Ultraman Tiga Special Released!

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Ultraman Nexus manga?

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An Ultraman Nexus manga came out and no one told me? Come on, guys!


Ultraman extras released

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Realized there were some Mebius movieish stuff that we could keep released. As well as Ginga's bonus footage. The Ginga batch includes the SD and HD sets, so if you only want one aspect, please set it in your torrent client.

Ginga batch includes:

  • Commercials for eps 2, 6, and 7.
  • Creditless op/ed
  • Extras for ep 1
  • Movie, behind the scenes, trailer, and interview
  • Starlight mv

Ultraman Nexus bonuses released

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We may have pulled the episodes, but we can still post the bonus stuff. Included in this batch are:

Ultraman manga vol 2


From Vol 2 of the Ultraman Manga



Nexus licensed?

Sounds like Nexus will be licensed soon.

I'm glad that this great show will soon be available to more people, but I'm also sad because I had always hoped to come back to clean up the subs for it. Anyway, this is my favorite Ultraman series, so please check it out.

Ultraman vol. 1 manga review

It's good, you should check it out if you like... Ultraman, Superman, or Ironman.

It continues the story of Hayata Shin, the original Ultraman.

Mild spoilers on these scans:



Weekly polls

Love this picture. I think this is one of Horiuchi Masami's, you know, he was Makage on Drive as well as Matsunaga from Nexus.

Nexus received a near perfect 4.93 out of 5 (only 14 votes though).


Did you know that the Boukengers were named after real life adventurers and explorers?

Boukengers received an adventurous 4.09 out of 5 (44 votes)


Unfortunately, I don't remember which site I got these pics from.

A 4.20 out of 5 (56 votes).

New polls!


Ultraseven X




Rock 'n' Roll baby!


Be back next week with the results!

Anyone know any Ultraman trivia?

We're building a page for Ultraman trivia. Anyone want to help contribute to it? Just hit that edit button. Please dispute things in the discussion tab.

Ultramen trivia


Garo -Gold Storm- Shou 13 (NSFW) & CM released

Traditional time for a new opening and ending song. Opening from JAM Project and ending by Makai Kagekidan.

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Ultraman Mebius received a 4.58/5 (12 votes)

Do we have any fans of Ultraman Nexus?

Ultraman X licensed

It's being released simultaneously worldwide through Crunchyroll. (Exceptions made in some places)



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