Garo -Versus Road- 08 released


So I started releasing this a few hours ago, but a qcer noted that I brilliantly pasted in a suggestion on the wrong line. So I quickly halt the release and figured I did a pretty good job covering my tracks, right?

Then I do the release for the new files, and realize I hadn't deleted the old torrents, so people've been sitting on no seed all this time. Sorry! Please download the new torrents with the corrected script.

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Garo -Versus Road- 07 released

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Tokusatsu TV Viewing Party: Channel / Discord

Garo -Versus Road- 06.5 Special released

Love in a time of Corona.

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Tokusatsu TV Viewing Party (Probably around 6 PM Pacific): Channel / Discord

Garo -Versus Road- 06 released

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Tokusatsu TV Viewing Party (Probably around 6 PM Pacific): Channel / Discord

Garo -Versus Road- 05 released

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Tokusatsu TV Viewing Party (Probably around 6 PM Pacific): Channel / Discord

Garo -Versus Road- 03 v2 released

After watching episode 4, I changed a few lines to the episode 3 script.

Garo -Versus Road- 03 released. Viewing party Saturday night?

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So if you want to hold off on watching it, consider joining us for a viewing party. We'll sync the start time to be 6 PM Pacific on Saturday. Then chat on it on

IRC Channel: #tv-nihonwatchers


Discord (under #watchers)

For details, check out this thread.

Garo -Versus Road- Trailer released

Starts April 2nd in Japan

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Garo Movie shipment

Estimated Delivery: Friday, March 20, 2020 By End of Day

1 Pieces

  Further Detail: Next Step:  
    Destination Service Area: SAN FRANCISCO GATEWAY, CA  
Friday, March 20, 2020
  Customs status updated CINCINNATI HUB, OH - USA 1:51 AM


So I was hoping to receive the Garo movie today, buuuuut... it might take a few more days instead.


P Garo Saejima Kouga 1-3 released

Get hyped for the Gekkou no Tabibito movie!

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Garo Equip and Prop 4 toy problem

Does anyone else own a Garo Equip & Prop 4 with Gouten?

I just got negative feedback from someone I sold it to because he found one of the legs was broken. So I opened up my personal copy and one of my legs is broken too, but for a different joint.

Is there a manufacturing issue with this line of toy or something? Reach out to me and let me know if you've had this issue.



Garo at the FANTASIA FILM FESTIVAL in Montreal

“Hello TV-Nihon
My name is André Dubois (the fat guy on the right)  one of the co-founder and programmer of the FANTASIA FILM FESTIVAL in Montreal. I’ve been a loyal TV-Nihon fans from over 10 years. At fantasia I’m the programmer, so I’ve been trying for years to bring tokusatsu films or series like Ultraman. This year, I was fortunate to have Garo’s newest film, UNDER THE MOONBOW, along with creator Keita Amemiya as the special guest. The film itself is wonderful and it ties to the first series. It features the original GARO, Kouga, and his son, Raiga, along with other characters from the earlier series. You can look forward to it… it does not disappoint. Mr. Amemiya was a fantastic guest and I’ll see him again tonight where he will give a master class and talk on his work at the festival. “

Love the pic where all of you have a Zaruba ring. That's so awesome!

The next two pics are from Samuel who told me about the movie and festival:



Thank you both you guys for sharing! Sad I couldn’t make it this year but hope to in the future!


Garo: Gekkou no Tabibito releasing in Canada first?

Thanks to Samuel for pointing this out!


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