Transformers Galaxy Force batched

Hey, maybe I had some bonus stuff that I don't think we've released before added to this. Now if only Toei would stop putting out so much stuff so I can redo Super Link and Galaxy Force someday...

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Transformers Victory batch released

The dragging of our feet to release 5000 continues! (Temper your expectations, release 5000 will be something simple)

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Transformers Masterfroce batch released

Join us with this blast from the past as we head on the road to release 5000! (Don't get your hopes up, 5000 will be a small release)

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Transformers The HeadMasters batch released

Since I think these aren't licensed anymore, here's the old subs we did for these back in the day. I didn't translate these and we don't own the DVDs so these are being released as-is. Will do MasterForce and Victory later on.

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Transformers Go! batch cleaned up

Got rid of redundant files in the Go! batch. Did you know the original batch has both the original and a v2 for episode 2? What was I thinking? Also, deleted the SD version if a HD version is available.

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Transformers Go! Shinobi 3-4 and Samurai 5-6 (and the rest) released

Surprise! Released the rest of the episodes for Transformers Go! The Youtube channel didn't air the rest of the episodes, so there's no HD versions of this episodes. We just used the DVDs that were kindly donated by Luna.

This batch contains all the episodes SD and HD. If you have a preference, please pick which episodes you prefer using your torrent client.

Shinobi 3 thread / wiki

Shinobi 4 thread / wiki

Samurai 5 thread / wiki

Samurai 6 thread / wiki

If you enjoyed this series, please check out Transformers Super Link and Transformers Galaxy Force. Both of those series are worth watching and we've got them both subbed. They're much better than the English dub versions.

Transformers Go Samurai 04 released

Super Hero Time may be on break, but we're not. Have some more releases before the year ends!

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Transformers Go! Samurai 1-3, Shinobi 1 HD 1080 v2 released

Version 2 released to fix frame drop issues in previous encodes. Special thanks to BF3000 for his encoding advice. Since the SD were encoded from the DVDs, they don't have this issue.

If TakaraTomy follows their past pattern, Shinobi Chapter 2 will be on their youtube in a couple days.

Transformers Go! Samurai 03 DVD version released

Looks like Japanese historical figures is the big theme of the series.

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Transformers Go! Shinobi 01/Samurai 02 released

More Transformers for you! From the DVDs. If more HD stuff appears on youtube or whatever, we'll release a HD version.

Shinobi Chapter 01 / Wiki

Samurai Chapter 02 / Wiki

TF Go! Samurai Chapter 01 HD released

They released it on youtube in HD so we're able to release a higher quality version. Enjoy!

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Optimus and Megatron Coins in New Zealand!


Cool right? Well, the catch is that they're over $200 and only worth $2 each. (Cue jokes about how it costs more than one cent to make a penny)

If you've got two brain cells working, you can see there's quite a disparity there. And apparently they're only legal tender on the island of Nieu to top it off XD. Ah well, it's nice to know that somewhere in the world, someone has Transformers coins that counts as real money somewhere.

More numbers

So yesterdayish I said that there was a major dip in Shinkenger episode 44. Someone on the forums pointed out that kids tend to be visiting temples on New Year's weekend. So I looked at the numbers for other series, and yup, series that air an episode on that weekend tended to be really low. (That probably explains why they skip broadcasting on those days or tend to make those episodes throwaway ones.)

That's what I love about finding out new stuff like that. One new fact can totally change how you perceive something. I genuinely think that the more you know, the more closer you come to seeing the world for how it really is.


So have a picture of Optimus Prime with a billion guns across his chest.


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