I need a pre-timer for Princess Jellyfish

You can adjust the captions or give me a blank to fill in, whatever works. Contact me if you're interested.

KyuuRanger 45 + CM + Junctions released

Not sure why the KyuuRangers look like they're about to die in those pictures.

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Announcement: We're subbing the Princess Jellyfish drama

We haven't worked on a drama in a while, but I quite like this manga series. Plus, it has Seto Koji (Kiva), Uchida Rio  (Kiriko), Izumi Rika (Mercury, and Kouta's older sister), and Kaname Jun (G3) as regulars. Should be fun!

The story is about otaku and crossdressing and being a virgin and finding a balance between socializing and your passions.

The first episode aired yesterday, so let's hope for a translation maybe next weekish?

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KR Decade 9v2 and 11 released also 1-11 batch too!

This is all I've got so far, hope to have more for you guys soon! Batch 1-11 is also out.

Edit: If you got on the 1-11 batch early, you might need to download the new torrent. The original had an extra unreleased copy of episode 6 in it that was wrong.

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The crests in Build



Hokuto is about “agriculture” hence the flower.

And Seito is about economics and military, hence the laurels and the coin behind the star.

So Touto is peaceful, hence the doves. But what’s the pattern that’s above them?


Not quite a Decade, but-

Kind of hijacked a thank you thread from Torchwood to describe how fansubbing has changed since 2009. You can read the same post in his thread:

God it's frightening to think that it's almost been 10 years. But thanks for the kind words, glad people are still checking out our stuff and liking it.

It's been cool to work on Decade again, because it makes you think about how much times have changed. At the time, we were finally getting HD raws and could finally release stuff in 720 resolution. We were still using xvid for at least the SD version of our releases. We didn't have a wiki yet, so if you wanted to see the list of releases, all we had was a spreadsheet with all the files in one big list.

http://kitsunekko.net/ has been a great resource for fansubbers. Those guys putting up captions allows us to double check our work. Not having to struggle to figure out a pronunciation or filter out explosions and background noise during translation is a BIG DEAL.

A few years after Decade people started putting up ts files, which are basically the raw broadcast of the shows in Japan. It's like the highest quality video source you can get for a TV broadcast without it being Blu-ray. And we were able to set up our own equipment to capture it eventually. The nice thing about a ts is that it also contains the captions screens, so we were able to incorporate that data into our weekly translations, once we were able to start capturing ts files ourselves. A big thanks to our Japan crew for their help in that.

Blu-rays are becoming more prominent. They're not as easy to rip as DVDs, but there's tools for that as well.

Typesetting is getting even better and crazier. People using assdraw to do really detailed logos and other effects. People using karaoke and programming to do other crazy effects. It's just amazing what people can do nowadays.

We've gained a lot of tools when it comes to fansubbing, and it's just really cool and fun to use them in this anniversary show that itself was a turning point for how we did our work.


KR Decade 8v2 and 10 released

"lol the decade torrent section is a mess 1, 2, 5, 6, 3 4 7, 9, 8, 10"

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Sorry, everyone!

Rider Club Radio

" Check out my monthly tokusatsu podcast Rider Club Radio! I made these neat wallpapers for it. "


KyuuRanger 44 + CM + Junctions released

I guess I didn't realize how big his shoulder pads were... That'll poke a guy's eye out!

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Kamen Rider Build 17 Released!


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KR Decade Blu-ray 09 released

Whoops, skipped a day.

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KR Decade Blu-ray v2 for 03, 04, and 07 released

7 was missing a line that got moved off screen while I was editing it. Whoops! So here's a v2 for 3, 4, and 7.

Cover Your Man Hole (with a T-shirt)!

I've been intrigued by Japanese manhole covers since that one episode of Garo, and it looks like I'm not the only one. Japan has some of the most colorful, most intriguing covers for their manholes (no way to say that without sounding perverted, is there?) that you can imagine. So here's your chance to get a little bit of that beauty (and weirdness) for yourself for a pretty reasonable price. These guys are collaborating with regional governments to bring you the best of the best of manholes, so give their kickstarter a look and share!

Check it out here!

As for Decade

More's coming out, I promise!

There's also going to be a v2 for episodes 3 and 4 for some typos and stuff. If you catch a mistake, alerting me as soon as possible is best (Preferably before I delete the current Blu-ray rip, since those take up a large space on the harddrive).

KR Amazons Season 1 1080p Blu-ray release

Wondering where's Decade? I need a break to clear out the distro folder for...











Kamen Rider Amazons Season 1, Blu-ray version! The original release was just 720p, so please enjoy this great series in 1080p. If you missed this dark series the first time, or just need a break for Toei's current Rider/Sentai offering, check it out!

Did you miss this series the first time? Here's the Blu-ray version!

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