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TimeRanger Takedown Notice

UPDATE (07-07-2018 8:46PM Pacific): TimeRanger Case File 1-51 removed from the tracker. Extras released.

Just to notify you guys that we will take down our subs by tomorrow evening (Pacific time) after 11 months of completion.

If you're wondering why, Shout Factory is releasing TimeRanger DVD on July 31, 2018. Please support the official release.

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TimeRanger Licensed

Looks like Shout Factory is releasing TimeRanger DVD by July, so we'll pull our releases soon.



TimeRanger series thread/poll

Now that TimeRanger is done, please vote on it in the poll and participate in the series discussion thread


TimeRanger 21-25 released

Does anyone remember Ebi's toy factory? That page was awesome. It was around a long time too.

Case 21 - Thread / Wiki

Case 22 - Thread / Wiki

Case 23 - Thread / Wiki

Case 24 - Thread / Wiki

Case 25 - Thread / Wiki

TimeRanger 11-15 v2 released

Forum / Wiki

Almost back up to our original count! Hurray!

TimeRanger release explanation

I'm just going to steal VIRGE'S suggestion:

After a long hiatus, we're resuming our subbing of TimeRanger. This time Xiiliea will be translating the series, so we're going to release updated versions of the first 15 episodes to be more consistent with the rest of her translation. Please check it out!

Also, if you want to help QC for KyuuRanger, Time, Deka, Blade, or anything else we're working on, please send me a PM on the forums. Thanks!


TimeRanger 01-05 released

This time it's headed by xiiliea. Please check it out! Also, if you want to help QC for KyuuRanger, Time, Deka, Blade, or anything else we're working on, please send me a PM on the forums. Thanks!

I'll just release the wiki links, you can find the thread link on the right side.

Case 1 / Case 2 / Case 3 / Case 4 / Case 5

TimeRanger 1-15 batched

And so he put his figures, neglected and forgotten, into the toy box, closed the lid, and tucked it away on the shelf. But as he turned, he thought, "Maybe again, someday." As long as we're alive, anything is possible.

The other dinobuttz released, ZyuDenger 21

Thread / Wiki

Due to the poor reception of Kyouryuuger, we have decided to redistribute our resources to cancelling Kyouryuuger and finishing up Kyouryuuger.

In it's place, I'm pleased to announce a new joint with Magenta. The new group will be called Menly Men Subbing Mahou Shoujo or MMS MS for short.

We're pleased to announce that we will be subbing the Japanese dub of My Little Pony as well as the second season of Oreimo which starts next month.

I'm sure Magenta is super eager to answer questions, so feel free to send him all the questions you want, I insist.



Edit: And I guess we released TimeRanger 14?

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Lunagel Edit 2: Some of us would like to note that despite it not being April 1st yet, takenoko was making a joke. Unfortunately the humor upload has not quite finished installing into his robot body, so please ignore anything he says. Especially anything about Skynet. That's all just babbling.

TimeRanger 13 released

What is going on in this picture?

Thread / Wiki

Ooebi Reviews the TimeRanger Mechas


Wow, that toy is pretty sweet. I had no idea it had room for the pilots and it just looks really good when put together.

I always love this guy's reviews.

Don't forget to click the bottom link since other formations are on separate pages.

TimeRanger 10 released


Thread / Wiki

Don't forget tomorrow's our 10th anniversary! For it, we're shutting down.



Just kidding! But we really don't have anything planned, so it'll just be a quiet day of celebration.

TimeRanger 08 released


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