Ultraman Ginga Batched v2

The first batch was missing episode 10. Sorry 'bout that!

KR Drive 25 & CM released

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Also go check out my Shuriken Sentai Ninninger tag on my tumblr, since I posted some pics from Toei's making-of page.

Ultraman Ginga Batched

Batch released!

Ultraman Ginga movie v2 released

Just a v2 for the torrent, which had an extra file messing up the completion. Actual torrent shoudl just have 6 files.


Ultraman Ginga movie released

It's the weekend, enjoy the Ultraman Ginga movie between our weekly releases!

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Edit: Apparently the files labeled Bonus 3 are duplicate files. Please don't download those.


Garo -Gold Storm- Shou Special released

To get hyped for the new series, here's a Garo special!

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Edit: Also our forums have been updated. Our old style wasn't compatible with the latest version of the software, so we hope you find the new one to be a pleasing replacement.

DekaRanger announced on Blu-ray

Youtube trailer subbing incoming...


Meanwhile, get hyped!

Post Forum Downtime Scheduled

The forums will be going down on Wednesday, April 8, 2015 at 9 PM for an upgrade. The upgrade may take up to 2 hours.


40th Anniversary Heroines

Ask and ye shall receive. Thanks toni2212!


40 years of Sentai

Let's reminisce about Sentai.

Also, is there an updated version of this pic? I'd love to give credit for it.


Ninninger VS Drive v2 released

There was some audio desync in the original release. This version 2 should fix that. Thanks to everyone for their patience.



Ninninger 05 v2 released!

Hopefully that fixes all the video problems. Sorry about that!


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