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KR Gotchard VS KR Legend 01

Decade, is that you?!

Thread / Wiki

Moffun and Me 0002-3528

Boss, is that you?

There may be no episodes this week, but that doesn't mean there isn't stuff to talk about! Here's some more anime spinoff from toku!


Wiki spambots

Hi! If you've applied to edit our wiki recently and got banned instead, lemme know. We've been getting spambots applying and so I've just been deleting them without thought


Support for the support guy

Just wanted to give a shout out to Q our support guy. He's been with us since we switched over to the new site and he's been the best. Fast and reliable, when the site went down a few weeks ago, he got it back up even though he was on vacation. Like the rest of us, he's also a volunteer, but I wish I could pay him a full time salary if I could

Anyway, poor guy caught Covid on his vacation, so let's all wish him a speedy recovery! He's the Q to our James Bond

Donation Drive update

I've entered all the numbers into the spreadsheet and sent out thank you e-mails, the new total is...


Just a bit more and we'll meet our goal! Thank you to everyone who has donate so far. It helps a lot to not have to pay for the server and other site related expenses out of pocket. (The number at the top will update when I e-mail the site admin. The slow updates are my fault!)

Japanese Commercials for Oct 29th released

I'm a few days behind on tallying the donation total. I'll try to get it updated after some Halloween stuff tonight

Gotchard 09: Thread / Wiki

King-Ohger 35: Thread / Wiki


Geats anime 02 v2 out

I blame these two!


We're back!

Sorry for being down earlier! We're back and up and running now. No need to panic! We're definitely not sorry about claiming that Toei congratulated our anniversary!

2023 Donation Drive

Ah yes, time to beg for money again!

Despite having a bonus 200 donation in January and some leftover from the last drive, with rising costs and a weaker (or stronger Euro? I can never keep track) we're looking for a goal of 653.68 this year. (Where did that 68 cents come from??)

I know we don't do much nowadays, but for some reason people keep giving us money to stay aloft. So thank you to anyone who can contribute!

The easiest way to donate is to hit the Donate button up top and send through Paypal.

21st anniversary reminders

Our stuff is supposed to be free! Ideally, don't pay for it!

Torrents: You can find most of our releases on our personal tracker. If not here, maybe some of our releases are on the Cat place. We highly recommend using a Seedbox to obfuscate your downloading habits.

Dropbox: If you have a Dropbox account, we can add you to our release folders (warning, can be big)

Other ways to get releases? If you look around, I'm sure there's other places archiving our files or streaming them somewhere.

We still talk about releases. Join our forums and talk about the latest toku release with us. The more the merrier!

We have a wiki! Sometimes there's cool trivia on it! It's also fun to see actor info and stuff

Gotchard wiki / King-Ohger wiki

#TV-Nihon turns 21!

TV-Nihon is 21 years old today

We made it! 21 years! We’re old enough to drink!

This group was formed in 2002 on the motto of fansubbing for fans by fans. We had worked on a lot of toku and anime shows over the years. Our aim was to provide a way for fans to access and watch these shows.

Although we do not do Toei shows anymore, we still hold discussion threads to the latest episodes. We also continue to work on subbing and releasing Japanese commercials weekly, and the occasional toku shows released by other companies like GIGA. Our releases will always be free for all and can be found on various torrent sites. We don't release on DVD or streaming, so please don't pay for that content.

Thanks to everyone who works with us current and past, and to all the fans who support us over the years. Hope everyone's is doing well and staying safe and healthy!

Stay tuned, we'll have some follow-up posts about how to download our content, the donation drive, and other things. But for now, please join us in celebrating on the forums!

Discussion Thread

Thank you to Toei for providing us with this official banner congratulating us for turning 21. We love you too!

Jyukaizer 11 released

BTW, did you know Yellow likes curry?


Jyukaizer 10 released

What if they had a porn star play like, some kind of robot lady with some kind of ridiculous outfit? Wait, is that 2008 calling on the phone??


Geats Anime 02


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