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v2's incoming

So we recently did the terrible thing of updating our software (never do that). This made some of our releases incompatible with TVs and stuff. So expect some v2's of our releases from the last two weeks in our usual places. Thanks and appreciate everyone's patience with this!

PrismThree 03 released

Did anyone ask for more Prism Three? Well, you're getting it anyway!

Thread / Wiki

Geats 02 thread up

What are the lyrics??? Anyone else hear this as trust/lust?

Thread / Wiki

Front page fixed

Someone pointed out that the links were broken for the Geats stuff. They're fixed now. Hooray!

Geats 01: Discussion Thread / Wiki

Japanese Commercials for Sunday Aug 7th released

If you downloaded earlier and the number was off for Don, I accidentally used last week's number, that's why. It's been fixed though.

Don 23: Thread / Wiki

Revice 47: Thread / Wiki

OOO 10th: Kamen Rider Birth: The Secret birth of Birth X

If you were ummm... disappointed by the 10th anniversary movie, maybe check this out?

Discussion Thread / Wiki

PrismThree 01 released

Yeah we did another one of these. Don't ask me why!

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