2023 Donation Drive

Ah yes, time to beg for money again!

Despite having a bonus 200 donation in January and some leftover from the last drive, with rising costs and a weaker (or stronger Euro? I can never keep track) we're looking for a goal of 653.68 this year. (Where did that 68 cents come from??)

I know we don't do much nowadays, but for some reason people keep giving us money to stay aloft. So thank you to anyone who can contribute!

The easiest way to donate is to hit the Donate button up top and send through Paypal.

21st anniversary reminders

Our stuff is supposed to be free! Ideally, don't pay for it!

Torrents: You can find most of our releases on our personal tracker. If not here, maybe some of our releases are on the Cat place. We highly recommend using a Seedbox to obfuscate your downloading habits.

Dropbox: If you have a Dropbox account, we can add you to our release folders (warning, can be big)

Other ways to get releases? If you look around, I'm sure there's other places archiving our files or streaming them somewhere.

We still talk about releases. Join our forums and talk about the latest toku release with us. The more the merrier!

We have a wiki! Sometimes there's cool trivia on it! It's also fun to see actor info and stuff

Gotchard wiki / King-Ohger wiki

#TV-Nihon turns 21!

TV-Nihon is 21 years old today

We made it! 21 years! We’re old enough to drink!

This group was formed in 2002 on the motto of fansubbing for fans by fans. We had worked on a lot of toku and anime shows over the years. Our aim was to provide a way for fans to access and watch these shows.

Although we do not do Toei shows anymore, we still hold discussion threads to the latest episodes. We also continue to work on subbing and releasing Japanese commercials weekly, and the occasional toku shows released by other companies like GIGA. Our releases will always be free for all and can be found on various torrent sites. We don't release on DVD or streaming, so please don't pay for that content.

Thanks to everyone who works with us current and past, and to all the fans who support us over the years. Hope everyone's is doing well and staying safe and healthy!

Stay tuned, we'll have some follow-up posts about how to download our content, the donation drive, and other things. But for now, please join us in celebrating on the forums!

Discussion Thread

Thank you to Toei for providing us with this official banner congratulating us for turning 21. We love you too!

#TV-Nihon 20th Anniversary

We made it! 20 years. Not much to be said that hasn't been said before, but thanks to everyone who works with the group, to the fans, and anyone I've overlooked. Stay healthy, take care of each other, and enjoy your lives!


#TV-Nihon turns 19 / Donation drive

Today #TV-Nihon turns 19. It's a bit of a bittersweet celebration considering that we're no longer working on the shows that made this site famous in the first place. But we've been working on GIGA toku and the jdorama Komi Can't Communicate. I subbed a few commercials in my free time too. So hopefully people are still enjoying the stuff that we are putting out. Thank you to everyone, both staff and fans, who are still sticking around with us today.

But we soldier on. And running the site costs money. For this year's donation drive, we're shooting for $980 dollars. This covers server costs, seedbox for seeding our torrents, buying materials, software licenses etc. We're hoping to upgrade the backend of our site too. I know it's been a rough couple of years, but we appreciate any kind of support you guys can give. Thanks!



On that day, February 13, 2011 at 7:30 A.M. Japan Standard Time, the space pirates have came to Earth.

Hi, guys. I just wanted to say it feels great to be back after 10 years of premiering Gokaiger on TV Asahi. And I think it's time to relieve the memories on the thread below. HADE NI IKUZE!

10th Anniversary Thread

Image source

#TV-Nihon turns 18 on October 22nd!

Yes, our little fansub group can now vote. Just in time!

Hopefully we'll have some cool bonus subs to download that day! Stay tuned!

TV-Nihon 17th anniversary and donation drive Pt 1!

Anniversary Thread (Sorry we're a week late)

Also, we're doing a donation drive in two parts this year. As we grow older, I'm realizing some of the staff are burdened with more and more financial hardships are our lives grow more complex. So normally the donation drive covers server costs, but this year, we're doing a drive first to cover materials and services that we pay for out of pocket. We'll have a server drive later when we find out how much it'll cost to maintain our server for another year.

For the materials and service drive, we're shooting for $500. So for transparency's sake:

  • 106 for the subscription to Toei Fanclub (this is where we get our video streams)
  • 140 for a group seedbox
  • 200 for purchasing Blu-rays
  • 54 for emergency purchases/things breaking, as is their wont

If you wish to donate, there's a donation link at the top. Someone already gave us $15 before we even announced the drive so thank you to that person. If you can afford to give, that's awesome. If you aren't, don't stress yourself about it. We want as many people as possible to enjoy our shows, that's why we keep it free.


#TV-Nihon is 16 years old today

Whoops! That was an anniversary that passed us by. Ummm... hurray, we outlived Dramafever at least, I guess?

15 year anniversary

Hurray! It's pretty surreal to think that we made it this far.

Of course, we would never had made it this far without the help of the staff past and present, the fans, and everyone else who has supported us.

Remember you can always visit us on IRC, Discord, or Slack. You can find links to that and other neat stuff on our wiki:

Finally, we could always use new people to work with us. Just send me a PM if you're interested and tell me what you can do and what you'd be interested in working on.


TV-Nihon turns 14 today

October 22nd, 2016. 14 years, almost 15!

What can I say at this point but thank you to all the T-N staff. This includes, but aren't limited to, all the people past and present who've helped us work on subtitling the shows, who've helped distribute them, who create our splash pictures at the start of the videos, who work on our wiki, who run our site, who participate in our chat, who host streams of our shows, who run our social media, who capture our raw footage from Japan, and probably a ton of other people that I'm just forgetting.

And of course, thank you to the fans. We appreciate all the nice things that you've said about us over the years. Thank you to the donators who help us cover the costs of running the site. Thank you to our unnoticed fans, who enjoy our shows, but don't really participate in the social aspect. Thank you to our critics for pushing us to always be better.

Looks like we made it up to 3891 releases this year. Almost 4000.

No special releases this year, unfortunately. But here's a plug for some random services that people might not know we offer:

Toku group showing stream - Zero's Friday stream, hang out in chat!
Chat  - Speaking of chat, you can always visit us and say hi in our main chat
Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter

I'm trying to set up a meet up for San Francisco in November. I always love meeting new people, so feel free to stop by and join us. Thread

Useful stuff on the wiki:
-If you want to comment on an episode, you can always look up the episode on our wiki, and on the far right, in the info box there's a link to the forum thread right there: Example:
-If you ever want to double check to see if you have all the files for a series, we keep a list on the series page:
-We try to keep pretty good lists on the wiki too:
-Trying to figure out what commercials were in the commercial pack that come with the episode? I try to keep a detailed list on the episode page:
-We have a calendar of sorts. Click the date to see who was born on that day:
-Waiting for a movie release? Check to see if it's been released on Blu-ray first before asking us to sub it:


#TV-Nihon 13th Anniversary: Tokusou Sentai DekaRanger 10 Years After

Can you think of a more perfect thing to release on this date? 13 for us, 10 for them. Hopefully no bad luck!

Thread / Wiki / Tumblr

Just plugging the eleventh anniversary batch again

Since I do want people to download this batch (I personally think it's super neat), here's some of the new stuff:

  • GenSeiShin JustiRiser CGI short movie
  • Mahou Sentai MagiRanger's junctions. Watching this is like watching a digest of the series. It covers a lot of stuff. Strange how Kamen Rider includes its junctions, but not Sentai (in general)
  • Zoids Genesis CGI bonus 1.
  • Kamen Rider Decade's junctions.

But in general, it's just really kind of amazing to look at the artistry with which the karaokes were made over the past 11 years. Especially early on, when all the special effects were written by hand. (With Aegisub you can automate the code generation to some degree).

I just think it's fun to see the older stuff in higher quality and a higher resolution. Even some of the relatively newer stuff like the Gokaiger endings noncredit versions are fun to watch, because there's so much detail within the video itself. Check it out yo!

Thread / Wiki

Kicking it up to 11! A TV-Nihon Anniversary

As some of you might recall, we didn't really do all that much for the 10th anniversary (plus we got the date wrong).

To rectify this, for the 11th anniversary I carried out what I was planning to do for the 10th anniversary. Which was to release a nicely done clip show of openings, endings, and other stuff that we've done over the past 11 years.

The batch file contains almost 100 files of cleaned up footage. I encoded them at a slightly higher bitrate, so it should look better than usual. For the 4:3 ratio videos, this will be the first time that they're being released in h264 format.

When it was available, I used footage that didn't have any credits on it. If there was HD footage, I think I tried to use that, but it's not super consistent. Unfortunately, I have no idea where a lot of files and source material went, so the batch doesn't contain everything. But it's a good representation.

My recommendation? Just dump all the files into GOM's library and set it to random. Then bask in nostalgia. If you're new to TV-Nihon's works, maybe this will be a good introduction to the different series?

Also, I had a nice Photoshop file for the pic that I'm using, with all the layers intact, and its original size, but apparently I didn't save the final product that way. So the JPG that's there now is all I have XD Also, AkibaRangers got put in the back by accident because I used a curly brace for T-N in the file name, so it was in the wrong place in the list.

Edit: Updated the thread with a spoiler tag containing the 93 files in the batch.

Edit edit: And of course, thank you to the best staff in the world. You guys help keep this engine running! And thanks to the fans as well! Your support is like the fuel for that engine.

Thread / Wiki

#TV-Nihon is 10 years old today.

Good job, everyone!

And what an amazing 10 years it has been. I remember how #TV-Nihon was started. Before torrents, IRC Chat was one of the best way to get fansubs. Anime was always pretty big, but there were a few channels devoted to Japanese drama and of course, I was in #Tokusatsu to get my fix of this obscure show, Dragon Knight Kamen Rider Ryuki.

I came in one day and found out that I had been kicked from the channel. "That's weird," I thought. And I either messaged ^Drax^ or he messaged me, and I found out that Kingranger and some other guys had moved the channel over to #TV-Nihon. Well, I still wanted to see Ryuki so I came along with the move. A little while later Shadowhunter started subbing Faiz and I started working on Machine Robo Rescue.

Our real big break was when we picked up the live Sailor Moon TV series. That got us a lot of attention from both an anime and toku crowd. It really was great for introducing anime fans to live people dressing up and fighting in special effects shows.

So good work to all the current staff. It's not always easy to do the work that we do, but we do it because, as fans, we do it because we have to. And a toast to all past members who are no longer with us. We couldn't have made it this far without you. And finally, thank you to all the fans. Like any community, we're nothing without you. I mean that sincerely. Fans are always helping us in so many inscrutable ways. They're the ones who create most of the splash pictures at the start of the videos, they help us build our wiki, visit our forums and facebooks, etc.

Since we were born on IRC, feel free to stop by and say "hi" using in-browser mibbit chat.

Or stop by our forum thread.

Go on an away mission with Google


Yeah, it's interactive. Go play with it!

Happy 46th anniversary, Star Trek!


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