Abaranger 20th

Remember Abaranger?

Edit: v2 coming. op karaoke is broken

Thread / Wiki

Yodonna the Final

Yes, yes, thumbs up, you crazy bastard!

Not ready to talk about Sakamoto's contributions to Gotchard quite yet, so let's get into the final installment of Yodonna!

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Boonboom 06 v2

Boom Boom so good it needs a v2

For the 720p! Fonts were missing!

Boonboomger 01 v2

Weird video glitches!

Japanese commercials for March 3rd

Boonboomger 01: Thread / Wiki

Why it should be Boomboomger

Edit: 1080 has issues, check back soon

King-Ohger 50 v2 post up

It's hard to copy and paste sometimes!

King-Ohger 48 post up

Always sad when you realize the show is ending. Anyway, putting up the series thread, because I like getting the discussion going in preparation to reacting to the ending

Series discussion thread and poll

Thread / Wiki

Gokkan No Rita Chapters 6-9 and Promo video

Hey check out this manga I've been reading. It's on multiple platforms and comes with a promo video too!

Chapters 2-3 discussion

Chapters 4-5 discussion

Chapters 6-9 discussion

King-Ohger 38 v2

Editing is hard!

Moffun and Me 0002-3528

Boss, is that you?

There may be no episodes this week, but that doesn't mean there isn't stuff to talk about! Here's some more anime spinoff from toku!


King-Ohger 28 v3 released

Looks like I missed something else!

King-Ohger 24 v2 released

Had to fix a typo!


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