Zero -Dragon Blood- 06 + CM + Sashimeshi released

Sashimeshi guest : Fujita Tom who was Amazons Omega.

EDIT: Whoops, changed Alpha to Omega. I'll be mixing up MagiYellow and BeetBuster next

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Zero -Dragon Blood- 05 + CM released

The director of this episode hanging out with Garo. No big deal.

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Zero -Dragon Blood- 04 + CM released

Rei, wear more rings on random fingers.

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Garo Smile and FF14 Promo v2 released for HD/SD versions

SD's audio was off and HD wasn't proper 1080 resolution. My apologies!

Garo 04 v2 Blu-ray released

I'm a dummy, the audio was wrong in the first release. Here's a version 2!

Garo 04 Blu-ray released. It's not over yet!

Fool, did you think it was over?!

Here's lost episode 4. You can block drugs from TV, but you can still get it on Blu-ray.

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Zero -Dragon Blood- 0 more days, episode 1 released

Of course there's a 0 day on the countdown, shoulda known.

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Garo 25 Blu-ray and CM released

Garo first series complete! But wait, Blu-ray versions probably coming. Episode 4. Smile. And Beast of the White Knight!

Also Zero starts in less than 12 hours! Crazy!

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Zero -Dragon Blood- 2 more days

I think you know the drill by now. Guess who days 2 and 1 will be? Thread and wiki link in earlier posts.

Zero -Dragon Blood- 4 more days!

Enjoy the new year with Mari! Day 4 is Haga Yuria!

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Garo 24 Blu-ray version and promos released

So we screwed up recording episode 24, but it's okay. We've got the Blu-rays now! So yeah, we've got this, 25, Smile, and episode 4 working in the background now. And Beast of the White Night later!

Just a reminder that there's no Super Hero Time this week. Happy New Year!

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