Kamen Rider

Kamen Rider Decade 30-31 Specials released

Because people will ask, yes, these are different from the originals. HD versions coming soon!

Decade 30 special

Decade 31 special

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Release 2400: Kamen Rider Den-O Talk Show

Yes! 3 years in the making, going through 3 timers and typesetter and karaoke makers, we've finally got this show done!

About the show itself, we've got singing, dancing, seiyuu, and stunt suit actors. If you're a Kamen Rider fan, you don't want to miss this

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KRW 32 and HP 29 released

KRW 32 released For some reason, not all of Philip's original pics showed up properly. Anyway, this time, have some of Ryuu's actor


Healing Princess 29 released

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