Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger

Abaranger 20th v2

Karaoke was bugged

Abaranger 20th

Remember Abaranger?

Edit: v2 coming. op karaoke is broken

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Does anyone have the Abaranger April Fool's video?

You've guessed it, I'm making a batch of our April Fools videos. Does anyone have the Abaranger one we did?

Deka VS Aba Blu-ray source

Just SD and HD720 versions, because the HD versions are just a bad rescale. I encoded a 1080 version just to see how it'd look and it was pretty bad. Makes sense considering the original was just a straight to VHS release, unlike the movies which probably had some higher quality source material for the Blu-ray process.

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Blizzard Megazord into Bakuren-Oh

Picture editor extraordinaire Ehmar shows you how to paint your Megazord.


Kyouryuuya Curry's connection throughout Sentai

A lot of the chart is just the advisors/mentors being regulars at the shop and knowing each other that way.

Also 2chan currently has a thread comparing American toys with their Japanese counter parts.

New series: Abaranger 01 released

So this has been going on in the background a while. We're proud to release the final part in our holy dinosaur trinity: Abarangers. We've totally talked to Ais from Skewed and have his blessings to go through with this project.

So please enjoy, and don't complain about how we should be working on our other projects!

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Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger 29 SD released



Isagiyoku 潔く 【いさぎよく】 (adv) bravely, manfully, (P)
Note who uses it and in what context.

About #TV-Nihon
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Gokaiger 18 HD released

JustwhatLuka looking at

Helllooo ladies
Hmmm, just what is Luka looking at? She doesn't look into the camera in any of the shots.

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