May 30, 2005

We have one more Holiday release for you, Gosei Sentai DaiRanger episode 10. Enjoy it as we can not release another DaiRanger until this time next year :P

DaiRanger 10


Since JustiRisers 26 had a new ending song here is that songs single.

JustiRisers End 3 Single


May 29, 2005

I hope everyone is having a fun weekend. Today we have for you JustiRisers episode 26. And yes it is JustiRiSers not with a "Z" just so everyone is clear :)

JustiRisers 26


May 27, 2005

SuperHeroBR continues to steal our scripts. This time they have stolen JustiRisers and Faiz. They are low people that can not do any of their own work. If they Truely wanted to help the fans of that language they would do their own work.

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May 26, 2005

Mahou Sentai MagiRanger episode 12 is ready for download. And remember kids don't argue with Mandora-Boy he is Japanese and knows how to speak his own language.

MagiRanger 12


May 25, 2005

Transformers Galaxy Force 20 is ready for your downloading pleasure. Make sure you watch the opening as it has some funny moments :)

Galaxy Force 20


May 23, 2005

Let's kick off the new week with a great anime release, Onmyou Taisenki episode 3. We hope you enjoy it.

Onmyou 3

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May 22, 2005

How about a nice Transformers release. Transformers Galaxy Force episode 19.

Galaxy Force 19


The BT page is back up so here is MagiRanger 11


May 21, 2005

First off the BT page is down right now. It should be up and running again later this evening. And now for the good news Mahou Sentai MagiRanger episode 11 is ready for download. Right now it's only on fservs due to the bt page outage. We hope you all enjoy this release we have more coming later today.


May 13, 2005

Tonight we have a couple releases for you. The first is episode 18 of Transformers Galaxy Force. This series just keeps getting more and more amazing. All those "TF SHOULD BE AMERICAN ONLY" people.. Drop Dead :)

And the other release we have for you is a JustiRisers Music Video done by Takenoko. If you have seen his other MV's from Machine Robo Rescue and Kamen Rider Blade you know the kind of amazing work he does.

Galaxy Force 18

JustiRisers MV

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I hope everyone has had a good week(well almost everyone). Let's kick off a weekend of releases with YuGiOh episode 4.


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May 12, 2005

A Legendary episode. JustiRisers 25.

JustiRisers 25


Let me just add to Cyber's news that I am very glad we were able to release this. I know lots of people have been waiting for it. And on a final note, people that don't contribute weather it be helping seed, serving or just being friendly have no room to even speak about our releases.

May 11, 2005

Is anyone missing an ace? I think we found one. Please click here to claim it if it is yours. However, it is just a regular cut ace, not a director's.

So, uh. Yeah. We released it. We'll do the Director's Cut when it's released too. I'm sure someone somewhere is complaining but nobody really cares. We're fans and we just felt like visiting Blade-tachi's world for a bit.

Anyway... Complain or compliment, we only answer to our own hearts~

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May 10, 2005

Looks like those fansub thieves over at SuperHeroBR have lifted our work on some Hibki and Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. We hope the Brazillian's who download from SuperheroBR know that they did no work on those subs. Tv-nihon did all the work.


May 8, 2005

The weekend is almost over but we have another release for you. Kamen Rider Hibiki episode 6.

Hibiki 6


May 7, 2005

And now for the other end of the toku universe... Kamen Rider Hibiki episode 5.

Hibiki 5


May 6, 2005

From thew new Transformers too the old. Transformers MasterForce episode 31 is ready for downloading. More coming soon.

MasterForce 31


Keeping this great week of releases going let's have a little change up with some anime. Transformers Galaxy Force episode 17. More coming soon.

Transformers Galaxy Force 17


May 5, 2005

And tonight we have for you...Mahou Sentai MagiRanger episode 10. The King is back :)

MagiRanger 10


Let's keep this week of releases going with MagiRanger episode 9. This is the one with the new and it really .

MagiRanger 9


May 4, 2005

Just a bit of a house cleaning post, but wanted to let everyone know that all the JustiRiser episodes should be properly named as such:


There were a few instances where an underscore made it in "[T-N]_Gen" like that to some versions of the episodes and some without. We just double checked the torrents and fixed everything up that way everything is consistent. Sorry about the mess... ^_^


Let's kick off the week with a release of Gosei Sentai DaiRanger episode 9. many more fun and magical releases coming soon.

DaiRanger 9


May 1, 2005

Behold the power of cheese...Erm Behold the power of Magic. Mahou Sentai MagiRanger episode 8 is ready.

MagiRanger 8


Well it looks like SuperHeroBR has once again released some stuff. Looks like faiz and Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. Well we worked hard on those scripts and I know that it must have taken much effort for those guys at SuperHeroBR to take our episodes and transcribe scripts. I hope all you Brazilian toku fans enjoy since tv-nihon did lots of work on those episodes.

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