Jan 20, 2010

Make your own Sailor Senshi

It's kind of scary how much details you are given. How fun!

Here's mine:

Anyway, show off your home made Sailor Senshi!


May 21, 2007

Master of Thunder!

What is it? It's a movie with Ayumi from Deka, Kenzaki and Koutarou from KR Blade, Venus from PGSM, Misaki from Kabuto, etc. etc. Talk about it here

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May 28, 2006

Proving that TN doesn't leave anything undone. Here's PGSM Act Zero and it's bonus features. This is for all of you who have been faithfully waiting for it.


May 10, 2005

Looks like those fansub thieves over at SuperHeroBR have lifted our work on some Hibki and Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. We hope the Brazillian's who download from SuperheroBR know that they did no work on those subs. Tv-nihon did all the work.


May 1, 2005

Well it looks like SuperHeroBR has once again released some stuff. Looks like faiz and Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. Well we worked hard on those scripts and I know that it must have taken much effort for those guys at SuperHeroBR to take our episodes and transcribe scripts. I hope all you Brazilian toku fans enjoy since tv-nihon did lots of work on those episodes.

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Feb 24, 2005

First off as alot of you have seen our bt page has shrunk. We have batched up a bunch of completed series such as PGSM and MRR and Faiz. Others have been batched up as well. We did this to help out our bt host. Those of you that don't like it please keep it to yourself. Any email about this will be deleted. And anyone that makes forum posts will be banned from the forums. With that said we are releasing DekaRanger episode 27. It is on the bt page and on fservs in the irc channel.

DekaRanger 27

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Feb 2, 2005

A message from Takenoko:
Some despicable fellow from the genvid forums took our pgsm translations (as well as other people's works), copied them, and put them in ssa form.

Interestingly enough, mcavity (a friend of uso/molly/moll from cvme/solarmiracle) has these scripts.

Anyway, someone put them up on bittorrent for people to download, without our permission.

This is a terrible thing to do, stealing all the hard work that others put into those scripts. We specifically told the guy who did this that we did not want our translations released in this format. He completely disregarded our wishes and posted them anyway.

It wouldn't be surprising if CVME is behind it, I mean, what can you expect from a "fansub" group whose works consist mainly of stolen, reedited scripts.

In any case, this is a terrible violation. If you're a Sailor moon fan and know who's responsible for this, we'd greatly appreciate if you

A) Tell off the people responsible
B) Let us know who did it so that we can explain (yet again) how morally reprehensible it is to do this sort of thing. We're not paid to do all this work, we just do this for the fun of it, and when someone does this, it takes away the joy in fansubbing

This was no fan helping other fans kind of thing. It was a deliberate attack on TN and its members. In the rar was a picture of what looked like a Ranger flicking you off. It's the kind of childishness that you would expect from CVME (who start projects just to "get" TN).

You can read the post and reply to it in our forums here


Dec 30, 2004

Continuing our post Christmas giving, here's a special one time Sailor Moon Musical making of special. This is for the newest Myu in Japan. And this will be the last Myu we have anything to do with. So please enjoy it.

Making of New Myu


Dec 28, 2004

You have waited for this one. People thought it would never come. And now it is ready. Tv-nihon is proud to release the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Special Act. We hope you all enjoy it.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Special Act


Nov 29, 2004

Please stop emailing us asking if we are going to sub the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Special act. We have stated time and again that we are. Any emails sent about this issue will be deleted.


Oct 7, 2004

The Final Act

Too many people to thank right now (I'm late for an appointment) but I just want to make sure that everyone knows how much fun it was to work on and watch this show...

I'll probably post later tonight on our forums with a longer more Cyberdramon-ish rant on thanking everyone who's helped us and supported us for PGSM... Please! PLEASE! Stop by the channel. It's a celebration to us to finish this last episode. (Don't worry, we'll still do the Special Act plus we have the Kirari Super Live stage show to come~)

Anyway, download, seed, ENJOY!


Sep 29, 2004

We have put up a batch torrent for Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon episodes 1-3. These are the dvd versions. You can download the torrent Here


Sep 27, 2004

CHU CHU CHU DEKA DEKA..CHU CHU CHU DEKA DEKA... DekaRanger Episode 17 is out. You can come by the channel and get it from an fserv or download the torrent here

On another note,the lack of people sticking around on the Blade 30 torrent for seeding is very depressing. It shows alot of you getting it are not really fans of the show,just leeches who download everything. I am very thankful to you few people that help seed. It seems the Sailor Moon fans are better at seeding than the Blade and Deka fans.

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Sep 25, 2004

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon episode 48 is released. It is on fservs and the bt page. One ep to go after this.


Sep 10, 2004

TV-Nihon is proud to present to you:

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Episode 47

Enjoy... ;_;


Sep 2, 2004

TV-NIHON POWER MAKE UP... YAY PGSM Episode 46 is out. Bt is up and it's on fservs.


Aug 28, 2004

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon DVD version episode 4,is now out. It is out on fservs in the irc channel and on the BT page.


Aug 26, 2004

Panda Z 20 is out from WPP and TV-Nihon. You can get the torrent from that here.

While we're on the subject of torrents there's one up for DJ Moon 1 and 2 from PGSM here.

I'd also like to say that our ability to add more torrents to the torrent page (Such as torrents for older releases) is HIGHLY dependent on how well the things on the page stay seeded... Right now... It's not looking so good. There's a whole lot of unseeded stuff. We can't seed it all. The bottom line is that if you want to continue to receive torrents for TV-Nihon releases then a lot of you need to start seeding those torrents. I see far too many people abusing the BT system... and it's frustrating when people beg for seeds all the time and our personal bandwidth has been stretched so far...

So if you want them to keep coming, start seeding... Otherwise some of those torrents will start to dissapear if they stay unseeded for too much longer and they probably won't ever return.

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Aug 25, 2004

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon episode 45 is out. Bt is up and it is on fservs.


Aug 18, 2004

Pretty Guardian Leangle erm.. No wait wrong series. Pretty Guardian Ban..Damn it still wrong series. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon episode 44 is out. Come by the channel for an fserv or two or use the bt.


Aug 11, 2004


SAILOR PANDA Z! er... I mean...



This has been CONFIRMED. OMG REALLY!??!?

We have TENTATIVE plans to release more stuff, too. There is also some INTEREST in releasing even more after that. :P

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Aug 4, 2004

We have just released Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon episode 42. FLY SUPERMAN FLY, FLY LIKE THE WIND. Bt and fserv release.


Jul 30, 2004

With Otakon weekend just getting started so are we. We've released alongside our partner channel not one but two releases. T-N and WPP bring you Panda Z 16 and Transformers: Masterforce 6.

Also for all the Sailor Moon fans, you thought you had your fix when PGSM 40 was released. You got more excited when 41 was released. Then some of you became estastic when the Actress and Character singles were put on the BT page today. Now we bring you more Sailor Moon for all your Sailor Moon needs. But in order to figure out what it is, I need to bring you to the past a little bit.

Several months ago we announced that we would be subbing Sera Myu's. For those that don't know what it is, it's Sailor Moon musicals. Which are held twice a year during the summer and winter. As a bit of a teaser to doing this we are bringing you something that will fulfill your wants of more Sailor Moon music and give you a small taste of what the musicals will be like. TV-Nihon presents to you Sailor Moon Myu Musical Albums 1 and 2.

As always if you enjoy the albums we encourage you to buy the albums. However Albums 1 and 2 are out of print. So if you are looking to buy copies of the originals, the best place would be to look on Yahoo! Japan.

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Ah, the summer is here. The air is clean. Otakon is occuring. But that's not stopping us from continuing to release things. Right now we've added the PGSM Idol Singers cd to BT as well as the character singles.

The character singles include both vocal tracks (included in Dear, My Friend) and also karoake tracks. The PGSM Idol Singer cd's are maxi singles that were recorded outside their PGSM careers to help promote their career.

So stop on by the channel and get these if you haven't before or visit the bt site.


Jul 28, 2004

Could some one send me the definition of the word "slow"? Since I guess we are so slow we couldn't release PGSM 41 today also... HEY WAIT we did release PGSM 41 today also. BT up and on fservs.


For all of you out there that have been patient and not complained we have released Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon episode 40 for you. For those that have been bitching and whining that we didn't get it out "fast enough" for you,well I have some feces that looks nice :) Bt and Fserv release.


Jul 26, 2004

Hmm.....what's this? It's Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Episode 03 DVD version for all the fans of the show. Is this the end of the week's flood?


Jul 14, 2004

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon episode 39 is out. That's right ..It's out. ALL COME INTO THE LIGHT THE LIGHT IS GOOD. The light will lead you to the bt page and the fservs in the channel on irc. ALL COME INTO THE LIGHT.


Jul 6, 2004

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon episode 38 AND Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon DVD Episode 2 have both been released. They are both on fservs in the irc channel and on the BT page.


Jun 30, 2004

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon episode 37 is out on fservs and the bt page. We also have the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Album "Dear My Friend" in very nice 320 rips. These are direct rips and not 128's that have been messed with to distort quality. You know where the best is so come on over and check the episode and the music out. Also the Dear My Friend album is on the bt page.


Jun 28, 2004

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon DVD version2 episode 1 and Getter ep3 are up on the bt page now. And the BT page is back up. The forums are down now though.

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Hi! It's Cyberdramon. Sorry, the BT site is still down. I promise it'll be up soon and we're not up to any funny business. It just simply died for a reason I don't yet know...but what I know is that it'll definitely be back before we release the next PGSM (Achaaa~)

Now... I have something to share with you guys... It may nor may not be a secret but there are two things I love outside of fansubbing. Transformers and Spider-Man. Go figure, right? Okay... So there's a reason for this. In 1978 Marvel studios teamed up with Toei for a few things. One of the things that was birthed out of this relationship was a SPIDER-MAN Television show. This show was a little different from all the other incarnations of Spider-man you've probably seen. Though radically different it tells the tale of a man who must come to terms with a great power set upon him by AMAZING circumstances and his responsibility while having that power. The story takes place in Japan and thus is subject to much of the uniqueness one would expect for a SPECTACULAR story setting. First off... Our hero, Yamashiro Takuya, comes across his power from a race of aliens. From the planet Spider, no less. This awesome bracelet is given to him by the last survivor of this planet and he is entrusted to protect the earth from the Iron Cross Army. Takuya has at his employ, in addition to his spider powers, a flying car known as Spider Machine GP-7 and a giant starcraft known as the Marveller. When combined, both units create the giant robot that Spider-man can pilot known as Leopardon.

It's of historical value to note that this was the first show in Japan to use the "fight the monster at a normal size then it grows big and you have to call our your giant mecha to kick it's ass...again" formula that has become popular most noticeable in Super Sentai.

So...okay. Why have I told you all this? Well... I want to subtitle this show and share it with everyone. How am I going to do that? That's where I need a little help. ^^; Toei has just announced this series to be released in a DVD Box Set. Unfortunately , like most Japanese DVD's, they want quite a bit of money for it. So I'm asking maybe even a mere 1/8th of the people who visit this site to find it in their hearts to make me and many other fans very happy by assisting us in getting source for this series to fansub. I know there's a lot of you out there that probably love Spider-man like I do and this is an awesome chance to contribute to another cool series to see the English subtitled light.

There is no release date currently on that page so I imagine it won't be released for a couple months or more (Like September-ish?) but I hope a few of you out there don't mind parting with a few bucks via paypal. The total cost for the DVD will be around $450 USD (Given current exchange rates). There's about five thousand people that visit this website everyday... If only 450 of you contributed a dollar we'd be set. ^_^

So I'm sorry for rambling, but I hope you guys understand I'm very excited!!! So...uh...yeah... Thanks for reading!!! :D

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Jun 27, 2004

With the release of this video [PGSM DVD v2 Episode 01] we ask that those in the channel serving the old release, that they remove it from their fserves. This version has several improvements over v1.


Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon DVD version2 episode 1 and Getter ep3 are released in the channel. BTs of them to come shortly.

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Jun 23, 2004

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Episode 36 is out. It is going around on fservs AND it is on our bt page.


Jun 18, 2004

It has come to our attention that an unauthorized bt of our, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Episode 35 has gone up. Now while people put our eps up on sites like supernova,this is a different case. Those people are users who download and want to share with others. We have even had people join tv-nihon who came because they found our eps. This person how ever is doing this only for attention. He has come to our irc channel and downloaded the episode that he claims is so hard to get with out bt.He Claims he knows better than us how to release what we sub Now he has put up this bt and is trying to get places like animesuki to list it. We ask animesuki and other bt listing sites to not list this. If people such as "TomeTheHand" are not able to wait then that is their own problem. Thank you for your time.


Jun 17, 2004

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Episode 35 is out. It is going around servers. A bt will be up later.


Jun 8, 2004

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Episode 34 is out in the irc channel.


Jun 5, 2004

I would just like to take a moment and clear up some rumours about TV-Nihon. Now, the person who said these things is not too well informed and I doubt he said them on purpose. I honestly doubt the was making them up or "lying" about it... but either way, please don't start rumours ^^;;;

No, we are not going to stop distributing PGSM on BT. It's simply the end of term for people and it's just taking a few extra days to get up to our torrent page. Please be patient. ^^

We are not in this to "beat the pants" off of anyone. We do this because we enjoy the shows we work on and we are big fans of everything we do. (Otherwise, why would we do something that wouldn't be fun? XD)

We are not just "sentai subbers". We sub what we enjoy that comes from Japan. (That's why it's TV-Nihon and not TV-Sentai or TV-KamenRider or TV-Anime)

Yes, the DVD source re-releases are actually from Region 2 DVD's purchased from Japan. We are planning to release the extras as soon as we figure out the best way to do them.

Anyway, if you have questions about what TV-Nihon is doing it's best to stop by and ask us, you can e-mail us, you can come to our forums or some people even have my phone number, AIM address, etc... I'd rather people be informed rather than have to put up with rumours and "lies".


This Site has our PGSM fansubs for distribution on DVDR. Please check the site out and see what he has to offer. He makes no profit from this,and we fully endorse what he is doing. Again please check out his site for full details.


Jun 4, 2004

My PGSM 33 brings all the leechers to the yard
And they're like, it's better than yours
Damn right it's better than yours
I could teach you but I'd have to charge

My GS 28 brings all the leechers to the yard
And they're like, it's better than yours
Damn right it's better than yours
I could teach you but I'd have to charge

I know you want it
The thing that makes me
What the kids go crazy for
I lose my mind
The way they whine
I think it's time

My GS 29 brings all the leechers to the yard
And they're like, it's better than yours
Damn right it's better than yours
I could teach you but I'd have to charge

I see you're on it
You want to leech me
Techniques to download fast
It can't be bought
Just the thieves get caught
Watch if you're smart

My fansubs brings all the leechers to the yard
And they're like, it's better than yours
Damn right it's better than yours
I could teach you but I'd have to charge

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May 29, 2004

stratuszine420ish@hotmail.com at This site Is selling our PGSM fansubs. She also doesn't care that she is selling fansubs. Please give this person an email and let them know.


May 25, 2004

Torrents Up

PGSM 32 and MegaRanger 1 are now up on the bt page.

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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Episode 32 has been released to the channel. It will be on BT later.


May 17, 2004

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon episode 31 has been released in the irc channel. A bt will be coming soon. And as a side note any more emails we get asking about, "When will so and so ep be on bt" they will deleted. If you can not wait a day or two for the bt, then come to the irc channel. We have great help pages to teach you how to use irc.


May 11, 2004

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Episode 30 is now out. It is going around servers in the channel and a BT will be following shortly.


May 6, 2004

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon episode 29 has been released. It is up on both servers and bt.


Apr 28, 2004

this person, Janeen84@Sailormoon.com is selling our Sailor Moon fansubs on ebay. Please let them know what you think of this.


Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon episode 28 has been delayed for 10 weeks...... HAHA just kidding. It's out and in the channel. A BT will be up later this evening.


Apr 25, 2004

We now have a new Pretty Guardian Sailormoon page, with profiles and updated release information, please check it out :) Thanks goes to Gaia-chan and Nuku for pictures and info ^_^


Apr 23, 2004

Not one great release but TWO today. First Machine Robo Rescue episode 41 and Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Episode 1. That's right episode 1. No we didn't flip out this is a high quality dvd rip release. Lots of upgrades and what not. Give them both a look.

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Apr 21, 2004


Okay. A lot of people thought that we were just really slow. They must have missed the announcement that PGSM 27 didn't air last week but it aired this week and so we are proud to bring you: PRETTY GUARDIAN SAILOR MOON - EPISODE 27!

Oh yeah. You'll need a hankey for this one, kids.


Apr 8, 2004

DekaRanger Episode 3 and Faiz Episode 43 And Sailor Moon Episode 26 are all up on BT.

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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Episode 26 has been released in the channel. A BT to follow later today.


Mar 31, 2004

Sailor Moon Ep25 is now up on the bt page.


Mar 30, 2004

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon episode 25 has been released to the channel. It is going around to servers now. A bt release will be coming soon.


Mar 24, 2004

This Site is selling nothing but fansubs. He is also selling out Sailor Moon subs. Stop by and give him a buzz on what you think of this.


Mar 23, 2004

OMG! Have we gone insane? Yes. Yes we have. Why are we releasing this early in the morning? O.O Because it's done~ ^_^

Come to the channel or the BT site and pick up your copy of PRETTY GUARDIAN SAILOR MOON EPISODE 24! Is this it for today? Could we possibly release more than this? OMG! Stay tuned~


Mar 21, 2004

This Site is Selling our sailor moon fansubs at a proft to fund their web site. We have asked them to now stop since what they had told us in the past is a lie. The moderators of the site refuse to listen.


Mar 17, 2004

Sailor Moon episode 23 is now on our BT page.


Mar 15, 2004

Well, after a lot of work and stuff we got things fixed and taken care of. Part of me feels like I shouldn't have cared so much for this. Bleh, I don't really want to get into it again. You can read my novel below. Just understand that I'm very very very happy of how many people showed their support, patience and understanding these past few days. They make it worth it.

So....here you guys go~

Sailor Moon 22's *OFFICIAL* Bit Torrent link.


All night I dealt with people wanting some stupid ass wrestling thing. WrestleRama or mania or something. Bunch of rednecks bitching because they couldn't order it. I had to be nice to those people because they pay my salary. When I come home to a bunch of people bitching about not getting Sailor Moon how they want it... I don't have to be nice. My bills are paid :D

In all honesty I let us take crap for Sailor Moon because there are a few special people in my life that love it. My girlfriend loves it so much she edits it. (Because I got too busy :O) I don't like you people talking shit about how we're slow or we don't word things the way you want them to be worded. (Don't fuck with me.) When you insult TV-Nihon you're not insulting one person. You're not just insulting KingRanger. You're insulting a FAMILY of people who work their asses off all the time because they simply enjoy Japanese entertainment.

I asked nicely to not BT our episodes. Nicely in the fact that I hadn't come to your house yet. But rest assured, "thatdog", we're very good friends with the people who own the IRC server we're on. I already have your address and I have some time off this next week. So you and your pubic hair can certainly expect a visit if you decide to go against what I've asked.

Most of these threats and bitchings come from the people who hide in their 5-dollar-to-view forums. Yeah! Isn't that fucked up? You have to pay just to discuss Sailor Moon or whatever. Do we charge to download? Do we charge to use BT? Do we charge to join IRC? No. But we're the bad guys. Uh-huh. Okay.

I got called an "egosubber" tonight by a guy using the IRC nick of "Killshok". If any of you know who Killshok is you'd find that kind of funny. I seriously doubt it was the real thing, but I appreciate the comedy.

I get death threats, viruses, fake letters from Bandai/Toei/Toho and a lot of other shit everyday. I don't even have my e-mail address on the TV-Nihon website. Isn't that fucked up? I don't reply to those e-mails. I don't send warning letters to their ISP. I don't single people out or drop our projects because of all this. It sucks. I can't help but feel frustrated that these people who are supposed to be my fellow "fans" are absolute fucking retards when it comes to showing some respect to people do something with their spare time.

I'm sure people will write "That Cyber uses terrible language and blah blah blah blah". Find something new to bitch about.

We don't get donations that often. We don't beg for them either. It's there if you wanna help out. There's have been some really awesome people who have and I thank them from the bottom of my heart and my empty wallet. I could say things like "I can see who the real fans are" but the fact is you guys are probably just spoiled. Fansubbing isn't that hard...it really isn't. All you really need is someone who can speak Japanese and whole shitload of patience. I'd say we have a decent amount of both. It could be any of you people writting on this site. You may not do everything the same as I do but I can bet a lot of you would feel how I feel sometimes. You'd feel pretty helpless to a bunch of your peers giving you crap everyday because they want something.

I don't want much from you guys. I really don't. I won't hate you if you don't donate. I will love you, though, if you do. I won't hate you if you don't come to the channel and say "Hey, guys, what's going on?" and initiate in a chat with us that can be very friendly and productive for us both. I will respect you and enjoy a diversion from SubStationAlpha, though, by speaking with you and getting to know you. I won't hate you if you break a rule. I will love you, though, if you apologize and ask nicely for some help. I won't hate you if you download our releases and don't serve. I will love you, however, if you spread the joy and set up and fserve or volunteer to make copies for people who have trouble downloading and keep them away from e-bay where they will be ripped off. I won't hate you if download our work and enjoy it...I'd love for everyone to do that.

I will, however, be very upset if you download our work and refuse to show some common respect. I will never say that fansubbing is a task nobody can do except for me. I'm just a fan. I do this with my own time. We all do. We've made awesome friends with people doing it and greatly enriched our lives. Be a part of the solution. Be a part of what makes this fun. We'll keep pumping out episodes the best way we can with what we have if you guys all show a little respect back. I'd say that's a pretty low cost for what you're getting. I hope I don't sound too egotistical when I say we put a lot of work in these subs... We don't do it just for you. We do it for ourselves. For the people we love. And you. ^_~

We're getting a lot of shit because we can't BT an episode. I'm sorry. I wish we could put it up right now because I'm kind of sick of all the complaining ^^;;;

We had some server issues and they're getting fixed, but people only work so fast, y'know? I mean...I wonder how you guys would react if Takenoko-sama was sick and couldn't translate. Would you call him an elitist bastard then? Did you guys know KingRanger was in the hospital and that's part of the delay? He didn't want me saying that because he thinks you guys would just say he's lying... but yeah, it was pretty serious too. He made it okay, though. (Because he's the man!) But don't you guys realize we're human? I just got notified we're being bashed on Japan Hero's forums again. I'm banned there because the admin refuses to listen to facts. It's pretty lame, but I'm not really starting any sort of ANTI-JAPAN HERO movement. I could...but I really don't have time XD

My final message... Please... Give us a break... We're doing what we can with the full knowledge that you guys are always watching this website and waiting for the next episode. We are too...because we're all fans ^_^


Mar 14, 2004

Sailor Moon episode 22 will be up on the BT page sometime Monday Afternoon. We know alot of you will still whine and cry but at least you can whine and cry while you leech off bt, then close the window right after you are done downloading. And for the astronaut who was bad mouthing us.. WE LOVE YOU TO.


Sailor Moon episode 22 is now out. You can come to the channel and download it from many different fservs.


Mar 12, 2004

Sailor Moon Episode 22 when released will not be on BT. It will be a channel release ONLY for the first 3weeks of it's release. Meaning if you want it before April you will have to come by the channel and queue it up. People that have not been to the channel before please read our rules. Thank you. ADDITION TO YOU PEOPLE THAT CAN NOT READ: IT IS NOT OUT YET,I SAID WHEN WHEN IT IS OUT. MAYBE ALL CAPS WILL GET YOUR ATTENTION HELLO PEOPLE WHEN DO YOU KNOW WHAT WHEN IS?


Mar 8, 2004

Sailor Moon episode 21 and Cho Sei Shin GranSazer episode 21, are both out and ready to download on fservs. Anyone coming to the channel and asking for Sailor Moon goes bye bye ;) You all know how to use fservs and if you don't, we have a wonderful help page. Just click on the link above.

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Feb 29, 2004

Yes all you moon fans that's right,Sailor Moon Episode 20 is out and going around on servers now. No bt for a few days so come to the channel to download it. As a side note anyone asking about when the bt will be up you go bye bye.


Feb 25, 2004

Sailor Moon 19 is out.


Feb 18, 2004

understandmouth@hotmail.com is selling all kinds of fansubs. Including Sailor Moon live. Give him an email with your feelings on the subject.


Feb 15, 2004

Sailor Moon Episode 18 is out on channel servers.


Feb 5, 2004

Sailor Moon 17 is on the bt page now.


Feb 4, 2004

Sailor Moon Episode 17 is out. Might take a few days for the bt so... If you want it now come by the channel.


Jan 27, 2004

Sailor Moon Episode 16 is out on servers. Come by the channel to download it now.


Jan 21, 2004

Sailor Moon episode 15 is out. Come by the channel to download it.


Jan 4, 2004

Given the nature of digitalsubbing and it's reliance on fans to have decent computers and a decent amount of bandwidth, we understand that a lot of people don't meet those requirements and are often left trying desperately to get the files they want. We've also noticed a lot of people turning to e(vil)bay to get fansubbed Sailor Moon eps that we've been doing... We do not support the selling of our fansubs on E-bay at all. Beacuse of this some people have thought we are totally against our episodes being distributed outside of our channe and BT page...this is not so. We fully encourage those people who do not have the ability to download and enjoy our files for free to find a way to get them.

So for those of you who have been fighting to get the files, don't like downloading or whatever you might be experiencing we highly recommend you visit this site here and read what these guys are offering. It's a very affordable alternative to having to download episodes and they are not going to profit off you or steal your money. So please, if any of you are buying our episodes on e-bay STOP and click that link.

Thanks~ ^_^


A group has been stealing our Sailor Moon scripts for their own "Translation". You can read about it here


Jan 1, 2004

Sailor Moon episode 13 is out,along with Machine Robo Rescue 23 and 24. GranSazer 12 is also out. All of you that want these will have to come to irc to get them for now. There is a problem with the bt page.

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Dec 24, 2003

Sailor Moon 12,Dairanger 6 and MRR22 are on the bt page.

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Dec 23, 2003

Sailor Moon epsisode 12 is out and on alot of fservs. We are having a problem with the BT page,we will let you know as soon as it is fixed.


Dec 19, 2003

aperez16@tampabay.rr.com and thecoffeeking@comcast.net and mr.saotome@cox.net are selling Sailor Moon Fansubs on ebay give them an email and voice your feelings.


Dec 18, 2003

Sailor Moon Episode 11 is up on the bt page.


makotojade@hotmail.com is selling our sailor moon subs on ebay. He goes by tessen there. Let the scum know what you think :)


Dec 17, 2003

This Site is directly linking to our Sailor Moon BT links on the bt page. The owner of that site has been asked many many times to just link to our main page, she has ignored all contacts. Her own policy page states she does not like direct linking of her stuff. Please let the site owner know what you think webmaster@eternal-moon.org


Dec 11, 2003

Sailor Moon episode 10 and GranSazer Episode 9 are now on the BT page.

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Sailor Moon Episode 10 is out on servers. If you want it right away you have to come to the channel. Otherwise it will be on the bt page sometime soon,do not ask when.


Dec 8, 2003

Another shit is selling our Sailor Moon subs. Please visit this auction and let them know what you think.


Dec 5, 2003

Sailor Moon 9, GranSazer 7 and Machine Robo Rescue 20 are all on the Bit Torrent page. GranSazer 8 has been released to the channel so stop by and hang out with me and let's talk Sazer. Also, lots of page updating going on so be sure to check it out. ^_^

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Dec 3, 2003

Sailor Moon Episode 9 is out in the channel on servs and on the BT page. There was a mistake with the MRR ep20 bt and the fixed version will be on the BT page soon.

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Nov 25, 2003

Sailor Moon Episode 8 is now released and a BitTorrent will be up soon.


Nov 20, 2003

There is a problem with the BT page right now. It does not show the correct stats for Sailor Moon Episode 7. The Episode can still be downloaded with bt how ever. We are working on this problem now.


Nov 19, 2003

Holy cow! Sailor Moon 7 is *RELEASED*! come get it in the channel, we'll have the bt up by tomorrow. Everybody happy~


Nov 13, 2003

It looks like alot of you enjoy our Sailor Moon episodes,lots of you on the BT page. All you people out there should come by the irc channel and say hello :)


Hi again. Sailor Moon Episode 6 is now on the BT page enjoy.


Nov 12, 2003

HI EVERYBODY :) Sailor Moon Episode 6 is now out and on fservs. It will be on BT very soon. Come by the channel and visit.


Nov 10, 2003

Sailor Moon episode 5 is out and going around servers. It will be on the BT page sometime.


Oct 31, 2003

Sailor Moon Episode 4 and Dairanger Episode 5 are out. They will be on the bt page later.

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Oct 26, 2003

Sailor Moon Episode 3,GranSazer Episode 3, and Faiz Episode 31 are now on the BT page.

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Oct 23, 2003

Sailor Moon ep2 and GranSazer ep2 are both out.

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Oct 14, 2003

Sailor Moon Live Episode 1 is now on the BT page :)


Oct 7, 2003

The Making of Sailor Moon Live,Is out and up on our BT page. This gives some good background to the new series.