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Gotchard 43 v2

Who's fetish is this?

v2 for a couple mistakes!


Boonboomger 19 thread

Wait, is that who I think it is?

Thread / Wiki

Transformers Galaxy Force batched

Hey, maybe I had some bonus stuff that I don't think we've released before added to this. Now if only Toei would stop putting out so much stuff so I can redo Super Link and Galaxy Force someday...

Forum / Wiki

Kiramager rebatched

Now with Zenkai VS and all the Yodonna. A true batch

Forum / Wiki

Japanese Commercials for June 30th released

GOtchard 42: Thread / Wiki

Gotchanime 02: Thread

Hades Sisters Incomplete Project 06: Thread

With one or two months left, here's the Gotchard full series thread

Boonboomger 18: Thread/ Wiki

Japanese Commercials for June 23rd released

Gotchard 41: Thread / Wiki

Also check out the full Takahashizu comedy act from ep 30, subbed by Ruffinn

Boonboomger 17: Thread / Wiki

KR 555 20th Paradise Regained + Murder Case 2

If you missed the murder case part 1, look back to earlier in the year!

Paradise Regained: Thread / Wiki

Murder Case The Solution: Thread / Wiki

Yes... it's 2003 again...

Abaranger 20th v2

Karaoke was bugged

Abaranger 20th

Remember Abaranger?

Edit: v2 coming. op karaoke is broken

Thread / Wiki

KR Outsiders forum created

It includes the Genms stuff too! All batched together!

Outsiders forum

Kamen Rider Outsiders ep.5 v2



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