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Licensing October

Ultraman Mebius has been removed since it's streaming on Crunchyroll now.


Supposedly this is going to be the cover for the DVD release for Zyu in America.

What do you guys think about all this? Are you glad tokusatsu is more mainstream now?

ZyuRanger 25 released

So we had this in qc, so we're just wrapping this up and releasing it. But that's probably going to be it for this project because of the licensing. So we'll probably pull the torrents soon.

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ZyuRanger licensed by Shout?

See Luna's post for the general details.

So kind of exciting news, right? It just goes to show how you can wake up one day and there'll be a big game changer in your life.

But is it a big game changer or is it just one series that we'll have to pull? That's the part that I'm not so sure about. If it expands out beyond ZyuRanger, it can affect other series that we work on.

In any case, we do have one episode of Zyu about 3/4ths the way done. I think it should be okay to get this one out, but we'll probably end up pulling the torrents when more details come to light.

So don't worry. Everyone be cool and we'll get through this.



Zyuranger licensed?

I'm sure most of you have heard by this point but Shout Factory has announced via twitter they are bringing Kyouryuu Sentai Zyuranger to the States.

So, what does this mean for TV-Nihon? At this point, nothing, because we don't know any details. We don't know if they have the license already or if they're just considering getting it. We don't know exactly what they are planning to do or even when they are planning to do it. At this point, just consider everything up in the air until we recieve more concrete details. If they do have a license, we will immediately pull Zyuranger from our projects and stop distributing, so if you don't have the files yet, now's your chance.

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Let's start the day with our oldest Sentai

Yup, the other dinosaur sentai that we're working on, ZyuRanger 24 released!

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The other dinobuttz released, ZyuDenger 21

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Due to the poor reception of Kyouryuuger, we have decided to redistribute our resources to cancelling Kyouryuuger and finishing up Kyouryuuger.

In it's place, I'm pleased to announce a new joint with Magenta. The new group will be called Menly Men Subbing Mahou Shoujo or MMS MS for short.

We're pleased to announce that we will be subbing the Japanese dub of My Little Pony as well as the second season of Oreimo which starts next month.

I'm sure Magenta is super eager to answer questions, so feel free to send him all the questions you want, I insist.

Edit: And I guess we released TimeRanger 14?

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Lunagel Edit 2: Some of us would like to note that despite it not being April 1st yet, takenoko was making a joke. Unfortunately the humor upload has not quite finished installing into his robot body, so please ignore anything he says. Especially anything about Skynet. That's all just babbling.

Zyu 17 released

Guess some of you have been waiting for this one

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I guess you can have more Jyus


Sorta looks like a girl, I guess.

Zyu 16 released

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ZyuRanger 14 released

I don't have anything clever to say, so here's a pig. Zyu 14 released (last night)!

ZyuRanger 13 released

Five of these mythic scenes share a core similarity

Another great episode for spotting the inspirations from Greek mythology.

ZyuRanger 12 released

Remember vampires? When did they become all fancy, like this?

Was it Interview with a Vampire?

ZyuRanger 12 released

ZyuRanger 11 released

We may have missed the 20th anniversary of ZyuRangers, but at least we can give you this:

I can show you the world

Shining, shimmering, splendid

Tell me princess, now when did

you last let your heart decide?


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