Kamen Rider 555

Kamen Rider 555 murder mystery: The Problem

After DonBros,I guess we're letting Inoue do whatever wacky thing he wants, huh?

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New polls! MegaRanger, Cutie Honey, Akazukin, 555


Master Poll

Poll will run for 2ish weeks or until I remember to check it.

Surprised we hadn't done 555 yet. That one should be great.

Oh, and if you made it this far, we've got MegaRanger VS CarRanger in qc now. So Mega's not over yet! Not yet, Snake!

9-1-3 Day Henshin


It’s 9-1-3 day again~

Let’s all give thanks for the blessing given to us by the golden prince himself. Now with merch!


Here's the thread from 2 years ago, how could we have missed it last year? What an oversight!

RIP Izumi Masayuki AKA Kiba Yuuji from 555


Looks like he died of some illness. He was 35.

We'll remember you as the fantastic actor who played a beloved role in 555.


555: Paradise Lost DC v2 released

Image source: http://prcm.jp/album/kaixa913/pic/15333714

What's old is new again. Enjoy the newly improved Director's Cut of Paradise Lost.

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Kamen Rider Faiz 33 DVD

In which Kusaka is an asshole and the belts are sluts.

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555 31 released

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