyone will notice any differences, but doing a new encode will fix any issues that people may have with it.

Kamen Rider Eternal HD released

Fire gurlFire gurlTakanashi Rin

There's the HD version

So here's our heroines for this movie. Takanashi Rin (ShinkenPink) also appears in the music video for this movie.

I also completely forgot that we have some other guest actors. There's also Tomita Shou who was AbareBlue:


And we also have Hitomi Sanae who was the stunt woman for yellows from Boukenger to Go-Onger, plus ShinkenPink (it's a reunion of the ShinkenPinks!) annnnd she was Heat Dopant (it's a W reunion!) plus she was Fire-3 From Rescue Fire. Good to see her in an unmasked role:

Hitomi Sanae

Kamen Rider Eternal SD and takenoko cut released


And the SD includes the music video for Cod-E, the movie's ending song.

If you read my post, you'll see that I wasn't really happy about the premise of the story. Just too many contradictions within the plot and stuff. So... I recut the movie and changed the premise. And you can download my version if you want.

HD version will be released once the SD version is seeded.

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Skull Direct Link

So Tack Angel requested that we post the direct link for the movie, since I guess the other links got deleted.


Hard-boiled Hard-boiled Hard-boiled

So, how about that Kamen Rider Skull merchandising? Jesus Toei, ever heard of showing some dignity and restraint? Just kidding, this is some of the most hard-boiled items I've seen in a while.

Kamen Rider Skull released


Well, not exactly. Looks like someone took the OOO/W movie and combined it with Begins...? Begins'...? Begin's? Begins Night to create a super movie all about Skull.

Check it out here.

And someone created a thread about it here. It's always cool when people do creative stuff like that.

To go a bit off topic, I hear the three minutes that has Optimus Prime in the Transformers movies are cool. I'd be all for someone just cutting those out and putting that on youtube for me to see. Yeah! Optimus Prime!


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