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GoGo V Corona message released

You can get it with the rebatched Corona messages or separately. Thanks to Paul for pointing out this video to me!

To get ahead of the questions, Shibata Kenji, who played Daimon was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2000 (so pretty much right after GoGo V). In 2004 he had to stop temporarily stop acting to get treatment and in 2007 he formally retired from the entertainment business.

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Gokai 23 HD released

HD version of the ending

If someone can make me a torrent with these two files for the tracker, I'd appreciate it. Just e-mail it to me.

Gokaiger 23 SD released





It's little sister appreciation week on Gokaiger!

We've also got the first ending and the Dice-O DX promo out.


Jintsuu 陣痛 【じんつう】 (n) labour (birth) pains, labor pains, (P)
While you'll hear tsuu often when someone says words related to pain, I wanted to point out the jin here. Jin means "battle position" or "military camp". It's really weird to think of how this combined with the word for pain produces "labor pains".

Also, listen for "zutsuu" 頭痛 when you watch ZyuRanger. It means "headache". Isn't that funny?

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