KR Geats Anime 05-06 Catchup!


With the holidays, I hadn't even realized that 5 came out at the end of December. When's 7 coming out?

Anime 05 Thread

Anime 06 Thread

King-Ohger 50 v2 post up

It's hard to copy and paste sometimes!

King-Ohger 48 post up

Always sad when you realize the show is ending. Anyway, putting up the series thread, because I like getting the discussion going in preparation to reacting to the ending

Series discussion thread and poll

Thread / Wiki

Gotchard 22 Thread

I think it's cool that Alisa hangs out with Kanon. King later, it'll be worth the wait!

Thread / Wiki

Garo Yami wo Terasumono 05 released

Just kidding, it's Hagane wo Tsugumono. Hey those names rhyme. 10+ years of Ryuuga, right?

Thread / Wiki

Garo Hagane wo Tsugumono 03 v3 released (but just for 720 version)

Looks like the first two versions of the 720 weren't actually 720p. So this should fix that awful stretching.

Another v2

Looks like I made some mistakes editing in the feedback. Sorry! Was hoping for no v2 this week too.

Japanese Commercials for February 4th

Rinne the horse girl Rider

Gotchard 21: Thread / Wiki

King-Ohger 47: Thread / Wiki

Garo Hagane wo Tsugumono 04 released

Did you remember to make money today?

Thread / Wiki

Kamen Rider 555 murder mystery: The Problem

After DonBros,I guess we're letting Inoue do whatever wacky thing he wants, huh?

Thread / Wiki

Garo Hagane wo Tsugumono 03 v2 released

At least v2s give me a chance to go through my pics. Check out the snail design from last week's Horror


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