Kamen Rider W 34 and Healing Princess 31 released

W 34 released

HP 31 released

Here's the cat video that Wakana was talking about:

Panda escape:

Kanji for Scorpion:

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I'm thinking about doing a question and answer thing for the staff that'll be posted on the front page blog. If you have any questions, e-mail them in and I'll compile them, maybe add them to the FAQ.

Kamen Rider Decade 30-31 Specials released

Because people will ask, yes, these are different from the originals. HD versions coming soon!

Decade 30 special

Decade 31 special

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Release 2400: Kamen Rider Den-O Talk Show

Yes! 3 years in the making, going through 3 timers and typesetter and karaoke makers, we've finally got this show done!

About the show itself, we've got singing, dancing, seiyuu, and stunt suit actors. If you're a Kamen Rider fan, you don't want to miss this

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Transformers Car Robots 5 released

Yes, we're still doing Car Robots. For the most part, I keep my promises, right?

What, did you think we were going to release Animated?

Holy Crap a Mega Man Movie


Apparently this is even more relevant to our projects than Street Fighter!

(Warning, it's a full length movie). But you know, give fan movies a chance. The Metal Gear one was really good. And it's just kind of cool that people can go out there and create content like that

Another Street Fighter video


I like this one a bit better personally. Seems like the choreography was better


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