Kamen Rider Revice

Hey remember Kamen Rider Revice?

Batch released for the commercials we subbed for it

Forum / Wiki

v2's incoming

So we recently did the terrible thing of updating our software (never do that). This made some of our releases incompatible with TVs and stuff. So expect some v2's of our releases from the last two weeks in our usual places. Thanks and appreciate everyone's patience with this!

Japanese Commercials for Sunday Aug 7th released

If you downloaded earlier and the number was off for Don, I accidentally used last week's number, that's why. It's been fixed though.

Don 23: Thread / Wiki

Revice 47: Thread / Wiki

Japanese Commercials for Sunday July 31st released

Was distracted yesterday watching Paper Girls. Good show if you like teens dealing with weird sci-fi stuff

Don 22: Thread / Wiki

Revice 46: Thread / Wiki

Revice series discussion thread

W Fuuto PI discussion thread

No commercials this week

Yeah sad. Working out the kinks of the new computer. At least we can still discuss the episodes

DonBro 20: Discussion Thread / Wiki

Revice 44: Discussion Thread / Wiki


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