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Japanese Commercials for January 15th released

Why does this look like a photo from 20 years ago?

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Nostalgia Ranger/Rider toy discussion thread

Pretty fun thread since I don't always pay attention to the merch. Check out HowlingSnail's review in particular

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Watch out for suspiciously cheaper Gunpla and Rider Belts in the Bay Area

<|discord|> <Lunagel> https://twitter.com/Cosmikaizer/status/1614207503381987328
<|discord|> <Lunagel> Apparently the thieves stole Rider belts as well, so can we put out a front page bulletin warning people to be cautious of first-party sellers in the Bay area?

The Ryuki thing is seeded now

It'd help to point it at the right directory

Geats 17 v2

Because of nepo babies

Gokaiger Special Message 2022

Happy New Years everyone! So a little back story for this one:

I was approached with an opportunity to put a little T-N spin on a surprise message for a couple that was getting married. They had recorded a special message with Ozawa Ryota (Captain Marvelous) and Wakamatsu Toshihide (Black Condor) and wanted our subs and a splash on it to add to the surprise. Honestly, I think this is the coolest thing we've been allowed to be a part of.

The happy couple are Danny and Marisol Castellanos of "We The Geeks of East LA" on YouTube.
IG: @WeTheGeeksOfELA
IG: @surfrattsurfer
IG: @yournerdorkgeekgirlnextdoor

Send them your love and congratulations, but be cool. We're all just trying to celebrate each other's joy, so don't do anything weird or inappropriate.

Well, the wedding has happened, the video was played, and here's the results:

The reaction was great!
A huge chunk of the guests were friends, many of which are tokusatsu fans. The moment the file name showed up and the Gokaiger splash page showed up on the projector, they all started laughing.
Danny and Mari laughed as well, but the reception was fantastic. Thank you. ❤ They told me to convey their deepest gratitude to you.

All of the information I've relayed to you is public. No worries. You may post whatever you feel is appropriate.

Thank you again for letting TV-Nihon be a part of your special moment!

Discussion Thread

Gokaiger Special Message 2022

Gokaiger Special Message 2022

Kamen Rider Build

Remember kids, drink Pepsi.

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Japanese Commercials for December 25th released Shin

I woke up, walked the dogs, ate something, then went back to sleep

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