Donation drive over!

Actually we went over quite a bit between my inattentiveness and some real generous donations. Assuming I didn't math wrong, we hit 924 out of our 595 goal. I use the same spreadsheet every year, so any extra will just be less needed for next year's drive.

Again, sorry about being bad with e-mails and stuff. I'm planning to sit down and work on some projects tonight so that'll be fun at least. Thank you to everyone who donated! It's very cool to know we can count on the fans to make sure this isn't a materials subtractive endeavor for us lol.


Japanese Commercials for Nov 13 released

Hey, sorry I've been unresponsive lately. Was in kind of a funk last week because of some real life stuff. We might have hit the goal for the donations, since I haven't had a chance to check them recently, so maybe hold off on donating for now

Thanks to all the awesome people who've donated so far! We might be only doing commercials right now, and only commercials, nothing but commercials. But it's nice to know people still like the work we do

As always, come chat with us on the forums! I don't have to be the only one making discussion threads. If you grab our files, you can check the integrity with RapidCRC (Although if it's from a torrent it should also be checked automatically).

Geats 10: Thread / Wiki

DonBrothers 36: Thread / Wiki

Super Hero Time off on November 6th

No Super Hero Time today because Rider boys are playing soccer instead of having a personality

Japanese Commercials for Oct 30th & Trailers released

I see you've been busy, Mr. Toei. I was going to make a joke about Toei releasing Hurri 20 and Aba 20 in the same year, but Aba aired 2003-2004, so they're actually on the ball.

Geats 09: Thread / Wiki

Don 35: Thread / Wiki

Hurri 20/Aba 20/Shindai Reika Promos discussion thread

KR Black Sun 01 discussion thread

Might as well put this up for people


Donation Drive time!

Sorry, meant to have this up around anniversary time, but been kind of a bum lately.

This year's goal is $595 to cover the server and the services we use. You can pledge using the big yellow button up there. Thank you if you can donate!

Geats 8 again

That was a pretty good episode. Maybe you should go watch it again.

Anniversary bonus release: Ten Gokaiger bonuses

A meager offering, just an interview and promos from YouTube, but I can't think of anything else that'd be more fitting of the anniversary spirit.

Thread / Wiki

#TV-Nihon 20th Anniversary

We made it! 20 years. Not much to be said that hasn't been said before, but thanks to everyone who works with the group, to the fans, and anyone I've overlooked. Stay healthy, take care of each other, and enjoy your lives!


Man Ryusoulger

Really makes you think

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