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Wizard 6 released


Hell yeah, the Sazer-X trinity is complete! After years of his co-stars popping up in Kamen Rider and Sentai, we finally have Lio-Sazer back.

Oh hey there, Airi.

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Speaking of Mahoutsukai, how about that MagiPink? Just posting pictures of stuff I scanned last night from my magazines.

Kamen Rider Wizard 05 Released

Apparently Medusa likes to hang out with Kaoru from Shinkengers.

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Donut or Do Not?

The popular children superhero show, Kamen Rider Wizard, faced harsh criticism from Japanese parents today when it was found that children obesity rates in Japan have gone up 3000%. Local researchers blame this problem on the show's main characters who subsist on a diet of nothing but doughnuts. The show features a skinny boy in tight jeans, a model in a svelte gray suit, and a child man who never get fat, despite their lack of proper nutritional intake.

We took our crew to a local school yard to ask chubby boy why his diet was exclusively doughnuts. His reply: "Supersize Me was an amusing film, but the premise of a man eating nothing but McDonalds to the point of being detriment of his own health strained the limits of credulity. Lo, what cruel fates that my perchance for ring-shaped baked goods has doomed me to a lifestyle of insulin shots and constant self-regulation."

To get a foreigner's opinion, we asked a man of African descent staying in Japan about his thoughts on the matter. Unfortunately, he only got out a, "Motherfucker bitches," before smashing a car and changing into a panther, disappearing into the night. Unfortunately, no members of the staff speak Ebonics, so no translation of the statement is ready at the time of this publication.

Thank goodness it's Friday: Wizard 4 released

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Check out the thread to answer an unrelated poll about what race you are.


Let's Think Like an Exec: Why doughnuts?

Executive A: What theme should the food in this year's Rider be?! Last year we did McDonald's foods.

Executive B: It should be related to rings!

Executive C: Rings... circles... O's...


Executive A: No! No! People will think it's like Kamen Rider OOO!

Executive B: How about onion rings? They're called rings already, plus...



...you can wear one like a ring!

Executive A: Too greasy! Plus, do we Japanese executives even know what onion rings are?!

Executive B: Fine, if you don't like my idea, I'll just be over here eating my dougnuts.


Kamen Rider Wizard 3 released

Where can I get me some posters like that?

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KR Wizard 02 released

Looks kind of like a wizard.

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KR Wizard opening?

So it's that time of year where we try to figure out the lyrics to the opening song by ear.


Check it out and let me know if you think something should be different. I'm definitely having trouble with the chorus.


Wizard thread.

Go-Bus thread.

I added a couple polls to the thread, just to see how people are feeling in general about the shows.

Just for some context. Wizard had a 7.7% viewership. Compared to Fourze's first episode of 6.3% and final episode of 5.1%.

Go-Busters had a viewership of 4.4%, up from 3.3% last week. I guess a bunch of people are still skipping Go-Busters.

My Little Precious 01 Released


Bonus phone call thanks to Luna!

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By the way, we know that the TV-Asahi page spells the grunts' name as Ghouls. I just didn't want to use that because Ghouls in the west are more associated with undead and zombies.

So we took it back to the etymologicaly roots and used Ghul, since Ghoul comes from the Arabic word Al Ghul. Since the grunts have demon horns, I think a word that's more associate with demons is better. If this sounds familiar, that's because the Batman villain Ras Al Ghul has it as part of his name, plus he's known as the head of the demons. So this all works out.

So Super Climax Heroes?

This poster looks great, does anyone have a larger version of it?

Hello, Blade. You're reading for this game?

They're using actual TV actors for the characters? BAD ASS. Thank you for eventually doing this.



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