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Goseiger 47 released

Lord and an Angel

Goseiger 47 released. Goseiger vs Shinkenger should be in theaters now

Yuunou 有能 【ゆうのう】 (adj-na,n) able, capable, efficient, skill, (P)
I just think this one is kind of funny since yuu is the kanji for "to exist" and nou means "skill

Goseiger 46 released

Gosei Jacket

Goseiger 46 released

The Word:
Monokage 物影 【ものかげ】 (n) a form, a shape
This word interested me because it uses kage/shadow to describe an object's shape/form. I dunno, kind of reminds me of a silhouette

Goseiger 45 released

Buredoran Buredoran Buredoran

Goseiger 45 and we're caught up with last week

The word:
Oomisoka 大晦日 【おおみそか】 (n-t) New Year's Eve, (P)
Apparently there's a kanji for the last day of the month. So the big version of that is New Year's Eve. Isn't that neat?

No OOO, HeartCatch, or Goseiger Jan 2, 2011

Hero card

Before we get to the New Years, I'd just like to remind everyone that there's no weeklies next week. New episodes air again January 9th

How about reading a good book in the meantime?

Goseiger 44 released

Goseiger 44

The Word:
Katou 下等 【かとう】 (adj-na,n) inferior, base, vulgar, low grade, lower class, (P)
The down kanji with the kanji for class. Notice the tou kanji is made of the bamboo radical over the temple radical

Goseiger 43 released

Shinken Vs Gosei

Gosei 43

The word:
Yakusai 厄災 【やくさい】 (n) calamity, disaster, accident I like how the second part has fire and a bunch of those thingies on the top of it. Looks like it's a problem. I wonder what that weird curly tail thing is in the first kanji. It's also in the kanji for crime too 犯

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Goseiger 42 released

Buredoran welcomes you to Goseiger

Goseiger 42 released

The word
Kyuushiki 旧式 【きゅうしき】 (adj-na,n) old type, old style, (P)

Goseiger 41 released


Goseiger 41


The word:

Sha-ke 鮭 【しゃけ】 (n) salmon

Notice that it's made of the fish radical on the left side and two land/earth kanji on the right

Goseiger 25-36 HD batch released

Hope people are scoring great loot on Black Friday. Here's some Goseiger in HD to enjoy

Goseiger 13-24 HD released

Saint Kaiser

I don't have many Goseiger pics, so how about Saint Kaiser instead?

Goseiger Forum

Goseiger 33 released

Gosei CD

Start of a new arc

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The word:

Fugouri 不合理 【ふごうり】 (adj-na,n) unreasonable, irrational, absurd, inconsistent, (P)


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