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Encoding changes for the new year

I'm thinking of releasing the 1080p releases in x265 format next year, keeping the 720p as h264, and dropping the SD

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Japanese Commercials for December 17th released

"I found something more bulky than my chest thingy!"

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Why I pirate

I watched Suzume earlier this year in theaters and really enjoyed it, but when I heard Crunchyroll was releasing the BLu-ray, that really doused any interest in purchasing it. I don't like Crunchyroll as a company, and I have all these options to just pirate it on Nyaa, so why not?

I own the special edition for Your Name (which I think has a encoding error that has a bunch of visual bugs when you watch it) ((I asked Amazon about it and they told me to contact the original company to deal with it)) and the only reason I bought Weathering With You special edition was because it was on sale (watched that with a friend, that one was great)

But a localized anime on Blu-ray can feel like a real roll of the dice in terms of quality. I watched Castle in the Sky from G-Kids yesterday, hoping they had fixed the script with all the little lines that are missing. Nope, it's still got points where someone's saying Sheeta or something and there's something not down there. Maybe okay quality expectations for the 90s, but not in the 2000s!

And so many people work on translations even within the same company. Who knows who you're getting for some of these. When I saw A Boy and the Heron, I thought the script for it was pretty good for the most part. The one thing that really stuck out to me was all the grannies referring to Mahito as "Sonny" for "bocchama". That's super weird and casual, considering the term is usually used by servants to talk about the children of their employers. I usually see bocchama translated as "young master". Having these old ladies just going "hey, sonny" changes the nature of the relationship between the grannies and the kid

The real horror story I heard this year was the Shin Ultraman theatrical release that I went to (which had problems of its own) apparently has a terrible Blu-ray release that didn't even use the same script as a base

The honorofic and westernized naming stuff I've let go by the roadside, since I can't expect the industry to cater to my weeb preferences. But I think there's a definite question of lack of quality control for localized anime/toku that should be considered. These guys are paid to put out a professional release. I feel like customers should at least get subtitles that are all there and relatively accurate to the original text, even if it has to be localized to appeal to a larger western audience

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Garo Jackets!

I want!

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Kamen Rider Geats Anime 04

Do your thumbs up!

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Where is Sabi?

So here's something that Luna noticed. In the captions that air with Gotchard on TV-Asahi, the Sabi part of Sabimaru is always missing.

This is how it's supposed to look. First two kanji are his family name Tsuruhara. And then last two are for his given name, Sabimaru

But here's how the captions present his name:

The very first instance even. You can see that his name has gone from 4 kanji to 3. And whenever it's just Sabimaru or Sabimaru-sempai, it's all become Maru and Maru-sempai

Sabi 錆
I mean, it's a pretty complicated kanji. Maybe it has trouble displaying or it's an encoding issue? Could this be some sort of shorthand on the captioners part? Is it possible that the person who does the caption just made the mistake through this whole show? Seems like someone would have caught it at this point. I dunno. It's weird, what do you guys think is going on?

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Plug: Fundraising drive for the TransActive Gender Project

Podcast network Duckfeed TV are hosting a fundraising marathon Dec 1-3 for the TransActive Gender Project. Check it out:


Gokkan No Rita Chapters 6-9 and Promo video

Hey check out this manga I've been reading. It's on multiple platforms and comes with a promo video too!

Chapters 2-3 discussion

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King-Ohger 38 v2

Editing is hard!

Japanese Commercials for November 19th and 26th released

Klotho's costume design

Big thanks to HWC and friends for helping to provide commercials for last week's Gotchard and King!

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Donbrothers VS Donburis discussion thread!

What do you take to a donburi war?

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King-Ohger 37 v2

Quick v2 to fix a typo!

Japanese Commercials for November 19th not released

Not sure what happened, but our capper and backup failed so we can't do the commercials this week. Sorry! It's a disappointment for us too. But at least we can talk about the episodes, right?

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KRDL in financial trouble?

If you guys are familiar with KRDL, they host some of our files over on their site. Apparently they need money for their server cost. If you can help them out, that'd be great!

Japanese Commercials for November 12th released

"I heard you were looking for a husband"

Gotchard 10: Thread / Wiki

King-Ohger 36: Thread / Wiki

We're also delighted to have another bonus from Ruffinn Kein! The King-Ohger cast does their best Moffun impression. Who will win? If you enjoy that, please check out their YouTube channel for more!

Donation Drive complete!

We were asking for $653.68 and we got $657.99! You guys gave us $4 too much!

Thank you to everyone who donated this year! Thank you to the staff behind the scenes who work on the subs, keep this site up, check the scripts for mistakes, and everyone who help TV-Nihon that I've forgotten to mention!



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