Play Moirai, it's 10 minutes long

Don't look anything up. It's free on steam.

When you've played it, tell your story in the thread:



Battride streaming now

Heart was a tough boss...


Battride War Genesis Stream

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I really like customizing the music, so if anyone has any recommendations, let me know!

Edit: Looks like the stream isn't working because the PS4 is treating it as a blocked scene so far.


Shaider 03 is also doing a playthrough.

Shenmue 3 Kickstarter

Might want to check out the Shenmue kickstarter that's going on. The protagonist Ryo is voiced by Matsukaze Matsuya AKA MegaBlue. (MegaRanger release totally a coincidence)


Thanks to DekaBreak for the tipoff.

Will be streaming Battride II later today

There's my Twitch channel:

Battride II thread

Also, trying to create a thread where we can practice the art of conversation. Won't you join us?

Translation in Video Games segment

As some of you know, I'm a big fan of etymology. I love knowing why things are named certain ways, and more interestingly, what the thought process was for how something arrived at receiving a certain name.

I'm starting off by looking at names of items in Monster Hunter. But if you have any questions about any other video games, I can always take a look at it.

You can send questions at my e-mail address above, or post them on the forums in this thread.

Hope you guys find it interesting.

Edit: I'll be keeping it as a thread on my tumblr too at this link:

Thanks for not doing anything useful, politician guy


I hate it when people in power shuffle their papers around and do stuff that appears to be work, but in practical terms has no positive net gains for their effort.

Seriously, how's this help anyone?


Favorite Japanese games?


Other KOL Clans?

Because of the nature of the new clan dungeon, are there any other KOL clans out there who have an open Dreadsylvania dungeon who'd be okay with our crew whitelistening into your dungeon to do the noncombats and their crew can come into our dungeon and do the same?

We're a small group, so it'd save us on the cost of reopening the dungeon each time. If you're interested, PM me in game at takenoko.



New clan dungeon in Kingdom Of Loathing

Uploaded with

A new clan dungeon has opened in the online browser comedy RPG

If you want to participate, make an account and join our clan TV-Nihon (I believe you have to reach level 5 to join a clan). I hear this dungeon is in the mid 20 level range, so some grinding might be required.

While in our clan, feel free to unlock hotdogs in our VIP lounge hotdog stand.




Kickstarter for some toku game?

"Check this out: it's a Super Sentai (not PR, but Sentai) game where you play as a bunch of Stuntmen tired of a Toei-esque company taking advantage of them, so they go off and open their own Sentai studio where they'll shoot their own indie series.

You fundraise and manage the studio, buy the props to make the show, and teach the actors new skills. Then, while shooting, the actors begin to confuse it for real fighting scenarios, and you play a turn-based RPG with it.

It looks like it'll be a strong game, and tries to stay faithful to the source material as best it can while allowing for a wide audience. I'm looking forward to it, and I figure you and the rest of the community will too.

Also, to note: It's the same company who developed the very successful 'Knights of Pen and Paper'. They're both very meta games, and give plenty of nods to their respective fandoms. Check it out, and see if it's worth sharing."


My Battride War Stream Archive... Part 5!

That's it for story mode.

Part 5a Chapter 3
Part 5b Chapter 4
Part 5c Chapter 5
Part 5d Finale
Part 5e Rider Road

I'll keep going on with Rider Road stuff and grinding for figures/music/voices/and trophies.


My Battride War Stream... Part 5!

Video stream:

Join the stream chat (Sorry, I don't pay attention to twitch's chat. It's #tv-nihongames @ synirc )




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