It's Valentine's Day, who are your favorite toku couples?

I mean besides Tarou and Sonoi. In no particular order:

*Garren and Sayoko
*Kenzaki and Hajime
*Sakura and Aguilera
*Reika and her brother
*Fuwa and Yaiba
*Date and Gotou
*Otoya and Yuri
*Kitaoka and Gorou-chan

Couples I hate
*Misora and Grease
*Hiiro and any woman
*Taiga and Nico
*Mach and Chase
*Mai and Kouta - Should be Mai and Baron
*Megumi and Ixa
*Anyone in Faiz with anyone else in Faiz

Couples I grudgingly accept:
*Shinnosuke and Kiriko - She could do better
*Ankh and Eiji

Couples that are oops incest:
*Philip and Wakana

Couples where half is an inanimate object:
*Beast and Mayonnaise
*Deneb and candy

You can yell at me about this list on this thread

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to staff and fans!

I hope you guys are having a good time during this holiday season!


Goodbye 2018 / Hello 2019

So what were your thoughts on the previous year? What are you looking forward to in the next?


Happy Halloween!

KR Ghost 23 v4.1 Released!

Whoops! Realized there were a massive amount of translating mistakes in episode 23 so here's version 4.1, it's much much better!

Thread / Wiki / Takenoko's Tumblr / Official Tumblr / Pixiv Artist


Happy Mommy Day!

Let's appreciate the mothers in toku, since they don't appear that often (compared to dads at least). And let's appreciate our own moms too.


Happy Chinese New Year!

Welcome to the Kingdom of the Ram!


Misc stuff rebatch

So a few days ago I was talking with someone who said some of our torrents had the DHT turned off. So we're redoing some of the torrents to make sure this feature is on. Hopefully this will make it easier for people to get our files.

You can read the conversation here.

This time we've got a bunch of misc. stuff. Mostly April Fool's Day stuff:

  • [T-N]Rolling_Bomber_Special[835D04C3]8th_Anniversary.avi
  • [T-N]Lost_Translator[47BC00F1].avi
  • [T-N]Kamen_Rider_W_28SD[20100401].avi (April Fool's Day version)
  • [T-N]Rockman_ZX_Trailer[34DE970F].avi
  • [T-N]DenAce2[EC2A2441].avi
  • [T-N]DenAce[E5C0646F].avi
  • [TN]New_Ultraman_Promo[1d19c909].avi

If you haven't seen this stuff before, grab it and check it out while it's seeded.


July 7 Tanabata Day!

It's Tanabata!

Man, I'm in the mood for rewatching Densha Otoko. Do we have any kind of talented people who'd want to edit the TV audio so that it matches the DVDs?

And would someone like to adjust the scripts to match the DVD version?

I also don't remember if I posted this pic, so I'm posting it here. Because I can! Huzzah!


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