King-Ohger 48 post up

Always sad when you realize the show is ending. Anyway, putting up the series thread, because I like getting the discussion going in preparation to reacting to the ending

Series discussion thread and poll

Thread / Wiki

Gokkan No Rita Chapters 6-9 and Promo video

Hey check out this manga I've been reading. It's on multiple platforms and comes with a promo video too!

Chapters 2-3 discussion

Chapters 4-5 discussion

Chapters 6-9 discussion

King-Ohger 38 v2

Editing is hard!

Moffun and Me 0002-3528

Boss, is that you?

There may be no episodes this week, but that doesn't mean there isn't stuff to talk about! Here's some more anime spinoff from toku!


King-Ohger 28 v3 released

Looks like I missed something else!

King-Ohger 24 v2 released

Had to fix a typo!

Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger 20 years after

Stay tuned for #TV-Nihon 20 years after too!

Thread / Wiki

Don Yodon 3 v2

Version update: Don't add things last minute

King-Ohger v3 released

The release so nice we released it thrice

v3 patch notes: Changed the numbers' font, removed the s from Raiment, and rechecked the whole episode

DonBrothers series discussion and rating poll

DonBro series discussion and poll (spoilers allowed)

Master poll list

Some polls I only bothered to tally up recently:

Zi-O 2.54 (37 votes)
Zero-One 4.02 (43 votes)
Saber 3.09 (32 votes)
Revice 2.5 (22 votes)

Ryusoul 2.61 (36 votes as of 1/17/21)
Kiramager 4.5 (10 votes)
Zenkaiger 3.5 (22 votes)
DonBrothers Voting now


SWAT On DekaRanger live and Psychic Lover talk

A little something different today. We've got a clip from the Psychic Lover digest on YouTube. Guess what the topic is


Nostalgia Ranger/Rider toy discussion thread

Pretty fun thread since I don't always pay attention to the merch. Check out HowlingSnail's review in particular

Discussion Thread


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