MegaRanger 45 released

Whoops, looks like I messed up the frame rate for this gif. Hope you're not prone to seizures.

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Are main Riders just neutral masks?

Neutral Mask meaning a bland, empty character for which the audience to place themselves upon in order to experience the show or movie through their eyes, as termed in this Cracked video:

Think about it, all the interesting Riders, 2nd Riders. Or in Drive's case, the third Rider. Although, Chase shows up before Go and is more interesting than him, so maybe Chase is the second Rider retroactively.

What do you think?

KR Drive 26 & CM & Junction & Special Mission Type High Speed released

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Special Mission Type High Speed Thread / Wiki

Check out the special, it's actually pretty good, and not just shallow advertisement for the movie.

Nanja Monja Ninja 08 released

Finally released the ending theme. The choreography and making-of for it will have to wait til next week, since they're in QC now.

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Garo -Gold Storm- Shou 02 & CM released


Yes, that is Inoue Masahiro as the villain. So this is Garo versus Decade the fanfic the TV show!

Click here for more actor trivia.

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Ultraman Ginga Batched v2

The first batch was missing episode 10. Sorry 'bout that!

KR Drive 25 & CM released

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Also go check out my Shuriken Sentai Ninninger tag on my tumblr, since I posted some pics from Toei's making-of page.

Ultraman Ginga Batched

Batch released!

Ultraman Ginga movie v2 released

Just a v2 for the torrent, which had an extra file messing up the completion. Actual torrent shoudl just have 6 files.


Ultraman Ginga movie released

It's the weekend, enjoy the Ultraman Ginga movie between our weekly releases!

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Edit: Apparently the files labeled Bonus 3 are duplicate files. Please don't download those.


Garo -Gold Storm- Shou Special released

To get hyped for the new series, here's a Garo special!

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Edit: Also our forums have been updated. Our old style wasn't compatible with the latest version of the software, so we hope you find the new one to be a pleasing replacement.

DekaRanger announced on Blu-ray

Youtube trailer subbing incoming...


Meanwhile, get hyped!

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