Kamen Rider

Gotchard 43 v2

Who's fetish is this?

v2 for a couple mistakes!

KR 555 20th Paradise Regained + Murder Case 2

If you missed the murder case part 1, look back to earlier in the year!

Paradise Regained: Thread / Wiki

Murder Case The Solution: Thread / Wiki

Yes... it's 2003 again...

v2 for Gotcha 34 and Gotchanime 01

Batched with CM and Sister's Project too, so all your Gotchard this week in one package!

KR Gotchard 30 v2

Kamen Rider Geats Another Grand Prix Anime 07-08

Eight's the last one! It was short, but sweet!

Anime 7 thread

Anime 8 thread

Anime Wiki

KR Geats Anime 05-06 Catchup!


With the holidays, I hadn't even realized that 5 came out at the end of December. When's 7 coming out?

Anime 05 Thread

Anime 06 Thread

Gotchard 22 Thread

I think it's cool that Alisa hangs out with Kanon. King later, it'll be worth the wait!

Thread / Wiki

Kamen Rider 555 murder mystery: The Problem

After DonBros,I guess we're letting Inoue do whatever wacky thing he wants, huh?

Thread / Wiki

Kamen RIder Geats Movie: 4 Aces and the Black Kitsune

Sorry it took so long to write this thread. Busy with holiday stuff, y'know

Movie discussion thread / Wiki

But I come bearing more presents! By which I mean, more discussion threads!

Let's talk about the full music videos

How about them Tiktoks?

Kamen Rider Geats Anime 04

Do your thumbs up!

Thread / WIki

KR Gotchard VS KR Legend 01

Decade, is that you?!

Thread / Wiki

Geats anime 02 v2 out

I blame these two!



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