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Watch out for Geats 34 spoilers

Someone leaked the episode!


Japanese Commercials for April 9th released

I'm a total sucker for stage fog.

Kamen Rider Geats 30: Thread / Wiki / Music Video

King-Ohger 06: Thread / Wiki / Dance  Lesson

Torrent issues

I've received several messages saying people are having trouble downloading this week's releases

If you are having difficulty, can you describe your problem including

1) What torrent program or seed box you're using

2) Whether you're using the magnet link or the actual link?

Someone suggested using the actual link, so maybe there's issues with the magnet link? As far as I know, the torrents are seeded



Japanese Commercials for April 2nd released

This is no April Fools!

Geats 28: Thread / Wiki

King 05: Thread / Wiki

Crayon Shin-chan x Shin Kamen Rider Collab released

Thanks to Howling Wolf & Chelsea for doing the majority of the work on this episode


Kaiju Sentai Jyukaizer 05-06 released

BTW, episode 2 has the SD and HD swapped. I'll fix it when I batch up these eps. Just easier this way.

Ep 5: Thread

Ep 6: Thread


Kaiju Sentai Jyukaizer 03-04 released

Is your sentai too well-acted? Action overwhelmingly fast and competent? Tired of following a story that has a writer behind it? Then we've got a toku for you!

Ep 3: Thread

Ep 4: Thread


Don Yodon 3 v2

Version update: Don't add things last minute

Geats 27 v2

King-Ohger v3 released

The release so nice we released it thrice

v3 patch notes: Changed the numbers' font, removed the s from Raiment, and rechecked the whole episode

Jyukaizer 01-2 released

Damn it Toei, another Dino sentai?

01: Thread / Wiki

02: Thread / Wiki


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