bakuage sentai boonboomger

Japanese Commercials for April 14th

Man I need some Boom Boom pics!

Gotchard 31: Thread / Wiki

Bam Bang 7: Thread / Wiki

I might have been discombobulated when I posted the torrents, so if you use a RSS feed auto downloader and stuff got messed up, apologies! To be fair, it's pretty amazing that I messed it up as badly as I did. Like it was some pretty confused work.

Boonboom 06 v2

Japanese Commercials for April 7th

Girls Gotcha Flower Viewing

Gotchard 30: Thread / Wiki

Boonboomger 06: Thread / Wiki

Japanese Commercials for March 24th

And when the world most needed him, the avatar was nowhere to be found

Gotchard 28: Thread / Wiki

Boonboomger 04: THread / Wiki

Boonboom 03 v2

Changed the wrong line and broke an effect. Some other tweaks too!

Boom Boom so good it needs a v2

For the 720p! Fonts were missing!

Boonboomger 01 v2

Weird video glitches!

Japanese commercials for March 3rd

Boonboomger 01: Thread / Wiki

Why it should be Boomboomger

Edit: 1080 has issues, check back soon

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