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Japanese Commercials for February 26th released

Also the DonBrothers finale junction! Thanks for everything, DonBros!

Geats 24: Thread / Wiki

Don Finale: Thread / Wiki

DonBrothers series discussion and rating poll

DonBro series discussion and poll (spoilers allowed)

Master poll list

Some polls I only bothered to tally up recently:

Zi-O 2.54 (37 votes)
Zero-One 4.02 (43 votes)
Saber 3.09 (32 votes)
Revice 2.5 (22 votes)

Ryusoul 2.61 (36 votes as of 1/17/21)
Kiramager 4.5 (10 votes)
Zenkaiger 3.5 (22 votes)
DonBrothers Voting now


Japanese Commercials for February 19th released

Haruka wanders into her sister's world

Edit: Links fixed, thanks Resop

Geats 23: Thread / Wiki

DonBros 49: Thread / Wiki

v2 for DonBrothers 48

Two v2s in the same week, oh dear! This one corrects a translation error though. I'll just blame this on Sonoshi.

KR Geats 22 and DonBros 48 Discussion Threads

My friend is trying to figure out the Jamato language:

Jamato Language Thread

Geats 22: Thread / Wiki

DonBros 48: Thread / Wiki

Japanese Commercials for January 22nd released

Keiwa heard it was the year of the rabbit!

Geats 19: Thread / Wiki

DonBros 45: Thread / Wiki

Japanese Commercials for January 15th released

Why does this look like a photo from 20 years ago?

Geats 18: Discussion Thread / Wiki

DonBrothers 44: Discussion Thread / Wiki

Japanese Commercials for December 25th released Shin

I woke up, walked the dogs, ate something, then went back to sleep

Geats 16: Thread / Wiki

DonBro 42: Thread / Wiki


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