Nov 30, 2007

Geki 38 released

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If you do not fight, you will not survive!



Nov 26, 2007

About IRC

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Have you ever considered visiting the Tv-nihon chat on irc? The address is:
For our chat channel:

For our leech channel:

Come in, talk about the shows, tell us about your day, post something funny from the internet. It's all about socializing.

If you don't have an irc client, there's a couple irc clients and scripts that you can use. Personally I prefer the sysreset script which is based on mirc. Trillian does irc too apparently as well as some browser scripts.
Guide to connecting to irc

One thing to note, if you watch our old subs or look at the banner at the top of the forums, it still says the old server which we no longer use. If you try to go to those chans you'll be auto-banned, here's why:

When the zirc operators and channels migrated en mass from zirc to synirc, we left a message in the topic that we moved to . Well the head of zirc banned all those channels, so people won't be able to see the topic. Kind of a petty thing to do, but whatever. Just remember that we're on synirc and no longer on zirc.

Remember to play by the rules, try not to be too much of an obnoxious dick, and remember that the Internet is not srs bzness. Let's try to have a little fun while we're here.

Nov 25, 2007

Cutie Honey 2 released

Nov 23, 2007

2008 Rider?

Looks like those rumors about next year's Riders are confirmed
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Nov 22, 2007

Happy Roasted Bird day (Geki 37 released)

Nov 20, 2007

Master of Thunder licensed

Yep, so it's off the tracker. Please pull it from your fserves and direct links and make way for "Legend of Seven Monks" the more aptly named (but ironically the seven monks aren't on the Western version of the cover) region 1 version.

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Nov 16, 2007

GekiRanger 36 released

Nov 14, 2007

KR Den-O 39 released

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More or less caught up on Den-O.

Since real life rarely rewards people for doing the right thing, I just wanted to take a moment and thank the people who patiently waited for these episodes to come out. Everyone knows that sometimes real life happens and delays are going to occur. For every person that broke the forum rules, there were at least hundreds of people who didn't, and we appreciate that. Thank you


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Nov 13, 2007

KR Den-O 38 released

Talk about it here as usual

Also, holy crap, it went from zero to 300. That's awesome guys.

Dontation Progress
Target: $800.00
Donations: $312.00

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Kamen Rider Den-O 37 Released

Owner meets Station Manager, and more hip hop dance offs!


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UltraSeven X 6 released

GranSazer last batch up

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The last batch of GranSazers is up. Don't miss the ChouSeiShin series that started it all!

Also, our tracker is holding a donation drive, please consider throwing a buck or two their way so that they can continue to provide us with this excellent service.

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Nov 12, 2007

SevenX 5 released

Happy Planet! Happy Tv-nihon! Happy Tv-nihon!

Also, see previous post and make a donation if you can afford it. Cause... we like having out torrent tracker and would like it functioning next year XD

It's almost 2008, that means... begging for donations

It's that time of year again to help keep the torrent tracker running. With your donations and some of my own money we are good through the end of 2007. Now we need to get some money set aside so we can make sure the tracker is up and running through 2008.

First off thank you to everyone who donated last time and to all the TV-Nihon staff that put out the great fansubs for all of us to enjoy. The link to donate is on the tracker page and the link is located on the bottom of the post. Just donate what you can. I understand everyone does not have money so if you can not donate that is also ok. Just help seed some torrents or find some other way you can help out.
Donation Link

Camaro, Tracker owner
Forum link

Edit: Note that donations for the tracker will need to go through this link or the one on the tracker. Not the TN paypal link on the front page

Nov 7, 2007

Some new toku comics up, don't panic

Nov 6, 2007

UltraSeven X 4 released

Up to four now. Anyone notice that the key for 4 and $ are the same one? Diamond $
This episode introduces a character I've been waiting for!


Nov 5, 2007

UltraSeven X Promo and episode 3 released

Nov 3, 2007

Geki 35 released

You might notice something new in the credits. Distro veteran Dhawk is now getting credit for his QC work for Geki (he's been really good about pointing stuff out before we released, so it's about time). Please don't confuse him with Dragonhawk, who also QC's Geki (Typesetter of Bouken, Garo, and Sazer-X fame). Dhawk and Dragonhawk, no mistakes get pass them!
Big big big

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Nov 2, 2007

GekiRanger 34 release

Nov 1, 2007

Review: Sazer-X

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Probably the least popular of the brief Chou Sei Shin series, Chou Kantai Sazer-X had big shoes to fill after the big budget JustiRiser series. The series enjoyed a crossover movie in the middle of the series that tied all the CSS series together. Much like its predecessors, Sazer-X was a series that had big mecha as well as passionate youths yelling out Souchaku becoming heavily armored heroes. Toho's work on the action in the fights and beautiful mecha sequences are undeniably good. So why wasn't it popular?

Maybe because the show was funny and focused more on the everyday characters rather than being a mere action show? In the same vein as Hibiki, Sazer-X had a lot more normal stuff going on. The protagonist had something to prove to his grandfather (a subplot that I really enjoyed). The three main space pirates actually had personalities and weren't just 2 dimensional villains. Despite being an epic battle of time and space, the first few episodes focused more on the comedy, which may have turned some people off to the show.

With only 38 episodes slated, Sazer-X probably has one of the most tightest stories among the CSS. It doesn't suffer from that ten episode gauntlet of filler episodes that the other two series had. And the pace quickly picks up. The protagonist shows clear growth and maturity from the first few episodes. The good guys learn to trust each other, more allies and villains are introduced, revealing secret relationships and other aspects that set up for touching stories in the later episodes.

I also really liked the mecha combining aspect. Each of the ships had a Core-Caliber vehicle, which turned into a pretty awesome mobile robot for reconnaissance and fast attacking. Then when combined with the ship, it becomes a Ryuuseishin, a more armored, more powerful robot.
Core-Braver's description from the Toho website

So Sazer-X is clearly a kids show, but then again, so was Gransazer and JustiRisers. If you like the everyday aspects of the characters, have a tolerance for the comedy, and enjoy space battles with giant mecha, you will probably like this series. The opening song kicks ass and it really does have a continuous story that I think is rewarding in the end. Because this show was also the last Chou Sei Shin series, and they had to do something special for it. (Note that the time slot was filled by Fairy Musketeers Akazukin, another T-N show that I recommend)


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Geki 33 released

More GekiRanger!

Talk about it here.


Geki 32 released

Talk about it here.


Sazer-X Torrent up

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I need seeds and I need downloaders. I plan to replace this post with a review of the series (when I'm at work)