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Kishiryuu Sentai Ryusoulger 46 Released


Incidentally the titles are -

Koh - Endless Fire (unimaginative)
Melto - Merge (uhhh?)
Asuna - Tokimeki✰Mighty Girl (in case you forgot she's female)
Towa - Like the Gale (cause his schtick is wind and he's sticking with it)
Bamba - Daybreak Road (okay kinda cool)
Canalo - If We Meet in Dreams (predictable)

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Batch to Batches

I'm going to stop using the tag Batch for the front page now. From now on, such posts will be under the Batches tag.

Ultraman R/B 1-9 batched

To prep for the new R/B releases, I've batched episodes 1-9 so people can catch up or dive in for the first time if they haven't seen this series already. Personally, I enjoy it a lot. It's wacky, it's touching, it's got likable characters. Some really interesting performances in this one.

Hoping to start releasing the rest of the series more regularly from here on.

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R/B Fans?

Do we have any R/B fans who want to help QC our subs? I want to try to finish the series off.

If interested, send me a PM through the forums.

Kishiryuu Sentai Ryusoulger 45 Released!

This episode has one redeeming feature and it's shirtless Bamba.

More please.


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Kishiryuu Sentai Ryusoulger 44 Released! (and movie v2)

I'm sparing you but there were THREE Super Sentai Party commercials in the episode this week.

Takenoko accidentally put the effect images in the wrong folder when encoding the movie so the efffects were all wrong. No dialogue has changed so if you don't care about effects then just keep the version you have.


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Kishiryuu Sentai Ryusoulger 42 Released!

Boy what a loveable and engaging and totally plot-relevelant character Ui is, I sure hope she appears for many more episodes to come.

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Passed my JLPT N1! (xiiliea)

6 months of hard work finally paid off! /me nudges takenoko and Lunagel to pass JLPT too.


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