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Japanese Commercials for May 12th released

"I see your schwartz is as big as mine"

Gotchard 35: Thread / Wiki

Boonboomger 11: Thread / Wiki

v2 for Gotcha 34 and Gotchanime 01

Batched with CM and Sister's Project too, so all your Gotchard this week in one package!

KR Legend 33 and Bunburnger 09. Sisters Project 3-4 too!

Gotchard 33: Thread / Wiki

Incomplete Sisters Project 03: Thread

Incomplete Sisters Project 04: Thread

BoonBoom 09: Thread / Wiki

v2 for this week's eps

Looks like there's something wrong with my harddrive so the encodes were messed up

Japanese Commercials for April 14th

Man I need some Boom Boom pics!

Gotchard 31: Thread / Wiki

Bam Bang 7: Thread / Wiki

I might have been discombobulated when I posted the torrents, so if you use a RSS feed auto downloader and stuff got messed up, apologies! To be fair, it's pretty amazing that I messed it up as badly as I did. Like it was some pretty confused work.

KR Gotchard 30 v2

Japanese Commercials for April 7th

Girls Gotcha Flower Viewing

Gotchard 30: Thread / Wiki

Boonboomger 06: Thread / Wiki

Japanese Commercials for March 24th

And when the world most needed him, the avatar was nowhere to be found

Gotchard 28: Thread / Wiki

Boonboomger 04: THread / Wiki

Gotchard 22 Thread

I think it's cool that Alisa hangs out with Kanon. King later, it'll be worth the wait!

Thread / Wiki


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