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King-Ohger 28 v3 released

Looks like I missed something else!

King-Ohger 28 v2 released

What if Morphonya's hair didn't go white from stress

Gotchard 02 & King-Ohger 28 commercials released

I am your final hope

KR Gotchard 02: Thread / Wiki

King-Ohger 28: Thread / Wiki

Ikeda Junya needs cheering up!

Our boy Ikeda Junya is feeling down! If you have some time, send some love and care his way


Forum thread

KR Geats 49 & King-Ohger 26 discussion!

Thank you for a great year, Kamen Rider Geats!

Geats Finale: Thread / Wiki

  Geats Series Discussion and Rating Poll Thread (Vote)

King-Ohger 26: Thread / Wiki

  Should it be Bugnaraku?? Thread

  So... is Bugnaraku a commentary on the treatment of Japan post-World War II? Thread

Japanese Commercials for August 20th released

Geats 48: Thread / Wiki

King-Ohger 25: Thread / Wiki (Bonus: Dance Batch 2)

King-Ohger 24 v2 released

Had to fix a typo!

Garo All Series Batch up

I don't know if there'll be any more Garo, but here's everything we've released so far. (If you already have some of these files downloaded, you might need to adjust the folder names. The files are organized by year now to make chronological viewing more easy)

Garo Series: Forum / Wiki

Japan World Heroes this weekend


Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger 20 years after

Stay tuned for #TV-Nihon 20 years after too!

Thread / Wiki

Shin Kamen Rider soft subs released

Did a translation and timing cleanup for this script. Only soft subs provided, you'll have to find your own source video

Discussion Thread / Wiki

Japanese Commercials for July 23rd released

Hey, why's that pose look familiar?

Thanks to Ruffinn Kein for the interview with Rita! If you want to see more clips like it, definitely check out their YouTube channel!

Thanks also to Yaiba for his work on the opening making-of

Geats 45 Thread / Wiki

King-Ohger 21 Thread / Wiki

Let's talk about Kamen Rider Revice the Mystery 01-05

Mystery 01: Thread / Wiki

Mystery 02: Thread / Wiki

Mystery 03: Thread / Wiki

Mystery 04: Thread / Wiki

Mystery 05: Thread / Wiki

Kamen Rider Saber rebatch

Thursday is the end of my work week, so I'm too tired usually to translate. But I've decided to make Thursday night the night I work to clean up the torrent files.

So if you see something that's missing or needs seeds, please post here

Also, if you're looking for something new to watch, check out our recommendation thread for past projects that might be worth checking out. You might find a hidden gem!


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