Kamen Rider Kuuga

Kamen Rider Kuuga licensed by Shout Factory!

We know it's on hold (to wait for 60fps Blu-ray releases). But with Shout Factory licensed the rights to Kamen Rider Kuuga, we have pulled our releases to support the official ones.

And it's streaming through PlutoTV and TokuSHOUTsu.

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Commercial Pack Jan 2019

I know these aren't super popular, but they're usually pretty fun. If you just want a bunch of little videos to amuse you, please check it out!

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Kamen Rider Kuuga 24 released

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Picture originally found here at the Nipponhero Tumblr. He has a good eye for pictures and when he posts, he includes a quote from the show. It's very stylish and worth checking out.

(Edit: Uncle Phoenix looks like he uploaded a 720 for Garo Soukoku movie.)

Everyone's favorite cool guy, Kuuga 23 released

Coming soon to your Playstation Computer System console.

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Kuuga 22 released

Read Zeta's post if you want a little explanation/insight about some stuff that happened in Kuuga.

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Let the week of non-weeklys (except for the one we released yesterday) begin!

Kuuga 20 released

Kamen Rider Heisei The First

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Thanks again to the staff for keeping this project alive.

Kamen Rider Kuuga 19 released

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Weeklies might be delayed for last week and this one. Our Japanese connection has no internets!

Garo's being worked on. We're waiting for the Tokyo-MX airing of Akiba Tsuu. Still waiting on typesetting for Go-Bus Vs. Gokai. So that's where things are at this moment.

Kamen Rider Kuuga 16 released

I will break the Batman!

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Kamen Rider Kuuga 14 released

Let Kuuga teach you about gun violence!

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Kuuga 12 released

"I shall break the Batman!"


Kuuga 9 reencoding

If Kuuga 9 isn't working on your PS3, that's because I messed up the settings. I'm currently uploading a new copy now which should be compatible.

Oh, and if you wonder why Kuuga has such a low resolution, it's because the DVDs are terrrrrrible:

It's got the black bars that just waste space. Normally a wide video DVD fills up all that space and gets resized. Toei, Blu-Ray Kuuga please?

Suprise Kuuga! 09 released. Minor announcement

Hey, Kuuga. How you doing? As always, thanks to Zeta and Cheetah for continuing to work on this series.

Minor announcement: We recently discovered that you can encode SD stuff in 264 format too. Yeah! We can get higher quality for a smaller file size. Pretty sweet. I wish we knew about this sooner.

Jokes aside, with most people downloading the HD format version, sites like EZ News switching over, and just the fact that if you can play Youtube, you probably can playback a 264 file okay, now seems like a good time to make the switch. For now, we're just doing the switch for DVD encodes. But probably with the start of Wizard, weeklys will follow suit. I'm not as bothered about switching the weeklys since they get a HD version.

If you have any feedback about this, please use this thread here. A customer service droid will promptly assist to your needs.


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