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Japanese Commercials for March 12th released

Team Jamato

Kamen Rider Geats 26: Thread / Wiki

King-Ohger 02: Thread / Wiki

King-Ohger v2 released

Releasing a v2 to fix a translation mistake (and update the typesetting). I think everyone on the team knew something was wrong with the translation as it was, but couldn't figure out what was off.

The line that was wrong was Papillon's catchphrase. The Japanese phrase "Fudou wo tsuranuku" literally means "to pierce the unmoveable". What we all were missing was that tsuranuku has a third meaning "to stick with, to carry out, to maintain"

The new translation line is: "To remain steadfast..."

Japanese Commercials for March 5th released

All hail the king!

Geeeets 25! Thread / Wiki

King King Kinger 01: Thread / Wiki

Japanese Commercials for February 26th released

Also the DonBrothers finale junction! Thanks for everything, DonBros!

Geats 24: Thread / Wiki

Don Finale: Thread / Wiki

DonBrothers series discussion and rating poll

DonBro series discussion and poll (spoilers allowed)

Master poll list

Some polls I only bothered to tally up recently:

Zi-O 2.54 (37 votes)
Zero-One 4.02 (43 votes)
Saber 3.09 (32 votes)
Revice 2.5 (22 votes)

Ryusoul 2.61 (36 votes as of 1/17/21)
Kiramager 4.5 (10 votes)
Zenkaiger 3.5 (22 votes)
DonBrothers Voting now


Japanese Commercials for February 19th released

Haruka wanders into her sister's world

Edit: Links fixed, thanks Resop

Geats 23: Thread / Wiki

DonBros 49: Thread / Wiki

v2 for DonBrothers 48

Two v2s in the same week, oh dear! This one corrects a translation error though. I'll just blame this on Sonoshi.

Geats 22 v2

Happy Galentine's Day!

Is Tropey Toku "Bad?"

I thought Mxylv's thread posed an interesting questions, and wanted to promote it here

Forum thread

It's Valentine's Day, who are your favorite toku couples?

I mean besides Tarou and Sonoi. In no particular order:

*Garren and Sayoko
*Kenzaki and Hajime
*Sakura and Aguilera
*Reika and her brother
*Fuwa and Yaiba
*Date and Gotou
*Otoya and Yuri
*Kitaoka and Gorou-chan

Couples I hate
*Misora and Grease
*Hiiro and any woman
*Taiga and Nico
*Mach and Chase
*Mai and Kouta - Should be Mai and Baron
*Megumi and Ixa
*Anyone in Faiz with anyone else in Faiz

Couples I grudgingly accept:
*Shinnosuke and Kiriko - She could do better
*Ankh and Eiji

Couples that are oops incest:
*Philip and Wakana

Couples where half is an inanimate object:
*Beast and Mayonnaise
*Deneb and candy

You can yell at me about this list on this thread

KR Geats 22 and DonBros 48 Discussion Threads

My friend is trying to figure out the Jamato language:

Jamato Language Thread

Geats 22: Thread / Wiki

DonBros 48: Thread / Wiki

KR Outsiders ep.1 Ouja's Return discussion thread

Have you guys seen this yet? It's more a sequel/spin-off of Ryuki. But yeah, use the Outsiders format to just bring back fan favorites. Why not?

Thread / Wiki

Shin Ultraman soft sub released

So trying something a little different this time. I really liked the film and thought the captions were pretty good for the most part. But I did notice some timing errors and a typo during the viewing. So I thought I'd download the subtitles from an anonymous source, retime the script, polish up the translations, and set it up in the TV-Nihon house style. If you want to check out our subs, the link's below. You'll have to find the raw video on your own though, since the movie is licensed in America I think.

I think the easiest way to play a soft sub is to just rename the subtitles to match the video file name. I tend to play it in MPC-HC, but I'm sure there's other video players that work just as well or better.

Caption Download Link

Thread / Wiki

Japanese Commercials for January 22nd released

Keiwa heard it was the year of the rabbit!

Geats 19: Thread / Wiki

DonBros 45: Thread / Wiki

SWAT On DekaRanger live and Psychic Lover talk

A little something different today. We've got a clip from the Psychic Lover digest on YouTube. Guess what the topic is


Happy Lunar New Year 2023!



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