Uchuu Sentai KyuuRanger

KyuuRanger 37 v2 released

Had a typo, v2 out!

Release 4200: KyuuRanger 37 released

"Off with his head!"

Blaze it release 4200

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KyuuRanger 36 v2 released

Fixed a couple errors.


KyuuRanger 36 + CM released

Episode of Stinger is in QC now. Please be patient~

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Late KyuuRanger 27 v2 released

Someone pointed out the translation for a few lines were translated wrong, so here's a late v2 for episode 27! Episode 35 coming later today!

More detailed explanation for what was changed

KyuuRanger 33 v2 released

Looks like someone caught one "special attack" line mistranslated. Changed for v2 release.

KyuuRanger 29 released

Twinsies... better earn your keep  or one of the other 7 members or someone else's clone will replace you!

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