KR 555 20th Paradise Regained + Murder Case 2

If you missed the murder case part 1, look back to earlier in the year!

Paradise Regained: Thread / Wiki

Murder Case The Solution: Thread / Wiki

Yes... it's 2003 again...

Abaranger 20th v2

Karaoke was bugged

Abaranger 20th

Remember Abaranger?

Edit: v2 coming. op karaoke is broken

Thread / Wiki

KR Outsiders forum created

It includes the Genms stuff too! All batched together!

Outsiders forum

Motohashi Yuka/YellowRacer passes away at 46

She recently appeared as one of the villains in DonBrothers. Apparently the cause of death was cancer diagnosed in 2021.


Japanese Commercials for May 26th

No kids allowed!

Gotchard 37: Thread / Wiki

Bunbam 13: Thread / Wiki

Japanese Commercials for May 12th released

"I see your schwartz is as big as mine"

Gotchard 35: Thread / Wiki

Boonboomger 11: Thread / Wiki

v2 for Gotcha 34 and Gotchanime 01

Batched with CM and Sister's Project too, so all your Gotchard this week in one package!

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