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Eternal HD issues?


Eternal has TWO audio tracks. The regular and the commentary one. If you're using a program that plays both tracks at the same time, then maybe it's time to download a new video player. My favorite player is GOM player, but there's certainly other options. A new encode that removes the commentary track will not be released, since this is an issue on your end.

I will encode a new Gokaiger 5 HD that will trim the audio. I personally don't think anyone will notice any differences, but doing a new encode will fix any issues that people may have with it.

Kamen Rider Eternal HD released

Fire gurlFire gurlTakanashi Rin

There's the HD version

So here's our heroines for this movie. Takanashi Rin (ShinkenPink) also appears in the music video for this movie.

I also completely forgot that we have some other guest actors. There's also Tomita Shou who was AbareBlue:


And we also have Hitomi Sanae who was the stunt woman for yellows from Boukenger to Go-Onger, plus ShinkenPink (it's a reunion of the ShinkenPinks!) annnnd she was Heat Dopant (it's a W reunion!) plus she was Fire-3 From Rescue Fire. Good to see her in an unmasked role:

Hitomi Sanae

Kamen Rider Eternal SD and takenoko cut released


And the SD includes the music video for Cod-E, the movie's ending song.

If you read my post, you'll see that I wasn't really happy about the premise of the story. Just too many contradictions within the plot and stuff. So... I recut the movie and changed the premise. And you can download my version if you want.

HD version will be released once the SD version is seeded.

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Kamen Rider Agito 04 released

Akiyama Rina

Oh yeah, a young Akiyama Rina is in this show too. At this point, you guys probably know her better as Naomi, the train lady from Den-O. Sort of like how younglings are more familiar with the Star Wars prequels instead of the originals. It makes me so mad!!!

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Heh heh heh

Agito 02 released

Gokai will be a bit delayed this week, so have some more Agito.

So what's the deal with Agito and Kuuga? Why do they look so similar? Why do they keep referring to terms from Kuuga?

I think Decade explained this best. The story of Agito takes place in a world which seems very similar to Kuuga's world, but is actually completely independent. While they use some terms that are very Kuugaish, you'll note that they never mention Kuuga or Grongi. In fact, if you pay attention to the dates, there is no way that Agito and Kuuga can coexist, because their timelines wouldn't match up.

The explanation that I hear for this is because they wanted to do more Kuuga, so Agito started off as a pseudo-sequel. But beyond the first few episodes, you'll note that they never really mention anything Kuuga related again.

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OOO 46 SD released


And Junction 7 too

Taihan 大半 【たいはん】 (n) majority, mostly, generally, (P)
From the kanji for "big" and "half". When I first saw this I thought it just meant half.

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Kamen Rider Agito 01 released and splash requested

Kamen Rider Genealogy

That's episode one..

So it's the same deal with TimeRanger. I could really use some splashes for Agito as well. For TimeRanger, please make the resolution 640x480. For Agito, the encodes will be 720x404. If you want to future proof it, maybe make it 1280x720. E-mail them to me or post them on the forum thread would be best.

OOO 13-19 and Movie Core HD released


I guess he's calling her Anko. Don't know who she is.

Edit from KR Fia and a couple other people:

She's Sakura Kyouko (佐倉京子) fromPuella Magi Madoka Magica. Before her debut in the series, fans used to mispronounce her name as "Anko" instead of "Kyouko".

Kamen Rider OOO 45 SD released


OOO 45

Edit, if you like this picture, check out some of the other work this artist has done.

Gokko ごっこ (n-suf) something done together, game of make-believe
No kanji this time, which is unusual. You'll usually hear this as stuff like "Mama gokko" which would be the equivalent of "playing house".

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