KR Agito 33 discussion thread

"I remember... that punch."

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KR Agito 32 discussion thread

It's throwback Friday!

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KR Agito 31 discussion thread

Nothing like filling in the lulls with watching good old shows!

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GIGA Tokusatsu 2021 batched

It's torrent cleanup time! If you were curious about GIGA's stuff, it's now all batched in one thing for your downloading pleasure.

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Dinnovator and Fontaine full theme songs released

Will probably batch all the GIGA stuff into one thing after this is released.


Japanese Commercials for Sunday January 16th released

Scene looks nothing like this shot in the episode

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Zenkaiger 43 Thread / Wiki

Japanese Commercials for Sunday January 9th released

As well as commercials from whatever aired during new years.

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Zenkaiger 42: Thread / Wiki

Japanese Commercials for Sunday December 26th released

Sorry for the late release. Wasn't saving for New Years, just had the holiday blahs.

Happy New Years!

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Zenkaiger 41 Discussion Thread / Wiki

Mahou Bishoujo Senshin Fontaine 04 released

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That's it for GIGA tokusatsu for 2021. What did you guys think? Did you have a favorite series? Was it a successful experiment? We're running a discussion thread for that here. Vote for your favorite series!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to staff and fans!

I hope you guys are having a good time during this holiday season!


Japanese Commercials for Sunday December 12th released

Oh hey, it's that pirate sentai for that Sentai anniversary.

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Zenkaiger 39 Discussion Thread / Wiki


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