Garo 12+CM remaster released

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Likes trying to convince people that Kouga is Kaiba Seto cosplay.

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Poll Results: Garo -Makai Retsuden-

4.52 out of 5. (29 votes). That's the same rating that Makai Senki got, which is the highest it's been since the original series. Nice!

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Garo Remaster 08& CM released

This is the further adventures of Golden Knight Bearo.

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Garo Remaster 06& CM v2 released

Reencoded and released. Sorry about earlier!

Garo -Makai Retsuden- Poll

Did you guys like this nostalgia series?

Vote in the poll and let's see how the fans liked it!

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By comparison (From the master poll list):

First Season 4.90 (February 17, 2016)
Makai Senki 4.52 (February 17, 2016)
Yami wo Terasu Mono 3.75 (February 17, 2016)
Zero -Black Blood- 3.07 (February 17, 2016)
Makai no Hana 3.19 (February 17, 2016)
Honoo no Kokuin [Licensed] 4.09 (February 17, 2016)
Gold Storm Shou (TV Series) 3.72 (February 17, 2016)
Makai Retsuden ?.?? (July 30, 2016}

Garo Remaster 02& CM released

If you haven't seen Garo yet, here's your chance. What are you waiting for? For Kamen Rider and Sentai to get better?

This ep has Fukui Mina and Mark Musashi in it!

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Garo Remaster 01& CM released

I think this is my first Garo scan from way back in 2005. Not sure what magazine it was from. It's amazing how things change in 10 years.

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Bikuu the Movie released

See more pics (All pics are included in the release torrent)

Bonuses included:

-Making Of
-Original Sound Track
-Booklet scans

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Garo -Makai Retsuden- 11 released

I don't know what that thing next to her is, but it looks cute.
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