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Gotchard 22 Thread

I think it's cool that Alisa hangs out with Kanon. King later, it'll be worth the wait!

Thread / Wiki

Kamen Rider 555 murder mystery: The Problem

After DonBros,I guess we're letting Inoue do whatever wacky thing he wants, huh?

Thread / Wiki

Kamen RIder Geats Movie: 4 Aces and the Black Kitsune

Sorry it took so long to write this thread. Busy with holiday stuff, y'know

Movie discussion thread / Wiki

But I come bearing more presents! By which I mean, more discussion threads!

Let's talk about the full music videos

How about them Tiktoks?

Kamen Rider Geats Anime 04

Do your thumbs up!

Thread / WIki

KR Gotchard VS KR Legend 01

Decade, is that you?!

Thread / Wiki

Geats anime 02 v2 out

I blame these two!


Punk Jack discussion thread

Everyone's favorite Halloween-chan is back!

Discussion thread / Wiki

Watch out for Geats 34 spoilers

Someone leaked the episode!


Crayon Shin-chan x Shin Kamen Rider Collab released

Thanks to Howling Wolf & Chelsea for doing the majority of the work on this episode


Geats 27 v2

Nostalgia Ranger/Rider toy discussion thread

Pretty fun thread since I don't always pay attention to the merch. Check out HowlingSnail's review in particular

Discussion Thread

Geats 17 v2

Because of nepo babies


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