KR Drive 31 & CM released

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Looks like people gave Wizard a below average 2.84 out of 5. No surprise there.

Fourze feelings anyway?

I'm looking forward to this one, since Fourze was a bit divisive, I think

Ninninger 13 released

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Kyouryuuger last week got a solid 3.97 out of 5.

How about Go-Busters?


Garo -Gold Storm- Shou 07 & CM released

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You gave Makai no Hana a 3.12 out of 5. Sounds about right, kind of wish that was higher, personally.

How did you like Zero -Black Blood-?

Ninninger 12v2 released

Got a name wrong, whoops! See thread for details.

KR Drive 30 & CM released

Did you know Rinna's actress had a guest role in Nexus long before she guested on Garo and Drive?

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So Gaim had a 4.74, no surprise there.

What did you guys think of Wizard?

Garo -Gold Storm- Shou 06 & CM released

It's spreading! Dunno what Agou's got, but it seems like funky stuff.

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So far, 50% of people voted Shou as average. Looking forward to seeing whether the show rises or fall as it progresses.

Poll's up for Makai no Hana. Only 13 people voted on Gold Storm Shou, so let's see if we can get more voting, more discussion for that one.



DekaRanger 1 billion years after Promo released

DekaRanger Robo judges you Naughty! Oh la la! Time for your punishment~


Ninninger 11, CM, and Vines released!

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Poll results from last week: Two stars 33% followed by four stars at 29%. I think most people are hoping it'll get better. We still have 3/4 of the series to go!

Toqger poll! So what'd you think of it? Yeah, I'm going to keep these going till we have a poll for each series.

Garo -Gold Storm- Shou 05 & CM released

There it is! Nanri Miki's killer move!

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Garo -Gold Storm- Shou poll! How are you liking it so far?

Happy Mommy Day!

Let's appreciate the mothers in toku, since they don't appear that often (compared to dads at least). And let's appreciate our own moms too.


Yes, we do have a wiki

Please consider using it! We try to have a good trivia section. The side bar and front page are a good place to start.

If you post on our forums and can't remember a character name. The wiki is linked at the top so you can double check it. The episode article is also linked from each episode thread, so feel free to check it out once you've seen it. That's what I like to do with IMDB after watching a movie. Sometimes there's no trivia at all, but sometimes, there's some great inside stuff. But we can't know it all, so that's why we need people's help.

Some of the info stuff and writing needs editing though. Because of that, we can really use more writers and editors. It's pretty free form. People just work on whatever interests them, whether it be actor info, series info, or whatever. We can probably use more pictures, better style formatting, a review of the episode summaries, etc.

Registered users are preferrable, but not necessary. You can just edit it without registering.

If you have any questions, hit the Discussion tab at the very top and post there. Or you can post to our forum dedicated to editing the wiki:

Wiki Editor's forum

DiEnd CSM Driver

So this actually has English subtitles on its Youtube video. But they're terrible. The font is small, and the translator is obviously some random guy that they grabbed to do the English. He has no idea why one guy goes on about treasure and why the other yells "onore" constantly, so he just leaves it out. This is pretty much what you get out of most commercial translations.

You can compare for yourself here:


Decade tumblr

Happy birthday to Totani Kimito who turned 25 on May 7.

From Up on Poppy Hill

I wish this were the cover art of my Blu-ray

Another Ghibli movie down the hatch. I liked it a lot. I'm a big fan of these small town stories about a small group of people. It's like Roddenberry's utopia in present times, everyone knows your name, they all work hard, no one is malicious, and the problems are either external or come from people being misguided. Maybe that's why we find Ghilbi works so appealing.

There's nothing I like better than to be sucked into a world and this movie does it. I loved the feeling of being in 60s Japan, hearing Sukiyaki in the background, seeing all the sights of Tokyo, the old town architecture, the encroaching industrialization and smog. The Quartier Latin (for some reason the Japanese switch it around) is wonderful in its early stage. It looks lived in, used, the clutter full of memory and signs of humanity. I almost prefer it to the cleaned up version. And like I said above, there's nothing like a small town setting. I also got stupidly excited when they got out the wooden rice bowl and opened up the floor panels to reveal hidden vegetables.

For a review of the plot and nitpicks on translations, read the thread


KR Drive 28 & Junction released

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According last week's poll you 49% of you guys give Drive a 3 out of 5, 32% a 4, 10% a 5, and 7% a 2. This was out of 41 votes cast.

More Gaim Gaiden?

So I hear they're doing Gaim Gaiden for Ryouma and Zack. And while I'm glad that we're getting more Gaim, it does strike me as odd to choose these two. Here's my reasoning, they're both extremes on an one dimensional plane. Ryouma's kind of your mustache-twirling villain. He's mad and he does everything FOR SCIENCE! Making him a sympathetic character would ruin some of that.

Zack is the opposite, he's a mini-Kouta. He's a good guy, but he's never fleshed out as anything other than "a good guy". He's more of an accessory to highlight other characters, like Kaito's leadership skills, or the stand-in for the Beat Riders once things get serious. Not that they couldn't do a good story for him, it's just that he's such a blank slate that could mean anything.

So what do I want? I want Gaim Gaidens for Micchi and Youko. They're both extremely complex characters that are worth diving more into.

Micchi, you're supposed to find him off putting. He's cold, calculating, but his motivations are sort of understandable, if not sympathetic. They could tell a story about how he became the schemer that he is, one about the trials he went through as a traitor, etc. There's a lot of stuff to mine there.

Youko is also a person with a lot of personality, but isn't as fleshed out as much as she could be. We know what she believes in and what she represents, but we could use more background. Why does she want the things she wants? What kind of trials does she face being the person that she was? I think a whole episode devoted to her would be awesome, assuming it wasn't told badly.



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