Toqger last batch 720p released

I love that there's a bow looking thing in Tanktop Shadow's design, but when you look closer, you see it's just a hanger and that it's a part of Tanktop Shadow's design.

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KR Drive 43 & CM released. Also, contact me to join our new chatroom

Click to check out the details at high resolution. Brain looks so cool in his sketch.

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Garo 19 delayed

Hi everybody!

Sorry to say this, but our Garo 19 might be delayed a week or two. We haven't got the new capper set up and it messed up the recording this week. On top of that, we can't access the backup computer until the 30th. We apologize for any inconvenience that this might cause.


KR Drive 42 & License & Krim Steinbelt bonuses v2 released

It's the week of version 2's! Sorry! I tell you kids, don't rush. It's not worth it!

Garo -Gold Storm- Shou 18 & CM v2/3 released

Released a new version to fix the missing video for the commercial clip.


Garo -Gold Storm- Shou 18 SD v2 released

Was missing the audio. Sorry!


Garo -Gold Storm- Shou 18 & CM released

Not sure what's going on here. The many faces of Rian.

Next week we should have the music video for Guren Byakuren available.

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I put up a neat animated gif for the Jinga / Ryume fight on my tumblr if you want to check that out.

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Gokaiger 04 Blu-ray version released

I always thought Joe was like Zoro from One Piece. What do you guys think?

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Ninninger 24 released

Why is Kinji hanging out with Sid?! Is he a Yggdrasill dog too?! Source

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Blade Poll 4.48 out of 5 (42 votes)

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Sh15uya Poll 3.92 out of 5 (12 votes)

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Jiro Dreams of Sushi

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Watched this on Netflix last night. It's leaving Netflix this month, so I've been meaning to check it out.

I've dabbled in making sushi before, so it was fun to see how a professional does it. But what makes this documentary truly fascinating is to see what a perfectionist is like in motion. The guy thinks sushi, he lives sushi. He'll be making sushi until he dies, then one of his sons can fight over who takes over the restaurant.

If you've ever tried to make something before, I'm sure you'll see a bit of the process in Jirou's work. The gradual improvement of the process. The frustrations and disappointments in your work in the beginning. The self discipline that you force upon yourself. The sacrifices you make for your work.

I guess sacrifice is the big theme in Jirou's Dream. He makes some of the best sushi in Japan (three stars from Michelin), but he does so at the sacrifice of every other aspect of his life. He even admits that he was a crummy dad who rarely saw his kids growing up. We never find out what happens to his wife. It's just not an important aspect to the documentary or his life.

If you just like food, you'll get to see the crazy sea market in Japan. The militaristicly run cooking process. One apprentice cooked egg sushi for two months before getting one approved (about 200 failures). He cried when he finally got it right. But at the same time, it's cool to see how the food is prepared. I don't know how to cook well, so it's fun to see other people do it on such an advanced level.



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