Ultraman R/B HD720 Batch released!

Instead of the movie, I'm releasing the entire batch of Ultraman R/B in HD720 format. (Also 16 v2 for typeset change @ 16:36. Thanks to Xirix for pointing it out.)

And with the series complete, I made a ratings poll for it.

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Ultraman R/B Movie and bonus material released

And series complete? To wrap things up we've included for bonus content:

  • Ultraman R/B Movie Deleted Scenes
  • Ultraman R/B 25 CM
  • Toy CMs
  • Countdown Messages

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For those of you putting your lives on the line to protest, please stay safe!

Ultraman R/B 25 released

Saving the CM for the movie, which we should release soonish!

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Tokusatsu TV Viewing Party: Channel / Discord

Ultraman R/B 24 released


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Ultraman R/B Title Screen Appreciation

Really like the art used for these. These are the silhouettes that appear right before the episode title is layered on top of them, and I think the art is pretty good?!

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Ultraman R/B 23 released

It's Ultraman!

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Ultraman Gaia OV: Gaia once again released!

From Super 8 Ultra Brothers to Ultraman Gaia movie, another one was released. Took place after Gaia TV series (which was licensed by Crunchyroll).

It's been four years since I started doing one shots of misc Ultraman releases with zeta_gundam and xiiliea.

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Ultraman R/B 15 released

That would make for a huge buckle for a henshin belt.

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Ultraman R/B 14 released

"I <3 Ayaka City"

Would you wear any of the shirts from the Quattro M shop?

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Ultraman R/B 13 released

Enjoy Aizen with some facial hair!

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Ultraman R/B 12 released

And now the real reason you're here...

Aizen Makoto. Bear witness to his manic energy and scene chewing as he torments the wonder twins.

Mitsurugi Saki, she's a mysterious girl

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Ultraman R/B 11 released

Here's the rest of the Minato family. The father is King Aslan. And Asahi is the little sister and that's all.

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