Go-Busters 38 released

What the hell happened to your faaaaaaaaaaace?!


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Kamen Rider Wizard 10 released

Thassa nice magic circle.

Wizard Dragonchest is back and he's burning up the competition!

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The Climax Never Ends (Fourze 31-32DC, Deleted Scenes, Evolvin' Storm) Released


Bunch of trivia in the forum thread since the wiki is down.

Items in the release this time are:

  • Climax Episode (Episodes 31-32 director's cut)
  • Deleted Scenes for episodes 21-22, 29-30
  • Evolvin' Storm Music Video

And yeah, we're working on Super Hero Taisen. Thank you for your patience. This is a big one.

Go-Busters 37 released

I guess Toyosaki Aki is the voice actress of the monster this week. (She's the giant on the far right)

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Wizard 9 released

The motherfucking Wizard is here!

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Anyone picking up Super Climax Heroes next week?

Who you gonna call? Go-Busters!

Happy Halloween guys! Go-Busters 35 released

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10th anniversary release: Kamen Rider Wizard 08


Kamen Rider Wizard 08 released!

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Speaking of Chou Climax Heroes...

Uchiyama Masato
We've got Kageyama back voicing TheBee...

Amano Kousei
Amano Kousei back voicing, of course, Garren. Nice hat.

Kiriyama Ren

And Kiriyama voicing W.

Mega Max DC Kitaaaa!


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10 days till our Tenth Anniversary, and we have nothing planned. We're probably just going to power through our back burner stuff and release that.

Gavan Crossover 32 released

Sorry for the late release this week. People busy with work and stuff.

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Episode Yellow 1080p version released

Father and daughter
Looks like this is Di End of the Den-O movies. I wonder what the other actors are doing. Like Airi's actress. What's she been up to lately?


Kamen Rider Wizard 05 Released

Apparently Medusa likes to hang out with Kaoru from Shinkengers.

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Chou Den-O Episode Blue Released

Long before she was a regular on Kamen Rider Wizard, Takayama Yuuko had a role in this Den-O movie. Wow, and here's some trivia. She was Omi Kei on Twin Spica, which also starred Nakamura Yuuichi/Yuuto who was Shu in that TV show.  So there's a connection between the leads of the Episode Red and Blue movies!


Episode Red 1080p released

What timing, considering Nakamura Yuuichi just retired. Anyway, here's a picture of Matsumoto Wakana (Airi) visiting the Japanese defense force.


Thank goodness it's Friday: Wizard 4 released

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Check out the thread to answer an unrelated poll about what race you are.

Kamen Rider Wizard 3 released

Where can I get me some posters like that?

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