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Wakusaver 06 Summary

Sooooo episode 6, the hour long 60 dollar movie/episode has far more explicit content than first assumed (like, 95% of new footage is all nsfw). There also seems to be an actually fairly competent content ID system used to identify any pirated material, making us leery of releasing even the sfw bits. To that end, I have written a brief summary of the main points of the episode, available to read on the forums.

Wakusaver 06 Summary NSFW!!

Kamen Rider Saber 28v4.1 released!



Are you tired of recap episodes in your favorite series? Irritated by endless useless footage that you've seen already, or explanations you had 20 episodes ago?

Rejoice, for we have for you this clipless-clip show episode! Enjoy not seeing all those scenes again and thrill in our 100% accurate, totally serious, no-money-back-guaranteed Kamen Rider Saber 28 version 4.1!

Watch it or we tell Tassel where you sleep

Tell us why Tassel's eyes bore into your soul here

Kamen Rider Saber 05 Released


Saber says wash your damn hands.

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Kamen Rider Saber 02 Released!

Power up!

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Forum Profile Options Changed

In a change that was frankly long overdue, there is no longer a boolean checkbox for male/female for forum profiles. It has been changed to an optional field to chose gender to display on your profile. New users can fill this out when registering a forum account, current users will need to edit their profiles for these new options to show up.

Ame Talk Unathletic Comedians Awards Released!

Yes, it's time for another rare foray into the world of variety TV! And this time we've got the incredibly popular Ame Talk Unathletic Comedians in a special compilation of some of their greatest flops!

This is a full 102 minutes of comedians trying their absolute best at different sports and failing utterly, miserably, in increasingly ridiculous and embarrassing ways. Give it a watch, you'll be sure to love it! You might even see a famous Rider!

And in addition to the usual SD/720/1080 versions, there's also a 60 fps 1080 version for those of you who can play it!

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Mashin Sentai Kiramager Kirameki Movie Volume 2 v4.1

Kiramei Gold?!

So yeah, screwed up a lot, so many mistakes. Go ahead and watch the regular version to see what all we changed for this new version. It's much better, I swear!

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Kishiryuu Sentai Ryusoulger 48 Finale+Que Bom Dances Released!

And that's a wrap on this series until the inevitable teamup movie.

Love it or hate it? Vote in the series discussion thread.

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Kishiryuu Sentai Ryusoulger 47 Released!

The rabbit hole isn't that deep.

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Kishiryuu Sentai Ryusoulger 46 Released


Incidentally the titles are -

Koh - Endless Fire (unimaginative)
Melto - Merge (uhhh?)
Asuna - Tokimeki✰Mighty Girl (in case you forgot she's female)
Towa - Like the Gale (cause his schtick is wind and he's sticking with it)
Bamba - Daybreak Road (okay kinda cool)
Canalo - If We Meet in Dreams (predictable)

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Kishiryuu Sentai Ryusoulger 45 Released!

This episode has one redeeming feature and it's shirtless Bamba.

More please.


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Kishiryuu Sentai Ryusoulger 44 Released! (and movie v2)

I'm sparing you but there were THREE Super Sentai Party commercials in the episode this week.

Takenoko accidentally put the effect images in the wrong folder when encoding the movie so the efffects were all wrong. No dialogue has changed so if you don't care about effects then just keep the version you have.


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Kishiryuu Sentai Ryusoulger 42 Released!

Boy what a loveable and engaging and totally plot-relevelant character Ui is, I sure hope she appears for many more episodes to come.

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Mashin Sentai Kiramager Trailer

I have a jewel. I have a magic. UNHHHHH Kiramager~

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Kishiryuu Sentai Ryusoulger 41 Released!

Save the cheerleader. Save the world.

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Ryusoul 40 SDv2

I wasn't paying attention and used the wrong audio file. HD and 720 are unaffected

Kishiryuu Sentai Ryusoulger 40 Released!


Ḫ̴̺͙̠̜̝̪̖̩̹͚̮̮̾͒̈́̃́̀͛́̌̏̕ͅͅá̴̹̥̐͗̌̈́̽̄i̶̧̗͈̖͕̙̯͑̈́̆̌̋̿̀̆ͅͅl̸͎̹͔̖̼̼̯̳̓̈́̎̇̒̈́̑̂̈́̄ͅ ̴̨̨̛͔̜͎̺̬̠͓̰̻͕̲̜̝̱̽̋̌̑́S̵̮͇͍̉̐́̍ą̶̡̧̹̠̰̯̯̥̟̬̲͉̲̉͐͑̽͂̀͝t̵͍̝̽̽̔̀̓̔͛͗̐̊̕ą̸̨̘̠͎͔͎̠̝̦͈̻̫̬͉̖̏̐n̴̹̜̳͂͋͜




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