Aug 31, 2007

#Tv-Nihon wants you! continue helping us rebuild our torrents page. There are still a lot of series out there that won't be restored unless you guys as fans help out. Most of it is as simple as pulling out a DVD and making a torrent (and seeding for a few hours)

Stuff like Blade, Magi, Bouken, Nexus, and the Transformer series (to name a few) are still completely absent from the list of torrents that we can provide. And PGSM Act 0, since I didn't notice it missing before. So if anyone can create these torrents, please send them to me, my e-mails in my forum profile and on the contact list on this front page.

Full list of shows we still need to add again


akihabara@deep 9 DVD Director's Cut released

Aug 30, 2007

Tracker doesn't work with safari?

If you use safari, I hear that isn't working for you. Apparently the program doesn't recognize masked urls. Those users should either use a different browser or go to Thanks to our tracker admin Quatrerwin for this note

Tracker is ok?

Seems to be working for me. In other news, I readded Onmyou Taisenki to move it to the top of the page. Hopefully it'll be seeded this time

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akihabara@deep 8 DVD Director's Cut released

Despite our tracker problems, I went ahead and released 8

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Aug 29, 2007

Tracker problems

Looks like some people aren't able to get into the tracker. We're trying to track down the source of the problem. Till then, don't panic.

If you have information that you think is pertinent to this, please post it in this thread

akihabara@deep 7 DVD Director's Cut released

One of my favorite episodes

Read my previous post if you're having trouble accessing the torrent page. There's also a post in the off topics forum about comcast throttling torrents that people should look at

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Is the tracker working okay?

I've been having trouble uploading @deep 6 to Tokyo Toshokan and a few people have informed me that they're having trouble getting into the torrent page. If this is happening with you, please post to this thread, letting us know what ISP you use and what other stuff you have going on that might explain this.

akihabara@deep 6 DVD Director's Cut released

Aug 27, 2007

GekiRanger 25 released

Just go watch it

Edit: I forgot that I had a direct download link ready:


akihabara@deep 5 DVD Director's Cut released

I'll probably take a break from @deep tomorrow to let people catch up over this weekend's releases
@deep 5 discussion link

If you're a comcast user and you use bittorrent, you might want to read this post about comcast throttling torrents

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Aug 26, 2007

akihabara@deep 4 DVD Director's Cut released

Aug 25, 2007

akihabara@deep 3 DVD Director's Cut released

Now that the weekly crap is out of the way, let's give the people what they want. More @deep!

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GekiRanger 24 released

KR Den-O 29 released

Things aren't as they seem

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GekiRanger 23 released

Aug 24, 2007

akihabara@deep 2 DVD Director's Cut released

Are you keeping an eye out for the extra footage? Some of it is just a few seconds here and there.

The team is formed

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akihabara@deep 1 DVD Director's Cut released

Let me say that @deep is one of my all time favorite projects. The humor fits who I am perfectly, I like the otaku in it (it reminds me of all my friends), it just seemed like a series that totally fit with the kind of people that liked the same things I liked.

I started working on @deep almost exactly a year ago. I first noticed it from the trailer for the movie version, and really dug the music (for the trailer). So I went and got a few episodes of the TV series on a whim. The first episode left me pretty underwhelmed. "Okay, it's a comedy show that makes fun of geeks, how deep can it be?" But as the series progressed, I really fell in love with the characters in the show, and liked all the little details that were put into its creation.

At the end of each of the TV series release that line was left untranslated. Basically the TV series that aired (which we did the original subs off of) was not how the director originally intended for the series to be seen. The real show was always supposed to be for DVD release (more footage and whatnot)

What's different? Well, there's more footage for one thing. Some of the cuts are completely different. All the eyecatches were replaced with boring ones on the DVD (for reasons I fail to see) There's no longer episode previews. And they show the full ending sequence (plus no disclaimer to tell you to buy the DVD to see the real show). In addition, with the DVD audio being superior, I've gone through and reworked every script, so even with the old scenes some of the subs might be different from before.

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy the version upped @deep

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Aug 20, 2007

Trick 8 released

Aug 19, 2007

GekiRanger 22 released

Aug 18, 2007

GekiRanger 21 released

Aug 17, 2007

Chou Ninja Tai Inazuma Spark Bonus released

KR Den-O 28 released

As promised, here's 28. If you hate spoilers in the splash, you might want to look away for the first 3 seconds :p

Discussion here

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For IRC users

Because this still comes up, please remember we are no longer on zirc. Our channels are on
More info here

Aug 15, 2007

KR Den-O 27 released

Aug 13, 2007

Dororo movie released

The live movie based on Osamu Tezuka's anime/manga. To be honest, when I was first asked to work on this, I was expecting frogs. Then when I learned more about it I thought Astroboy. But no no, this was a very kick ass movie with some very nice fight scenes. Hope you guys enjoy this one.

Discuss it!

Aug 11, 2007

Don't panic

Our tracker is going down for a little bit for upgrades and whatnot. It should be back relatively soon.

When it comes back up we'll need to know how the new changes are.
We need your feedback here. Let us know if there is any change in speed

Aug 9, 2007

Mada mada!

The tracker's up, but we still need to fill it up with old shows. If you've got T-N shows and the file names are still the same, then we can use some torrents and seeders:

List here

Aug 6, 2007

Torrents por you and me!

As some of you have noticed, we're slowly adding the torrents for the releases that we made while the tracker was down.

After those are done we're going to probably upload DVD size batches (around 18 episodes per batch) for the old shows. We're probably going to need help from the fan base to make sure this second stage is carried out efficiently.

Also, it seems that we're having problems with our RSS. Any technicians in the house (who know what they're doing) who knows what the problem might be?

This thread here

Aug 5, 2007

GekiRanger 20 released

Talk about it here

Let's see, no direct download. What's this, a torrent?

Thanks talzuz for picking this up

Thanks to kt and camaro for their work on the NEW tracker
Talk about it here


Aug 4, 2007

KR Den-O 26 sanjou

Talk abba here

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Aug 2, 2007

Chou Ninja Tai Inazuma Spark released

Thanks to new members Ryke12 and zeldAIS for their contributions for this
Discussion here

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Aug 1, 2007

PPGZ 39-41 released

It's a triple attack:

PPGZ 39 released
PPGZ 40 released
PPGZ 41 released

Thanks to iceman for uploading these:

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