Gokkan No Rita Chapters 6-9 and Promo video

Hey check out this manga I've been reading. It's on multiple platforms and comes with a promo video too!

Chapters 2-3 discussion

Chapters 4-5 discussion

Chapters 6-9 discussion

King-Ohger 38 v2

Editing is hard!

Japanese Commercials for November 19th and 26th released

Klotho's costume design

Big thanks to HWC and friends for helping to provide commercials for last week's Gotchard and King!

Gotchard 12: Thread / Wiki

King-Ohger 38: Thread / Wiki


Inoue Masahiro talks Gotchard and Ikeda Junya thread

Bonus Tiktoks and Promos for King-Ohger thread

King-Ohger 37 v2

Quick v2 to fix a typo!

Japanese Commercials for November 19th not released

Not sure what happened, but our capper and backup failed so we can't do the commercials this week. Sorry! It's a disappointment for us too. But at least we can talk about the episodes, right?

Gotchard 11: Thread / Wiki

King-Ohger 37: Thread / Wiki

KRDL in financial trouble?

If you guys are familiar with KRDL, they host some of our files over on their site. Apparently they need money for their server cost. If you can help them out, that'd be great!

Japanese Commercials for November 12th released

"I heard you were looking for a husband"

Gotchard 10: Thread / Wiki

King-Ohger 36: Thread / Wiki

We're also delighted to have another bonus from Ruffinn Kein! The King-Ohger cast does their best Moffun impression. Who will win? If you enjoy that, please check out their YouTube channel for more!

Donation Drive complete!

We were asking for $653.68 and we got $657.99! You guys gave us $4 too much!

Thank you to everyone who donated this year! Thank you to the staff behind the scenes who work on the subs, keep this site up, check the scripts for mistakes, and everyone who help TV-Nihon that I've forgotten to mention!


KR Gotchard VS KR Legend 01

Decade, is that you?!

Thread / Wiki

Moffun and Me 0002-3528

Boss, is that you?

There may be no episodes this week, but that doesn't mean there isn't stuff to talk about! Here's some more anime spinoff from toku!


Wiki spambots

Hi! If you've applied to edit our wiki recently and got banned instead, lemme know. We've been getting spambots applying and so I've just been deleting them without thought


Support for the support guy

Just wanted to give a shout out to Q our support guy. He's been with us since we switched over to the new site and he's been the best. Fast and reliable, when the site went down a few weeks ago, he got it back up even though he was on vacation. Like the rest of us, he's also a volunteer, but I wish I could pay him a full time salary if I could

Anyway, poor guy caught Covid on his vacation, so let's all wish him a speedy recovery! He's the Q to our James Bond

Donation Drive update

I've entered all the numbers into the spreadsheet and sent out thank you e-mails, the new total is...


Just a bit more and we'll meet our goal! Thank you to everyone who has donate so far. It helps a lot to not have to pay for the server and other site related expenses out of pocket. (The number at the top will update when I e-mail the site admin. The slow updates are my fault!)

Japanese Commercials for Oct 29th released

I'm a few days behind on tallying the donation total. I'll try to get it updated after some Halloween stuff tonight

Gotchard 09: Thread / Wiki

King-Ohger 35: Thread / Wiki


Geats anime 02 v2 out

I blame these two!



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