Where in the world is Wakana-hime?



Bad news for fans of Healing Princess. This message was posted on their website:

Notice of Show Cancellation

Dear listeners, I'm sorry to tell you this.

As you see, this week's radio show isn't recorded. With 2 weeks of no shows, Wind Wave had to make a decision. Thank you for supporting the show for its run of over half a year.

We're sorry Wakana-hime isn't here to do an official last episode.

If Wakana-hime appears before you again, please give her your support.

Finally, thank you for all your support so far. We hope you continue to listen to Wind Wave.

Dai 21 released

Dai 21 released

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Also, this is a pretty awesome DaiRanger page. It's full of icons, animated gifs and stuff. Check it out:


Kamen Rider W 38 and Toy Cm's 2 released. No Healing Princess, read on for more info

And now I know my A, B, C's...

W 38 released

W CM pack 2. And Nin Riser too

Also, no Healing Princess last week. This was posted on the webpage instead:

We apologize, but there is no "Wakana's Healing Princess" this week.

We haven't been able to contact Sonozaki Wakana or her manager, so we weren't able to do a recording this week.

We're checking with her agency currently

We will keep trying to contact Wakana-chan so that we can bring you Wakana-hime's cheerful voice

Please keep supporting Sonozaki Wakana-chan and "Sonozaki Wakana's Healing Princess"

Also, no W this week.

Ganbaride and Dice-O Review

Our field reporter in Japan has done a video review of Ganbaride and Dice-O. Let's check it out! (Note that these are movies uploaded to Photobucket)

Opening movie

Ganbaride Game 1 | Ganbaride Game 2 | Ganbaride Game 3
Dice-O Game 1
|          Dice-O Game 2

Ganbaride EX Special Stage

Forum thread

Why honorific thingies?

Phoenix created an interesting post regarding the usage of honorifics in our subs.                   Read it and tell us what you think.

Lamentations, no W on June 13

That'll be next week's episode. We'll probably release last week's later today and this week's sometime in the next week. The thread

Need help subbing Winspector

So I'm picking up these DVDs. I don't know anything about the series, but it looks kind of cool. Unfortunately, we really don't have the staff to take on another project. So we're reaching out to the community for some help on this one.


We can probably provide the timing, and QC. Maybe the typesetting and karaoke too. But we could really use a translator and maybe a typesetter/karaoke person.

Fair warning, if you join us you're probably going to need to do some actual work for us. I'm only saying this (not to disparage these guys, but this is the truth) because we've had 3-4 people volunteer to translate for GameCenter CX and they all eventually quit before turning in any work. You know, those are weeks/months that we could have spent actually working on the show instead of waiting around to see if the new guy will pull through.

So if you're volunteering, know your availability and capabilities. For now, volunteer or send contact info to the e-mail address in the links above. If you can introduce us to a translator, that's helpful too.



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